YTMonster Review: Earn Free Youtube Views – Scam?

If you are looking to start a YouTube channel or you already have an existing one, you know that the more views and engagement you get, the bigger chance that you are likely to make money out of it.

This is why a lot of YouTubers are doing their very best to increase the number of views, subscriptions, comments, etc. to their channel to be able to earn more money.

But as any YouTuber will tell you, achieving that goal is a very challenging task. It will also take a lot of effort and some time to achieve this goal.

This is where a website like YTMonster comes in, which I’ll review in this article. The website is designed to provide views, hits, and more to your YouTube video for free.

You just need to do some things in order to get the free views for your video. But is this opportunity legitimate or is it a scam?

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YTMonster is a Legitimate Opportunity To Get Free Views and Hits, But there are Issues

YTMonster, which launched in 2013, is designed to allow you to earn free views, subscriptions, likes, comments, and more to your YouTube videos.

You will just need to perform a simple task in order to earn the credits you can use to get free traffic for your YouTube videos.

Based on my initial research about the company, it is clear that it is a legitimate company that really delivers what it says it does. You can really earn the views for your videos after completing the simple tasks.

Then once you use the credits for views, likes, comments, and so on for your video, you will really get them. But, as the title of this section says, there are issues here and the issues are not something that you can ignore.

The big issue is that a portion of the likes, comments, views, etc. that you receive from the company are fake. Yes, they are fake and do not come from genuine people.

As we progress in this review, I’ll provide more details about this issue and also provide some reasons why this important and how it can affect your YouTube channel.

For Whom is YTMonster Designed For?

The YTMonster website is designed for people who have YouTube channels or those who are planning to start their own YouTube channels.

The website provides a way for people to earn more views, likes, comments, etc. to their YouTube videos and they can get this for free.

You will just need to complete a simple task and you will be paid in credit, which you can use to generate hits for your videos.

If you don’t want to do any work, you can choose to pay for these credits. The company offers affordable prices for each service they deliver.

To get started, you will just need to register and become a member, which is also free to do. In the next section of this review, I’ll be discussing in more detail how YTMonster works.

How You Earn Free Credits from YTMonster?

As already mentioned above, YTMonster is a website that is designed to provide views, likes, comments, and more to your YouTube videos.

Now there are two ways the company will provide these services to you, one is paying them for it and the other is earning credits, which you can use for the service they offer.

The company offers several pricing options for the services they are offering. If you want views, it will be $3 per 1,000 views, while reshares will cost $6 per 1,000.

Likes, subscribers, and favorites will cost you $14 per 1,000 and the most expensive is Dislikes, which will cost you $20 per 1,000.

Now, if you don’t want to spend money on their services, you can earn credits and use them to avail of the company’s service.

To earn credits, you just simply need to view, like, comment, or subscribe to the videos of other YTM members.

You will just need to use what they call the client and let it run automatically. You will earn credits for every video played and watched.

The client is basically the site’s system where it will automatically play YouTube videos for you to watch, like, or comment. And you get to earn credits for doing those things.

YTMonster also has daily bonuses and a level system to allow you to earn more credits that you can use. Now redeeming your points for views is simple and easy.

You just need to start a campaign, out the URL of the YouTube video you’ll use for the campaign, then choose the type of service you will redeem. The credits you will be using will vary on the service you will get.

YTMonster has some sort of computation for it. The exchange rate they have for a free member is 40%. This is the ratio that they have between earning and spending credits.

From what I understand, this means that 1 earned credit is worth 0.4 when you redeem it for hits. Now, as mentioned above, becoming a member is free.

But the site also has paid membership, the Premium for $14 a month and the Pro for $20 a month. The benefits of upgrading your account include having prioritized campaign and an increased exchange rate of 60% and 80%, respectively.

Your affiliate earning will also increase by 10% and 15%, respectively. Now, as good as this all sounds, I mentioned earlier that some of the hits that YTMonster provide you are fake.

This means some of the hits they provide is computer generated. Now, the problem with getting fake hits is that if Google and YouTube find out about it (which they will), they will punish your video for it.

Google and YouTube always update their algorithms and systems when it comes to ranking the popular YouTube videos. Yes, the traffic coming into the video will be a big factor, but they don’t tolerate the use of fake traffic.

These two companies will see your videos as a spam and is not really helpful for their viewers so they will flag it, which will have a big effect on your channel.

Research showed that the YTMonster’s program they call the client is the one responsible for generating the fake hits.

The site was actually very useful at first, but as Google and YouTube updated their system and algorithm, this made the client program useless.

What I Liked about YTMonster

Now that we know what YTMonster is and what they offer, it’s time to talk about the things that I liked about it.

  • The first thing that I liked about YTMonster is that they give you the option to avail of their services for free. This means they are not really after your money since they offer ways to generate the hits for your YouTube videos for free.
  • It’s also good that YTMonster provides an opportunity to earn money through their affiliate program. So you can still use the site, even if you don’t have a YouTube channel or you are not planning to start one.

What I Disliked about YTMonster

Of course, there are also things I didn’t like about YTMonster, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about YTMonster is that some of the traffic they are sending to your YouTube video is fake. Well not all of them are fakes, but it seems like the company is having a hard time providing the promised number of hits that people are availing.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about YTMonster is that their conversion of spending the credit for YouTube video hits is a bit confusing. It would probably be easier if the ration is just 1 is to 1, instead of the different percentage.

Is the YTMonster Opportunity to be Recommended?

After learning more about YTMonster and the kind of opportunity they provide, it really seems like it is a good site to recommend, especially if you are an owner of a YouTube channel.

Plus, the company also provides ways to earn some money, so this site can be used by everyone and not just people who have YouTube channels or those who are planning to start one.

Unfortunately, the use of fake traffic is something that cannot be overlooked, especially since it could have major consequences for your YouTube channel.

Before, their services were a great help to a lot of YouTubers looking to increase the hits on their videos. But as Google and YouTube continue to upgrade their system and become smarter, their services now becomes a risk.

Google doesn’t like people who try to fake their way to a top ranking, which is why they punish them accordingly. And I don’t think it is really a good idea to try and test the limits of Google’s capabilities.

If you get caught, your channel will be impacted by the punishment that Google will place on your video. Trying to generate hits for your YouTube video is still the best way to try and increase your rankings.

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  1. Nice article, and thanks for the warning on fake views — that’s annoying they do that!
    Anyway, I’m trying it out for a handful of views.
    A question: they have some “randomize time” feature under “advanced settings” and I don’t get how it works. There are two boxes. Is it minimum seconds and maximum seconds, and you get something random in between? Or is one a percentage of the other?


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