Low Investment Business Ideas – How They Make you Money



Welcome to my list of low investment business ideas that make you money!

This article is going to be much different than my typical review of an MLM.

I think it is really important to mix it up from time to time and this is a chance to fill you in on some alternative ways to make serious cash with little to no investment at all.

Think of it this way; either you already have a decent job and you are trying to make a little extra cash, or you may even want to make this a full time gig.

Whichever one you are, you should give each one a chance because many people have been able to make this kind of alternative income opportunity work.

You see, many people are so fixated on working a typical 9-5 job that they shut out all other opportunities and that is ignorant on their part.

All I ask is that you at least read the entire article and keep an open mind because if you shutout this list you could be throwing away extra income.

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15. Car Wash or Car Detailing

I chose this to be the first on the list because I have a little experience with this.

My father started a small business of his own for 50 bucks so that he could afford to add an addition to our house.

He had to buys a few supplies like cleaning supplies and a used wet/dry vacuum.

He was able to get the money quick because we lived in a relatively small town where everybody knew each other.

Within a few months he made enough to build the addition.

People love having a nice smelling and clean car but they don’t like to do it themselves or simply don’t have the time.

14. Homemade Food

Sometimes people with cooking skills can set up a small business that makes precooked meals and deliver them to your customers.

It is probably easier to start with perishable foods but whatever you are really good at cooking, go for it.

You can turn a couple dollars worth of ingredients into some serious money.

13. Babysitting or Child Care Services


This is low investment because all you really have to do is set up your site location up to code standards.

If you are babysitting, you are most likely at the kids house so that is just a matter of getting transportation.

Either way, you have to have the patience and focus when handling children because this is not for everyone.

12. Blogging

If you are a talented writer and you want to make some extra cash or even find some full time employment then this might be for you.

As long as you can write about topics that people will want to read, then you can really make a good living.

There can be a bit of downtime but eventually you will find your voice and people will invest in your blog or ask you to write for them and pay you in compensation.

11. Carpentry and DIY

If you are good at fixing things or building things out of wood then you can make some serious cash out of the tools you already have in your tool shed or basement.

As long as you have the experience, people are willing to hire you to pay for your services.

I would strongly recommend making some sort of project portfolio so that people can see your work.

It would make it easier find a job.

10. Dehydrated Foods

There are so many great tasting foods that are in chip form like bananas, mangos, apples, potatoes and coconuts.

You can also make beef jerky.

To be honest, all you need is a dehydrator and some herbs and spices.

Not only can you make some extra money in the process, you can eat some of the product!!!

Sounds great to me.

9. Dog Walking

This job will work much better in a city because there are more people that have pets that need walking while people are at work or away for a while.

This is a great way to make some extra cash and you get some exercise to boot.

You can also take the dogs to their medical and grooming appointments which are a really nice addition to simply walking them.

This is a great service you enjoy dogs.

8. Florist

This is a great idea because you don’t even have to have your own shop.

You can make it a home business and use the flowers from your own garden.

This is great because if you grow the flowers yourself, you are saving lots of money.

Think about it, seeds are so cheap and you can turn them into hundreds of dollars if you know what you are doing.

7. Foreign Language Translator

This is a way to make some serious cash believe me.

My wife has done some online translation work because she is fluent in 4 languages.

The jobs may be few and far between but people are willing to pay top dollar.

One of her jobs was to translate a tape recording and the person gave her $1000 for two weeks of work.

This is great considering that she was able to do the entire project in about 10 days, with 2 hours of translation per day.

Not bad for supplemental income.

6. Gardening or Landscaping


This is a great side job or fulltime job if you love the outdoors.

If you choose the gardening side, you get to create your own designs and make some spectacular arrangements.

If you are a landscaper, you will need to have a lot more skills because you could be doing many different things rather than just creating a garden.

You would be making complete projects that detail many different materials and planning.

5. Tutoring

This is a job that you can literally create with just YOU.

If you are good in a certain subject or all school subjects, then you can find this job rewarding financially and morally.

You would most likely be helping a young student and that means a lot.

The pay is really good too because parents are often too busy or do not know enough about the material to teach their children.

You can make so pretty good money and this has the potential of being a full-time gig.

4. House Painting

If there is one job that no one wants to do around the house it is repainting it.

That could take a few weeks and people just don’t have the time and patience to complete the task.

You can have the customer pay for the materials and just get paid for your work hours.

You can even ask for half the money up front and I’m sure they would oblige.

3. Laundry

In cities, people don’t like to do laundry or don’t have a decent place nearby to do it.

If you have a some nice equipment and some extra time, you can do laundry services for people.

I mean think about it, people barely have enough time to do everything around the house.

People would be grateful to give you some money to do their laundry for them.

2. Buying and Selling

If you are able to find great deal at lawn sales, garage sales and online, you can make some serious cash.
While I have been living in the Philippines, I was able to start a small business buying cheap stuff and selling it online.

I never made huge amounts of money but it was enough to pay all of our utilities so that was a great way to make a supplemental income.

I highly recommend looking into this because if you are good at negotiating, you could make some good money here.

1. Freelancing

There are so many freelancing jobs out there.

You have great flexibility and awesome freedom in regards to a writing schedule.

If you are able to write well and generate a connection with readers, you can make some decent money.

This is what many people do if they want to get some extra cash in their pocket.

All you have to do is focus on a certain skill set and create the articles that your boss needs.

It’s a great way to make money and do what you love.

Final Words

This list was to help you think of ways to make money whether it is full time or part time.

Regardless of what you end up doing, you will need to hone your skills and there are training programs that help you with that.

You see, in today’s world, you need a web presence and if you get a website to help market your products and services, you will greatly increase your chances of making a decent living.

If you are interested in an example of a great training program check out this Wealthy Affiliate Review.

You will be able to do it for free so there is no risk in doing so.

If you have any experience in these examples, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.

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