Paribus Review: Is It Safe & Legit Or A Scam?

If you think using coupons to purchase items on a discount is the only way to save some money shopping online, think again.

The Paribus website is designed to monitor your transactions and refund your money if there’s a need to. But is this really a legit website that refunds you your money or is it just a scam to get you to provide some delicate details?

Let’s find out in this review of the website. Before we begin, let us first discuss what Paribus is.

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What is Paribus?

Paribus is a website that will monitor the online transactions you had and see if there are price drops on the stores that you purchased from.

So the company will be viewing your online transactions through your email, then they will determine if a price drop has occurred on the item you purchased.

If they see a price drop, they will file for a price adjustment claim to the merchant on your behalf to get some refund for your purchase.

Usually, stores guarantee the prices that they sell their products to you. If there’s a sudden drop in prices, you can file for a price adjustment and they will pay you the difference.

The difference we’re talking about here is the price that you paid for the product minus the current price of the said product.

To get your refund, you will need to file a claim to the store. You will likely provide a copy of your receipt and other documents to prove your claim.

Doing this yourself is kind of a hassle and is time-consuming. So Paribus comes in to do the legwork, while you will just sit back and get your money.

You will just need to register with your email to avail of their services. It is available only to residents of the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The catch here is that you will need to grant Paribus access to your email address, allowing them to read, send, delete, and manage your email.

Who Uses Paribus?

Paribus is basically made for U.S. and Puerto Rican residents who do a lot of online shopping. The company monitors the online transactions that you have made and see if you are eligible for a refund.

They monitor several stores that offer price adjustments and see if you have made purchases from these stores.

If they see a price drop of an item that you purchased from a store that offers price adjustments, they will file the claim on your behalf and pay you your refund.

The good thing about this website is that it allows you to get some refund from your purchases if a price drop occurs, without the hassle of filing for the price adjustment to the store.

Paribus will do all the work for you and the refund will be deposited to your bank account or to your credit card. The only catch you have here is that the company will have access to your email address.

How Can You Make Money from Paribus?

As mentioned above, you earn money here from the refund that you can get from your online purchase. There are some stores that offer price adjustments of an item that you purchased from them.

These stores usually guarantee the price of an item and if that item’s prices drop, they will adjust the price that you paid for it and refund the difference.

Here’s an example, let’s say you purchased an item at Amazon that is worth $100. Then after a few days, the price dropped to $80, you would have a refund of $20 because of the price change.

To get the refund, you will need to file a claim to Amazon and they will process your request and pay you the refund.

The filing process will take up some time and effort on your part, but with Paribus, they will be the ones to make the claim in your name.

They will just use your email, which you will need to give them full access to and make the claim to the store. You will need to give permission to Paribus Receipt Fetcher to read, send, delete, and manage your email.

Once the process has been made, it is the merchant who will send you the money, either a deposit to your bank account or to your credit card.

Since you will be providing Paribus access to your email, there’s no need for you to monitor the price change. Using your email, they will check all of your online transactions and do the monitoring themselves.

You can also choose to connect your credit/debit card to Paribus, as well as your Amazon account, so they can really monitor price changes. But this is not required, so there’s no need to do it if you’re not comfortable.

It is important to take note, though, that the company will only file for a price adjustment if the difference in prices is at least $3. It is Paribus’ discretion if they will file claims for smaller price drops.

Another way you can earn money from this website is if merchants didn’t accomplish their delivery guarantees for you. Paribus will also monitor if your item has been shipped on time.

If they see that it hasn’t the company could also attempt to contact the merchant on your behalf and get a refund. This service is not guaranteed, so don’t expect the company to fulfill this.

There’s also no additional service fee for this one, but they will let you know ahead of time if they will be charging for it.

It is important to remember that Paribus is not affiliated with any of the merchants that they are monitoring. They will just be filing claims on your behalf, but the final decision is still on the merchant.

You should also take note that Paribus only has a list of stores that they monitor, so if you purchase an item from a store that is not listed, they won’t be contacting that store to make a claim.

What is Good about Paribus

Now that we know how Paribus works, it is time to discuss the good things about this website.

  • Probably one of the best thing about Paribus is that they provide a service for something that you wouldn’t normally know or do. When you purchase an item, you wouldn’t normally monitor if the price has dropped after a few days or weeks then file for price adjustments. The company does that, which is a good bonus for you if some of the claims for your items are approved.
  • The refund is sent directly to your bank account or debit/credit card, so there’s no need to worry about withdrawal requests or minimum amount needed to cash out.
  • I also liked that it is easy and free to join Paribus, which is great because you can enjoy their great service without the need to pay a single cent.

What is Bad about Paribus

Not everything, though, is all good with Paribus, as there are also some things that they can improve upon.

  • The biggest thing that I didn’t like about Paribus is that to enjoy their service, you would need to provide full access to your email account. Though they did say they will only use it to check the transactions you made and for filing claims, the fact that they can read, delete, send email, and manage your email, is still a big risk on your privacy.
  • Refunds are not guaranteed, as the claims they make are still subject to the approval of the merchant. So you can’t expect to always get a refund from your purchases if a price drop occurs, as the merchant you bought from has the final say on whether the claim is approved or not.
  • There’s a chance that they might not be able to fully monitor all of the purchases you made, even with access to your email. There are some people who complained that they have yet to receive any refund for some of the purchases they made, even after they saw a sudden drop in prices.
  • Paribus is only available to people living in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, which is unfortunate, as a lot of people will likely enjoy this kind of service.

Is Paribus Legit or A Scam?

From what I’ve seen so far, I can say that the Paribus website is pretty much legitimate. The lack of refund for some of the purchases can be attributed to the merchants not approving the claims made.

There’s also the possibility that the company has a hard time monitoring all of their members’ emails, so they’re unable to file claims for all of the purchases that you made.

The company has also been in business for 4 years already, so you know it is not a business that will just disappear overnight.

Do I Recommend Paribus?

As for recommending Paribus, I would have to say no. Though they are legit and the service they provide is free, I’m just not comfortable with giving full access to my email to people I don’t really know.

Our email address contains a lot of important and valuable information, as well as private conversations. Giving others full access to it is like giving them the key to my room, complete with keys to my drawers as well.

Yes, it is good to receive some refund for the items that you purchased, allowing you to save some money in the process. But for the cost of providing full access to your email and its contents, it is not worth it.

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