Treasure Trooper Review – Is It Legit & Safe?

treasure trooper reviewProduct Name: Treasure Trooper
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Rating: 15/100

What Is Treasure Trooper?

Have you ever thought about collecting dragon scales and then using those dragon scales to grow a pet dragon?

As it turns out, someone else did, too. They went ahead and created a game that moonlights as survey website.

The idea is to combine fun with work and get paid while you play games!

Treasure Trooper is a membership website with surveys and other offers to complete in exchange for rewards.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

You sign-up and start collecting “treasure” by completing surveys.

You can sell your treasure for real life cash and then cash out via PayPal or check.

Turns out, the company actually does pay members, but there are a few things that you should know before you embark on this dragon quest.

What Are The Issues With Treasure Trooper?

First, the majority of offers on the website are surveys.

Complete some surveys and cash-out, easy, right?

It’s not that simple.

Lots of pre-qualification surveys

You see, most of the surveys on this website require a payment – I know bummer – right?

There are some free surveys but the payment for completing these surveys is extremely low.

You will also need to make an account on the survey’s creator’s website.

This takes time!

You probably already hate filling out your login information for services you use regularly like Facebook.

These surveys require you to fill out the same information over and over again.

But the worst part is that you have to pay to complete some of the surveys on Treasure Trooper, and the price is often lower than the compensation.

In other words, what you spend to complete the survey is more than what Treasure Trooper pays you to complete the survey!

You lose money!


Secondly, what happens when you submit your email address to hundreds of random websites?

That’s right – lots and lots of spam. Your email inbox suddenly gets bombarded with spam! I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my inbox clean.

Not to mention if you include your physical address or phone number you will receive spam from those sources too.

Basically what happens is that you pay to be spammed. Does that sound like a good deal? Not to me.

But maybe the dragons are worth it…

See, the platform is based on a game, a treasure hunting adventure game.

You collect different tokens or treasures, mostly dragon scales, and exchange the treasures for real life cash.

There’s also a chance that you can randomly find a pet dragon that can be sold for $100 – but this rarely happens.

Basically all you have to do is click on different things until you find treasure. Occasionally a survey will pop up and you will have to complete it to progress.

But these surveys are almost always pre-qualifing surveys.

In other words, these are surveys to check to see if you are qualified to complete the real survey!

Which means that you have to take a survey to see if you qualify to take a survey!


Oh, and let’s not forget that most surveys are only available to people within The United States and almost all of them require your physical address.


Chances are that you saw an ad for this website somewhere and thought it was worth checking out.

I’ll tell you right here that it’s really not worth it.

It takes a few weeks to collect enough money to receive a pay-out (the minimum is $20).

That’s not a great per hour rate – right?

But besides the junk surveys, low pay-outs, and overall time wasting activities; there’s another thing that I really don’t like about this website.

It’s the user interface and moderators.

I’m not the only person who has had a bad experience with this! It takes a long time to figure out how the website works and how to complete surveys.

The moderators are not helpful and will often insult members for no reason.

They’ll also recommend un-ethical survey completion techniques such as recommending members to create multiple email accounts to fill in the same survey multiple times.

There is a forum where members can receive customer support, but don’t expect a timely answer; the other members tend to be more helpful than the actual moderators.

There is still one more thing to mention about Treasure Trooper; the approval period for completed surveys.

Long Approval Periods

When you complete a survey it needs to be processed and the funds need to be processed too. This can take a long time, somewhere between 3 days and a few months.

Sometimes the survey will remain pending for the foreseeable future and you will never receive your compensation!

Although, the website was launched in 2005, you would think after 10 years the owners would have worked out all the kinks.

But there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Let’s talk about some of the other offers.

There are some offers that allow you to purchase products from online stores and receive your cash back.

This would be awesome if the stores actually had useful items – free shopping is always awesome. But these stores sell a lot of strange items like expensive wine.

Still, if you find something that you need, then there’s a chance that you can get it shipped to your doorstep for free.

The Treasure Trooper Affiliate Program

There’s also another way to make money; join the affiliate program.

The affiliate program is the most lucrative way to make money with this website.

Most people realize that they won’t be able to make much money completing surveys – too time consuming – so they join the affiliate program.

Treasure Trooper pays affiliates 25% of everything that their recruits spend on the website.

Since the website pressures people to spend money, a lot of affiliate marketers have started to promote this company to their lists.

Don’t worry – I’m not one of those guys.

Final Verdict

So in a nutshell, Treasure Trooper is not recommended.

It is too time consuming to complete surveys and the negatives far outweigh the positives.

I don’t recommend this company to anyone who wants to make money online.

Yes, it is possible to make money and cash-out, but it takes a long time, and you can make much more money from other ventures.

Click here to find out what program I recommend?

Have you tried Treasure Trooper? Leave a comment below and let me know. I’m always looking forward to hearing from my readers!

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