Clever Container Review – Good Home Business Or Scam?

Clever Container Reviews

Company: Clever Container
Founder(s): Karen Eschebach & Jennifer Weaver

Welcome to my review of Clever Container.

Believe it or not, this company has been around since 2006 and is still going strong.

It is still creating buzz because many people feel that it is doing a lot of things right, when it comes to an MLM.

I want to be up front about the face that I do 3rd party “unbiased” reviews meant to provide people with important information.

I have done extensive research about the company and this review is will hopefully allow you to understand the company as much as I do.

Look, I get it, you may have been approached by someone to join or you may have seen some sort of AD on social media.

Either way, you should find this review useful if you are even considering Clever Container.

One last thing to keep in mind; there are other reviews out there that are written by affiliates or members.

It is important for you to realize that they spin the facts in hopes of you joining the company so they get a commission.

You will get none of that here and my recommendations usually point toward self improvement rather than joining an MLM.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

Overview – What Is Clever Container?

Clever Container (CC) is what is known as a MLM that focuses on direct sales of retail product.

The product is storage and organization product throughout the entire house or vehicle.

CC is headquarted out of Michigan and was founded in 2006 by two friends.

Karen Eschebach and Jennifer Weaver set up CC and became a fairly popular MLM right out of the gates.

I always try to provide extensive background information about the company but we are fortunate that Clever Container feels the same way.

Take a look at this CC About page to fill in the blanks.

It is accurate and a decent look into the company’s past.

However, the only contact information that I was able to find on their website can be seen on the image below.
Ok, let’s move on to the products and services section because it important to know the product before considering any MLM.

Products & Services

One of the most important parts of any business is obviously the product or service provided.

Clever container is no exception to this rule.

The image below shows you what the product line looks like and to be perfectly honest I’m impressed for a few simple reasons.
Clever Product Reviews
I usually don’t have much to say about the products other than price points because usually things are super overpriced.

However, just about all the products I saw were relatively cheap.

I mean, they literally have a product line that could decorate an entire house and car.

Look at that product list.
• Bath
• Closet
• Essential Storage
• Garage
• Kids
• Kitchen
• Laundry
• Office
• On The Go
• Travel

What I like the best is that there is a clearance section.

Everyone likes a bargain and it is a cool way to provide everyone with super cheap products that would usually cost nearly twice the amount.

I’m a big fan of this feature and it is evident that this company focuses on product first rather than memberships or an affiliate program.

There had been some customers and reviewers that say that the prices are a little high compared to massive retail moguls but I’d rather support a company like this than say WalMart.

This is just my personal opinion but I’m sure there are more that share my sentiments.

Either way, the products seem reasonably priced and have quality to them as well.

Next up is the compensation plan.

Compensation Plan – How You Get Paid

It is no mystery that all MLMs pay you commission for sponsoring new members via purchasing product packages.

From what I have gathered, there is only one starter kit to purchase but it is a doozey.

The price of the start-up kit is $149 plus shipping and tax.

Some may thing that this is pricey to get started but wait to see what you get.

This list is kind of ridiculously long.

1. 25 Color Catalogs
2. 50 Order Forms
3. 100 Postcard invitations
4. Training and Marketing materials
5. WrapRack
6. Drawer Designers Combo
7. Car Hooks
8. Bin Coffee
9. Belt Hanger
10. Stuffit
11. Flip Flop File
12. Document Boxes
13. Large Curved Shelf Dividers
14. Rechargeable Pump
15. Large Fridge Cube
16. PANIC no more
17. File the Pile
18. Project Board
19. Clever Cache
20. Stow or Go
21. Desk Envy

OK, so the $149 doesn’t seem so bad when you get 21 different items in the kit.

This is kind of refreshing so far.

On the other hand, with the price so low, I am wondering how good the quality of the items really are.

I mean, it is great to get quantity for a price but I am really hoping that there is a balance of quality as well.

As usual, I will provide you with the entire Clever Container Compensation Plan, here.

Here are some of the key parts of the plan and some images for quick reference purposes.

3 Ways To Earn
1. Selling Products
2. Building a Team
3. Become a Leader
Clever Compensation Plan Reviews

Clever Compensation Plan Reviews


This is a relatively simple compensation plan in comparison to all of the others ones I’ve seen.

The problem I see is that people will complain about the fact that there are only 3 ways to make money.

On the other hand, the requirements are somewhat reasonable and they are mostly dependent on how much product you move rather than the number of people you sponsor.

In my opinion, it is refreshing to see a company put the product ahead of the recruitment machine.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

This is the only company that popped up in the BBB database.

Although I do not think it is the headquarters due to the PO box, we can at least see what is going on.
Clever Container Scam Reviews
Here is why I think this:
Company Info
Clever Container, LLC
800 Church Street
Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047
Is Clever Container Legit
Other than this, the BBB database doesn’t provide us with much information.

There are no complaints or reviews at all.

So this either means that people have been able to resolve any issues with the company without going through BBB.

Or there are not any complaints.

I am willing to bet the company is not perfect and complaints are handled in house.

Things I Like & Don’t Like About Clever Container

This is going to be a quick pros and cons section of the review so that you can go back and review when you are contemplating your decision.

This is not meant to sway your choice one way or the other but instead, think of it as a way to consolidate all of the information provided in the review.


Right out of the gate we have to discuss return policy.

Most MLMs have horrible return policies because the vast majority of affiliates want to return the product because their online business has failed.

With that being said, CC give you 30 days for exchanges, 30 days to correct an order, 15 days if the product is damaged & 30 days if you want to return the start-up kit.

With the start-up kit, you only get 90% money back if returned within 30 days.

The 10% reduction may seem like an annoying setback, but some MLMs don’t have a return policy at all or it isn’t even worth mentioning.

I’ve reviewed some companies with a 3 day return policy. Believe it or not, this is pretty good.

As I have mentioned before, CC has a product first kind of mentality even though the more you recruit the more money you make.

It is also worth mentioning that the website is really professional and all of the information you need to know about the company is readily available.

This is really important and this aspect of the company should not be over looked.

Most MLMs try to hide basic information which leads me to believe that there is something shady going on; not with CC.


The one big negative to this company that is worth mentioning is not really a hit on the company itself.

It is a hit on MLMs in general.

The fact that people have to live or die by recruiting is such a shame.

Even though I have said that CC puts product in front of recruiting, it still exists.

Recruiting is hard enough for professionals, let alone a newbie just starting out in the MLM world.

I will never recommend a company that has a membership or recruitment program although this company is one of the better ones I have come across.

Here is one more thing to consider about Clever Container.

The Final Verdict

OK, there is absolutely no way that this company is a scam.

The only downfall is recruiting.

To put it bluntly, the vast majority of people are horrible at recruiting.

So there are only two ways to go; either get training to become a recruiting beast, or find a company that does not require recruiting.

There are plenty of ways to get training and there are plenty of companies that don’t require training.

If you want to take a look at a company that offers both, read this review.

It is FREE to test out and there is no recruiting necessary.

I hope this review helped you out in some way.

If you have any experience with Clever Container and would like to share, ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.

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