AppNana Review: Is It Worth It Or A Scam?

Downloading and using apps may seem like an everyday thing for a lot of people. But did you know that there’s actually a way to earn some money and cool rewards while also doing that everyday activity?

It’s possible with AppNana, which is designed to reward people for downloading and using apps. But is this mobile app actually worth it to try or is it just a scam that doesn’t really pay people?

That’s what we’ll find in this review of the AppNana app. But first, let us discuss what AppNana is.

If time is valuable to you, like it is to me, and you haven’t got time to read the entire article, then let me quickly summarize my findings here.

Whilst the app is very easy to sign up to, the main draw back is that it will take a lot of time and effort to make a significant amount of money.

Which means you could be spending a huge amount of time on your phone performing tasks you would otherwise not be doing just to earn a few cents.

Yes, the thought of playing games to make money might sound intriguing, but not so much if the games you have to play are boring. Nope you’d be better off doing something else if you want to make money.

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What is AppNana?

AppNana is a mobile app that pays people with Nana credits for downloading free apps and using them. People can then use the credits and exchange them for a lot of great rewards.

People will just need to register to become a member. They can do so through or through the mobile app, called NanaWeb that is available for both iOS and Android.

It is actually easy to join, as people only need to input an email address and their desired password and they are all set. Joining is also free, so people won’t have to worry about paying for anything.

Once registered, new members will automatically receive 10,000 Nana credits and they can already start downloading apps and earning points.

With enough points, people can redeem them for great rewards, such as gift cards, cash cards, points for Xbox and PlayStation games, and even cash.

They can also use their credits to purchase paid apps in Apple App Store or Google Play. AppNana promises to send the redeemed reward through the email within 48 hours.

Who Uses AppNana

There are only two types of people who use the AppNana app, people who are looking to make some money online or earn gift cards, and app developers or ad networks who have apps that they wanted to be downloaded and used or tested out.

For app developers, this is a great opportunity for them to increase the number of downloads for their apps. It is also a great way for them to test out new apps that they are developing or already developed.

As long as AppNana pays its members Nana credits for downloading and using apps, developers are assured that there will at least be some people who will be using or testing their apps.

For people looking to earn money or gift cards, AppNana presents a great opportunity for them to do it without the need to pay for anything or do something complicated or hard.

For the simple task of downloading and using apps found in AppNana, they will be receiving corresponding Nana credits. The credits vary in amount and greatly depend on the kind of task they need to accomplish.

They just need to register for free, either in the AppNana website or in the NanaWeb mobile app.

How to Earn in AppNana?

The main way people earn Nana credits is if they download an app in the AppNana and use it. Most of the apps to be downloaded are games, and it each app has a task that people would need to complete to earn.

Some tasks require downloading and playing the game for five minutes, while other tasks involve more requirements, like attacking a level 2 monster in the game app they downloaded.

A simple task can earn people less than 1,000 Nana credits, while a more complicated one can earn as much as 60,000 in Nana credits. People can register, either through the mobile app or through the website.

It is important to remember, though, that people who register through the website will have to download the app and log in there as well before they can start looking at available apps and download them to earn points.

AppNana will pay them 500 points for completing this first task found on the website then unlock all the available apps to be downloaded and used for the day.

Aside from downloading apps and using them, AppNana also provides special offers, like viewing ads, watching videos, and so on to get 5 Nana credits.

Members can also invite other people to join and they will instantly earn 2,500 Nana credits. The beauty of AppNana’s referral program is that new members will also get to benefit if they are recruited.

The app provides an invitation code that new people will need to input when they are registering. Once it is encoded, both old members and new members will receive 2,500 Nana credits. It is a win-win situation for both.

The app also provides 400 credits per day by just logging in. But if members want to earn a lot of points in a day, downloading and completing the tasks of all of the featured game apps for the day is still the best way to go.

After earning enough credits, members can exchange their credits for rewards like gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Facebook, and, Xbox, or cash cards for certain Xbox and PlayStation games.

People can also exchange their credits for virtual currencies or game cards of other app games, or for wallet card of game developer Steam. They can even use it to purchase paid apps instead of using their own money.

People can also exchange their credits for cash that AppNana will send via Paypal. Members are able to earn as low as $2 to as high as $100.

What I Liked about AppNana

Now that we have a general idea of what AppNana is and how people can earn from it, it’s time to discuss what I liked about it.

  • It is very easy to register and become a member of AppNana, as only an email address and a password are required to be a member. There’s no need for names, addresses, or contact details.
  • The AppNana app and website are both easy to use and navigate, as the interface is simple enough to allow people to have no problems viewing the available rewards or apps to be downloaded.
  • Nana credits can be used to download paid apps, allowing people to get the app they want without the need to spend any of their own money.
  • It offers cash payments, which is a big thing since a lot of the programs or apps like AppNana usually just offers gift cards or other forms of reward. Providing cash payments is great because a lot of people still prefer cash over other items.

What I Disliked about AppNana

Of course, there are also things that I didn’t like about AppNana and this is what we will be discussing now.

  • As simple as the interface of the AppNana and NanaWeb, it can still get a bit confusing since certain functions can only be done, either on the app or on the website. So it takes people back and forth between the two.
  • The earning potential is low, as there are really only enough apps in a day that people can download and use to earn Nana credits. This makes it harder for people to earn a decent income from AppNana.
  • Since the credits that people can earn in a day is very limited, it might take a while before people have earned enough to be able to redeem them for gift cards, other rewards, and cash.

Is AppNana a Scam and Doesn’t Really Pay People?

The answer, of course, is no, as     AppNana has proven to really pay people their Nana credits every time they successfully downloaded an app and accomplished the tasks needed to get the credit.

There also haven’t been reports about the app not paying or refusing to pay, which makes it a legitimate app to allow people to make some money through downloading and using apps.

Will I Recommend AppNana?

Despite AppNana being a legitimate app that has the potential to allow people to earn money online, it is an app that I will not recommend.

Yes, the app is easy to use, it is easy to sign up, and it provides great rewards, including cash options. But I am still not recommending it because of one big reason; the earning potential that the app provides is very low.

Earning credits by downloading and using apps is simple and easy to do. But it actually takes a lot of time to accomplish that.

The downloading part will likely take about a minute or less, depending on the speed of the internet and the app size.

Now, some of the tasks AppNana requires is for people to just play the game for at least five minutes to earn the Nana credits.

Though this might only take a while, the earned credit is very low, usually less than 1,000. This would mean that people will have to spend a whole lot of time on the app to be able to earn a decent amount of Nana credits.

The apps with the bigger credit reward usually require people to complete harder tasks. This can likely take hours or even days to complete, which negates the huge reward it offers.

The best way to really earn more in this app is to actually recruit people to join, which can also take a lot of time.

AppNana may seem like a great opportunity to make some money, but the time required to really earn enough doesn’t make it an ideal app that people should be focusing on.

For this, I will not recommend AppNana, as there are better apps or programs out there that can allow people to earn faster.

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