Empower Network Review – (Confessions Of A Former Member) Is it a Scam?

empower network scam reviewSo you’re thinking about joining Empower Network aye?

Yes, I was a member, and yes I made money from it …

… but I wasn’t happy about it.

But look – before you read any further, I just wanna say that I truly don’t have a “beef” with Empower Network.

My intention is not to diss Empower Network, but more to add a little of my own experience in the sea of all these marketers, who are talented enough to get their websites on the front page of Google for the search term Empower Network review.

I view Empower Network the same as any other business opportunity online.

Whether I felt good about promoting them is a different story.

And whether I think you’ll make money with them is really the point of this review.

I’ll get into it shortly, but here’s another reason why this review is different.

I’m gonna show you my proven step-by-step method for making money.

And I’m gonna show you for free.

Click here to watch me create cash in only 8 days and how you can copy what I do.


So now that’s out of the way, let’s continue …

Why This Empower Network Review is Different?

I know that there’s a ton of reviews out there on Empower Network already, but this review is a little different.

Because I’m not gonna talk about the Empower Network compensation plan, and I’m not going to talk about David Wood or David Sharpe (the co-owners of Empower Network) or the magical Viral Blogging system, The Inner Circle, The 15K Formula, The Costa Rica Intensive program – ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Nope, if you want to learn that kind of stuff, then there’s plenty of other Empower Network reviews that cover this.

My review is centered on one thing – and that’s …

Will you be able to make money from Empower Network?

Cause at the end of the day, that’s what all this research you’re doing is all about – right?

It’s about finding out whether Empower Network is gonna be the right financial vehicle for you.

I get that.

But, what I find people don’t get about building a full-time or even a part-time business online, is that, it takes more than just joining a lucrative bizz opp to make money.

It takes a lot of skill and a lot of support from the right people.

Anyone who has tried to make money online and succeeded will tell you that.

So first thing you need to ask yourself is – do I currently have the skills and support needed to promote Empower Network?

Whadday mean Frank?

Dave Wood said, all I have to do is blog about anything and everything (everyday) and then I’ll make money – eventually.

Hmmm, wouldn’t that be nice.

Next thing you need to ask yourself is – do I have $5K to spend on all the training material at Empower Network?

But Frank … can’t I just upgrade along the way when I start making money?

Sure you can … but how are you gonna make any money without the training?

I was able to make money with Empower Network, but there’s a “BIG” reason why.

I have the skills to do so.

I mean the only reason why you’re reading this page is because I knew what you were going to search for – right?

But not only that …

I also knew how to rank this page at the top of the search results so that you’ll find it.

Now if you think about it, that takes a bit of skill and “know how”.

And one other thing you should note is … I am competing against the best SEO marketers that Empower Network has to offer.

The significants being, that even though they paid $5K to get all the training – I’m still ranking higher than them.

And the great thing is, once you have mastered this skill, then you can promote whatever business you like online and make money from it too.

Now ask yourself …

Do YOU know how to do this?

If the answer is no, then Empower Network might not be what you expected it to be.

So Why Listen To Me?

There are two reasons…

  1. I am a full-time affiliate marketer. (Which means I make a full-time living selling other peoples products).
  2. I used to be a member of Empower Network. (So I have insight into their products and marketing system).

So if you couple these two facts together you will glean the insight that I have on whether you’ll make money with Empower Network or not.

Now just on that … because I make my living online, you can say that I probably know more about promoting online products than the average person.

Because, according to the stats, over 95% of online marketers fail, which puts me in the top 5% of people that succeed.

Okay, so I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet, but my point is this, if I’m in the top 5% then I’m gonna have some insights into how the average person can start making money online, that alot of people don’t.

That’s just a fact.

And I can tell you with absolute certainty that at the entry level of $25 you will not make money with Empower Network, simply because you don’t qualify for the affiliate program.

To qualify for this you’re gonna have to pay a further $19 bucks per month to be able to sell their products.

Now you can’t actually sell their products without first purchasing them yourself, which means that you are going to have to shell out a further $100 a month for the Inner Circle, $497 for the High Ticket Academy, $1000 for the $15K formula, $500 for the Costa Rica intensive program and so on and so on.

Now if you’ve got a spare $5k lying around then that’s cool, but that’s a lot to risk especially if you don’t know anything about network marketing or online marketing.

So you really do need to spend $5k on all the products.

Because if you don’t, then…

  1. You won’t be able to learn everything you need to make money, because the products teach you how to do it and
  2. You don’t even qualify to sell their products so you won’t see a red cent from Empower Network until you do.

