Review : Is It Legit and Safe or a Scam?

We’ll be conducting a review of the website to see if it is something that is safe to use and can really make people money worth people’s time or is just another one of those scam websites. But before proceeding to the actual review, let us first talk about what is.

What is

Can you make money with Click here to learn is a URL link shortener that is also designed to allow you to make money online by sharing with you the advertising revenue the company earns. You would just need to copy their shortened link and post it on other websites or in social media, and you will earn some money every time someone clicks and view the shortened links.

The shortened links redirect people who click on an advertisement. They would need to wait for a few seconds before they’re allowed to skip the advertisement and go to the website they’re supposed to go.

The shortened link basically contains ads from advertisers and the people who click the link get to see the advertisements. It is free to use, as people would just need to sign up, become a member and they can already start earning by shortening their links and sharing it.

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Who Uses

The website is used by two types of people, the publishers of the links and the advertisers. The publishers are basically the people who shorten URL links and promote those links in other websites or in social media.

The advertisers, on the other hand, are those who provide the ads that the links contain and are the main source of revenue by the website. offers a variety of advertising options for companies or people who are looking to promote their products and services. allows for a worldwide viewing of the ads, where the advertisement will be viewed by people from all over the world, or a targeted audience, where the ads will only appear in specific countries that the advertiser will choose.

The advertising option, basically, is just selling viewers to companies or people. They are charging as low as $0.40 to as high as $5 for 1,000 views, depending on the target country that people or companies want their ads to appear. also promises that the 1,000 views are all unique within a 24-hour time frame, all viewers will have their cookies and JavaScript enabled, and the ads will be viewed for at least 5 seconds.

How People Earn Money from

The people who make money in are the publishers. Half of the revenues from advertising are used to pay the publishers, to pay you. So you are able to earn as low as $0.20 to as high as $2.50 per click and view of your shortened link.

But doesn’t stop there, as they also have a referral program to help their members make more money. Since signing up is free, you won’t be earning every time you convince other people to sign up and become a member.

You get to earn money when the people you invite earn money as well. will be paying 20% of your referral’s total earnings. So if the person you referred earned $10 for a week, you will also be earning 20% of that, or $2.

The referral program is designed to increase the number of people shortening URL links and promoting and to help increase the earnings of the publishers.

Why People Should Sign Up to

Now that you have an idea of what is, it is now time to discuss the good and the bad with the website. Let’s start with the good.

  1. Probably one of the good things about is that it is very simple and easy to use. The interface of the website is easy to navigate and there really isn’t much of a learning process needed when it comes to shortening the URL link and promoting them.
  1. It is also easy to sign up, as people would only need to input their name, their email address, their password and just choose between being a link shrinker or an advertiser.
  1. It is also actually a good way for people to earn decent money, especially those who are already experienced in digital marketing. They will just have to do a lot of work at the start and have a lot of patience in building their audience base and learning the ropes of digital marketing.
  1. actually has the potential to be an automatic money generator. As long as there are people clicking the links that you promote, even after months or years, you will continue to earn money.
  1. The minimum payout is also only $5, so reaching that amount will not be difficult, especially if you already have a good knowledge of digital marketing and the proper way of promoting links.
  1. The referral program can also help you in earning money fast, you would just need to help your new recruit learn the ropes so he or she can also start making money from And if he or she earns money, you will also be earning money.
  1. The Website also has a lot of different tools available online that can help people, whether they are a link shrinker or an advertiser, make full use of and allow them to achieve their targets.
  1. It is actually a good tool to help shorten long URL links.

 Why People Should Avoid

 Of course, not everything is smooth sailing for as there are also some drawbacks or issues with using the URL shortener.

  1. One of the main issues with is that it is banned in some websites. This is because there are too many people posting links, these websites have decided to completely ban the use of the link to avoid link spamming.
  1. Since some members resort to spamming their links, a lot of people are now using skipper tools or plug-ins on their website to avoid those annoying ads before getting to the website they want to go to. This makes it even harder to promote the shortened link.
  1. is also banned in some countries, making it harder for people in these countries to sign up and use the website or for advertisers to reach these audiences.
  1. There is also the potential for people to receive malware or adware attack from the shortened links. The attacks don’t come directly from, but from the advertisements, they are showing. A better review of advertising material is needed to avoid this kind of problem.
  1. It is also almost impossible to get a hold of’s customer support. It is hard to contact them, and they take a long time to reply to support ticket.
  1. It is actually hard to earn money from if you are someone who doesn’t have any digital marketing background. It is not enough to just promote the link in forums and social media accounts, as this will not get the right amount of clicks to earn a decent income.
  1. It is also common for to malfunction, rendering the shortened link useless as the actual website that hosts it is down. This also makes it harder to promote the link, since it won’t function properly.

Is a Scam or Not?

First and foremost, is not a scam, as it is a legitimate website that shortens long URL link and also offers a way for people to make money. The website is working and function, and it has been doing that since 2009.

The company actually has more than 4 million users and have already spent hundred thousands of dollars (probably even more) in payments to members. So you know the company is legit, as it has millions of members, it has been existing since 2009, and it already paid out money to people.

The longevity alone of already excludes it from the scam list, since dubious websites won’t usually last for more than a year. So when you someone invites you to join because of its potential to help you make money, don’t be afraid and think that it is another scam website. is legit, and it can really make you money as long as you work on it.

Is to be Recommended?

Now that we know is legit, let’s go to a more important question about the website. Are they to be recommended? Well, read on to know my answer to that.

When began in 2009, it was a promising website, shortening long URL links, while also allowing people to earn some money from it. It was also easy and simple to use and to sign up to, so people won’t have to spend a lot of time in mastering the use of the interface or in filling up long application forms just to become a member.

Making money with also looks easy and simple, as people would just need to promote their shortened link and have people click it and they will already earn some cash. But as the years go by, it is becoming harder and harder for people to earn decent money from the website.

The main reason for this is that a lot of the people are becoming annoyed with the advertisements that come along with the shortened links. This led to websites banning the use of links and people making use of plug-ins or software that will get bypass the link and take them directly to their website.

Advertisement blockers are also becoming a big thing right now since a lot of people are already sick and tired of being bombarded by numerous ads on a daily basis. This will lessen the chance for people to make money, making it even harder to earn a decent living.

Since it will only be a matter of time before more websites start banning, and ad blockers not going away, I am not recommending them to people. Though it has a great income potential, the way things are going right now, it is hard to imagine making a decent living from

There are actually a lot of better money making options out there that people can look into. And since the links of always contain advertisements, they also fail to function solely as a URL shortener. So people still can’t use them in that regard alone.

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