Now this didn’t sit right with me, and this is why I became unhappy

Because I had everyday folks who were hungry to make money online, but I could see that they wouldn’t be able to, because they just couldn’t afford to spend $5k on all the products to get the knowledge they needed.

And the more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I got, with the endless upgrades people had to go through to make money.

Now don’t get me wrong I like $5000 just like the next person, but not like that.

Kinda felt a little dishonest to me.

I mean the only way forward was to either to go up – by purchasing the next package, or leave your initial investment, and do something else, so you’re sort of in a catch 22 situation.

You could say that that’s just business – but that’s not the sort of business I wanted to be a part of – which is why I quit.

Now people can argue the pros and cons of this till they’re blue in the face, but this was the decision that I’m happy to live with.

I totally agree that you have to invest in your own success, so investing in your education is important, but $5K, come on.

Bottom-line – can you make money with Empower Network or is it a scam?

Yes, you can make money with it – I’ve proved it.

Is it a scam, well, I think that’s a pretty strong word to describe it, because at the end of the day you can legitimately make money from it. But, I would also say that it just didn’t sit right on my moral compass.

Can a newbie make money?

Well, do you have $5k to start with? Because that’s what you’re gonna need to learn what you need to start promoting it.

If you do have $5k then there are much better places to spend it.

So what do I recommend?

So after I stopped marketing Empower Network, I still had a lot of people who were interested in making money online, but didn’t know how to.

They didn’t have $5k to spend on products and although I wanted to help them, I didn’t have enough time to get around to all of them.

So I decided to go searching for a solution, where they would be able to get the right information that wasn’t gonna cost them the earth and where I could still help them make the transition into online marketing.

And the solution I found was there smack right on the front page of Google.

You see, when I first started to review Empower Network I kept on seeing the same websites popping up all over the internet for the term Empower Network or Empower Network review or Empower Network scam.

And guess what?

They were all promoting the same program.

Now the significance of this is that these guys were ranking for some pretty hard to rank terms which means that they knew what they were doing.

This in itself speaks volumes, and don’t get me started on the testimonials from everyday folks.

Anyway, you can read more about what I recommend here.




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Entrepreneur, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and webmaster of Stealth Secrets. I have been earning a full-time living as an affiliate marketer since 2004. Want to do the same? Check out what I recommend.

50 thoughts on “Empower Network Review – (Confessions Of A Former Member) Is it a Scam?”

  1. Your post was spot on! (Of course you had a lot of experience meeting folks like me!). Let alone 5K, I don’t even have the $25!
    I need help!

  2. Thanks a lot Frank, your opinion is an eye opener to me. I’m a newbie, planning to buy domain and host for my first website this coming May. There are lots of empower network invitations coming to me. Being a newbie I know I need to learn a lot and I know I need somebody’s guidance. Now I realize empower network is not right for me.

    • Hi Gie, Empower Network is not for everyone, and especially not those just starting out. Best of luck with your endeavors and if you need guidance you can always find me here to lend a hand.

      • Thanks for all the good stuff for newbies, like me!
        How much money would you say would it take at Wealthy Affiliate to be on the same page as one would be after spending $5000 at Empower?
        Of course working hard at it in both scenarios.
        I’d appreciate an approximation, just to get an idea of what to set aside.

        • Hey no probs Pete – and great question btw.

          Okay, so here’s the kicker – as you already know – to get access to all the training at EN you’ll need to spend over $5K.

          But let’s not forget the recurring monthly payments for the viral blogging system $25, the affiliate payment system $19, The Inner Circle $100 and whatever else they’ve recently bolted on.

          So we’re talking around $5k + ($150 in monthly recurring payments for the products I just mentioned).

          So this means that along with spending $5k you’ll also have to spend a further $150 bucks per month whether you make money or not.

          NOW, To get access to ALL of the training at Wealthy Affiliate – it’ll cost you $20 bucks the first month and then $47 per month there after for as long as you’re a member.

          NOTE: I said access to ALL the training! Nothing is held back.

          ALL the training. A free blogging system, which in my opinion is better than EN’s viral blogging system. Weekly webinars. Access to one on one coaching.


          How does the training compare to Empower Network?

          Well, this can only be measured by results – right?

          Okay, so all you have to do – is do a Google search and see how many Wealthy Affiliate websites popup for any Empower Network search term.

          You’ll see quite a few in this space. All competing head-to-head with EN’s finest.

          So back to your question.

          Even if it took you a year to learn everything you needed to make money with Wealthy Affiliate you’ll still only spend around $500 bucks a year, compared to $5000 with EN for all the products + $1800 recurring payments = $6800 per year.

          Wealthy Affiliate just makes more financial sense – IMHO.

          • Absolutely great, again, how you broke it down, thanks so much, again Frank!
            Sounds like the way to go.

  3. Your post was one of tge best ever I have read. I am a disabled vet trying to support my family. I am trying to find a eork from home or internet business to do so. I just got a call from one of their reps and decuded to look and see if I should. I do nit have money to waste. Thank you fir helping me not make a mistake. Ibwill continue to look for something but thsnk you so very much.

  4. my man, thanks for the advice concerning empower network. please tell me what you think of mttb.com/mobe.com i’m thinking of going that direction.

    • Hi Charles, you’re welcome man.

      Mobe is pretty much the same as Empower Network in that you have to purchase the products in order for you to sell them.

      But honestly, if you don’t know how to drive traffic and convert that traffic for any of the products you purchase, then you’d be no better off.

      I know mobe has done-for-you traffic, but in my experience this never meets expectations.

      This affiliate marketing game is all about getting your service/product or information in front of the right people at the right time.

      Learn how to do this and you can promote any business.

  5. I want so badly to do this, but my knowledge and skills are minimal. I’ve been trying since 2007, but have gotten nowhere. I have spent more money than I have to learn this, but once they get your money, it’s, “see ya!!!”
    Can you help?

    • Lots of ways to promote products Jack, but the way that seems to have the most consistent sales for me is through blogging. Traffic is free and once your website starts to get traction in the search engines then, you’re basically getting visitors for free. Organic search engine traffic tends to convert at a higher rate that most other forms of advertising including PPC or FB.

  6. Thank you Frank.
    I too do not even the $25 to get me started. Funny that I should do a search on “Viral Blogging System” and saw your review for which I am very grateful. Please help.

  7. Hi Frank, thanks for this post. I too used to be a member of Empower Network and it never felt quite right. I always thought I was tricking people into the program then upselling them the vital training they needed. With more than 80% of active members making less than $1500 per year it seems that the top handful are perpetuating the myth that this system is a winner for everyone.

  8. What’s the best program for me I’m 70 years old and no experience’ but I’m willing to work and make my life financial easier. Please, E-Mail let me know?? Not much money, I’ll try to come up with some. Somebody told me Profit for Dummies or now it change their name to Profit for Newbies is too complicated. Please, let me know?? Elsa

    • Hi Elsa,
      The best program for beginners to start making money online can be found here in my opinion. Sign up for free and try it out for yourself.

    • Here’s the truth Brian.

      You can start a business for less than $10k – for sure. I’ve done it many many times.

      I know you promote EN – I ain’t hating man – but here’s the truth.

      When you see some of the top EN bloggers (who were making a shit load of money) ditch the program and move onto something else because their referrals are not making any money at all, then sumthin ain’t right.

      If you can take $5K from a struggling family, who just need a break, then bro you gotta check yourself.

  9. Hi Frank; thanks man you’re a real good man and may God bless you for helping people see what’s up and what’s down. I just joined the wealthy Affliate Program after doing a lot of research while working trying to get into MOBE as I’d only paid the base joining fee of $49 and I gotta admit they do have some valuable content in there for that price and even though I was thinking for a long time that I was gonna earn 50% commission but today I was told by my coach that I’d be paid 50% commission only after I’d given another $2000 and while Im still not put off. I mean I’d give it to them if I had it because I like their vision Im still stuck as I dont have that kind of money at the moment anyway. So, and this seems kind of like fate as the next thing I do is go straight to WA and Im now a member there. but I just wanted to know whether promoting stuff for click bank on adf.ly for a newbe like me might be profitable or not I’ve got a bit of knowledge on how to do it successfully but Im not sure. I will appreciate it if you could please give me an answer

    • Hi Tyson,
      I’m not sure the content was that great in MOBE. I was a member with them for a little while. I’ve seen better in WA to be fair.

      Anyway, back to your question on whether you’d be profitable promoting clickbank products on adf.ly and my answer is – probably not.

      I ran a number of tests on adf.ly, and whilst I was able to get a lot of optins the traffic just didn’t convert.

      But you could try.

  10. I am also very grateful for your level of integrity shown by your review, therefore, I am very confident about following your lead on this creative niche stream market! ????Thanks. Again!

  11. Hi Frank, this is very helpful. In your opinion, does it make sense or is it possible, to do something such as Wealthy Affiliates while also being an associate for a network marketing company. Is this something I could combine together or should I keep as separate streams of income? I ask because I love the company I’m currently with, and I love helping people through the products.

  12. Hi Frank

    Thanks for give me another opinion about this program.

    I have read another review in another website but was a negative one so with this additional opinion I better what to expect.

  13. Frank you seem to be very genuine and I appreciate your approach.

    Honestly anytime I hear a program is based on blogging I kinda get turned off, simply because I can’t see myself blogging everyday or just being a consistent blogger.

    What are the blogging requirements to be successful, maybe just an extra $1000 pet month?

    I really need income now and I’m willing to do the work, just need clear answers on how much time this would take for someone who genuinely works at it and doesn’t have much money at all.


    • Hi Gary,

      Some good questions.

      I know where you’re coming from.

      I used to hate blogging, in fact I used to do everything else but blog for the longest time, because it seemed like too much work, and I didn’t know what to blog about, until someone showed me what I should do, how I should do it, and why I was doing it.

      Understanding these reasons gave me a new perspective on blogging, and it turned blogging from being an unwanted task into a vehicle for me to reach and interact with my core audience.

      The mere fact that I am interacting with you right now is a testament of the power of blogging.

      Having said that, I’m still not the biggest fan of blogging, because I’m lazy, but I do understand it’s value in my business.

      Just like any business, there will be unwanted tasks that business owners don’t want to do, but they keep doing them, because they understand the importance of it to their business.

      There are many aspects to blogging that one has to grasp in order to make it work successfully, all of which I couldn’t possibly illustrate effectively in a few paragraphs, but if I were to scratch the surface, then it would be to 1) use an effective keyword tool, 2) understand onpage and offpage optimization 3) understand the wants and needs of your target audience, and 4) write content that fulfills that need and not necessarily in that order.

      The amount of time it may take you to become successful depends on a lot of variables, and because I don’t understand your background, your mindset, or what you have already been exposed too in the online marketing world, I couldn’t say for sure. It’s all about bridging the knowledge gap and doing the tasks you need to, to progress your business. The sooner you do this, the faster you’ll make money.

      All of these things are available in Wealthy Affiliate.

      Hope that helps Gary.


  14. Frank, What if I am new to this? And I don’t have a product to sell? do you help me find something? very new and am in the process of paying Empower Network monthly fees and I haven’t even made it through the training yet. Want something real and easy to learn. I am 50 and lived on a ranch all my life. this internet stuff is hard to learn, but I need to have an at home business that I can live comfortable on. I have a bad back and its getting harder to do daily physical demanding jobs ( I am currently a corrections deputy at our local county jail) Please help!

  15. Frank, Wow you have some really great info in these comments. I only wish I had found this last summer (2015) before I went “All In” with Empower Network. I could have saved over $3,500 (They had a discount special so I didn’t have to pay the full $5,000) Anyway ever since I’ve found it really hard to promote Empower and I finally realized that it is just so hard for the average person to join. On top of that like you said earlier a lot of the top members drop out even though they are making some serious income. Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great place to go but one thing I have had a problem finding out is what kind of income the average member of Wealthy Affiliate is making. I know it depends on each person and their work ethics, time involved etc. I just know what income I need to be earning and I’m hoping it is possible if I put in the work.

  16. Empower Network reviews are to read sometimes. I am a former EN marketer. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone new to marketing at all. Personally I had marketing experience but joined for the biz opp and can’t lie I did learn a few things that have helped me. Overall I wasn’t able to get past the commission structure or the fact I knew I was targeting completely green affiliates. The success rate with no blogging, SEO, marketing or recruiting experience is as close to ZERO as you could get.

    Thanks again, Frank
    PS what theme are you using?

  17. Empower Network will take your money the moment you put card details in making it out as though you’re only having a browse through!!!!

  18. Dear Frank,

    Thanks for the review on Empower Network and you have provided detailed information. I always love the products review because it saves our time, energy, money & efforts. Thanks for the guidance. This review is going to help many people to make their decision on purchasing this product. Keep up the great work and wishing you great success. I will come back to your website to learn more information. All the very best!

    Your Friend,

  19. Cheers for that insightful review. I was also a member of EN for quite a long time. I did everything they said including making videos on youtube on how to set up your blogs correctly etc. I was writing everyday and yes I even got people buying the $1,000 products from me. People that I didn’t even know who lived on the other side of the world. Again, like you said, I had some knowledge of how to make my blogs rank on the first page on google but if you didn’t know how to do this then you would of definitely struggled with EN. It took a lot of work and I quit after a couple of years. I haven’t touched any get rich quick schemes since.

  20. Wish I had this knowledge when I joined in 2013 realised too late did not have enough knowledge even after paying for all the training. Big lesson learnt. Now I can’t even find the blog I created ? Had I knownbthen what I know now would have stayed away and hung on to my money. Thanks Frank great reading


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