Drop App Review: Legit Rewards App Or Scam?

The rise of the internet has also given rise to e-commerce, as more and more people are now doing a lot of their shopping and purchases online.

This has forced brands and businesses to adjust and adapt, as they are now making their products and services available online.

This rise in e-commerce has also forced other businesses to be more creative and innovative when it comes to attracting people to shop with them.

Take the Drop App for example, where it will allow you to earn rewards whenever you shop at their partner brands. You get to earn points every time you shop at certain brands.

The points you earn can be redeemed for various rewards that the app offers. The number of points you can earn will depend greatly on your activity.

From the looks of it, though, it seems like you could earn $10 to $30 worth of rewards a month if you are an active shopper. But is this app really legit or just a scam?

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Drop App is a Legitimate Opportunity that Will Reward You Just for Shopping, But with Issues

Drop App is a rewards app that allows you to earn various rewards just for shopping and buying certain brands or at certain stores.

You get to earn points, which you can redeem for various gift cards that the app offers. From the looks of it, the app seems legit as it does credit people with the points for completing offers.

However, there seem to be some issues, especially for members who are based in the U.S. The app is only available to residents of Canada and the U.S.

There have been a lot of complaints about the app with some saying they weren’t credited with points after completing offers or making certain purchases.

Others are complaining about technical issues like their card not linking properly, while others are not happy with the app’s customer support.

As for the earnings, it is really dependent on the kind of activities that you complete on the app. I’ll be discussing more about the earning potential of this app, as well as the issues as we progress further.

Who Uses the Drop App?

The Drop App is designed to be used by two groups with one being businesses and the other are people who love to do a lot of shopping.

For brands and businesses, the app offers them the ability to attract more customers to their stores. By partnering with Drop App, they are able to provide certain offers that can entice more customers.

The offers allow people to earn points from the app every time they shop, which they can exchange for rewards once they have accumulated enough.

For consumers, the Drop App offers ways to earn rewards just for shopping at stores that they usually shop anyway.

The app has partnered with a lot of top brands to be able to offer you the rewards. You would just need to use the app and see what offer you can take advantage of and earn some points for completing it.

The points you earn can be redeemed for various gift cards that the app offers. Becoming a member is free and easy to do so, you just need to download the app and sign up.

In the next section of this review, I’ll be discussing more about how you can earn rewards with this app, as well as some of the issues people have experienced.

How Do You Earn with Drop App?

The Drop App offers several ways for you to earn points on the app. The points you earn can be redeemed for various gift cards once you have reached the minimum number of points required.

The main way to earn points is through their Power Offers. You would first need to link your debit or credit card on the app, though, to be able to earn points.

Once you linked a card, you get to earn points every time you use it on the app’s Power Offers. The offers basically just require you to make a purchase to be able to earn points.

For example, for every $1 you spend on Target, McDonald’s, or Walgreens you get to earn 10 points. If you use your card on Uber, you get 15 points for every $1 spent.

Shopping on Walmart gets you 2 points for every dollar spent, while Jet.com earns you 25 points for every dollar spent. The highest you can earn is 30 points for every dollar spent at Sam’s Club.

These are just some of the brands that Drop has partnered with and the good thing here is that the app continuously adds offers, so there’s a possibility that you might see new brands being added daily to the app’s offer list.

Once you have made a purchase, you can expect to get your points within 5 to 8 days. The speed of getting the points you earn will vary on the card you use and on the merchant.

Aside from the Power Offers, you can also earn points through the Linked or Mobile offers that the app has to allow you to earn extra points.

These types of offers change regularly, so you need to check the app daily to see what kind of Linked or Mobile offers are currently available.

The points earned here will depend on the type of offer available. Each offer will have all the necessary details you will need, including how long it would take before you can receive your points.

The app has also partnered with 3rd party providers such as Carrot Rewards and Rocketmiles to provide you with more offers to earn points.

Lastly, Drop App also has a referral program, where you can earn 1,000 points every time you are able to refer a new person to the app.

Drop App said that you should allow up to an 8 day grace period when it comes to getting your points. After that, you can send a support ticket within the app if your points have yet to arrive.

Recently, though, there have been a lot of issues with the app not crediting points and the customer support not responding to support tickets or inquiries. From what I’ve seen, a lot of these issues are recent.

There have also been a lot of technical issues with the app, mainly about cards being unlinked. The members who complained said that they never experienced issues when they started using the app in 2017.

I’m guessing that these complaints can be attributed to technical issues. A lot of the complaints come from U.S. members, and the app only started becoming available to U.S. residents in the 4th quarter of 2017.

So it’s very possible there are still some bugs and issues that Drop is trying to fix with the app, thus people experiencing various problems with it. Hopefully, these can all be addressed quickly.

As for the rewards, the app has various gift cards available that you can redeem your points for. These gift card options range in value, from $5 up to $100.

It is important to note that 1,000 points are equal to $1 so you will need 5,000 to 100,000 points to redeem for rewards. Some of the gift cards include Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, Groupon, and more.

Becoming a member is free and easy to do so, as you would just need to download the app at Google Play Store or at the Apple App Store and register.

You can also sign up through their website, EarnWithDrop.com. You just need to be a resident of the U.S. and Canada to become a member.

What is Good about the Drop App

Now that we know more about the Drop App and what it offers, it’s time to discuss what is good about it.

  • The first thing that I liked about Drop App is that it offers various ways for you to earn points. Though shopping at partner stores is the main way to earn points, it’s good that Drop offers other ways for you to earn more points. This will allow you to earn points faster and be able to redeem them for gift cards quicker.
  • I also liked that the Drop App has partnered with various well-known stores that people regularly go to. This means that you won’t have to go out of your way to shop at no-name stores since a lot of the stores the app has partnered with are popular like McDonald’s, Walmart, Target, and more. The beauty of this is that the app continues to add more brands to their lineup to provide people with more options.
  • I also like that Drop App has a variety of gift cards available for you to choose from when you are going to redeem the points you have earned. This will give you the flexibility to get the kind of rewards that you want for your effort.

What is Bad about the Drop App

As good as Drop App sounds, there are also bad things about this opportunity that I’ll discuss here.

  • My first issue with Drop App is that it doesn’t have an option to redeem your points for cash. I don’t have a problem with earning gift cards, but I would still prefer to get paid in cash for my time and effort.
  • I also consider it a bad thing that you need to link your debit/credit card to the app in order to earn points. Now, the app seems safe and there have yet to be complaints from members about losing money from their cards. I’m just not that comfortable linking a credit or debit card to anything for security reasons.
  • I also consider it a bad thing that there have been a lot of complaints lately about Drop App. Members have been complaining that the app is not crediting the points they have earned, the customer service not responding, and there are various technical issues with it. Now, this normally wouldn’t be a concern, but a lot of the complaints are recent so this could mean that there’s a problem with the app.

Do I Recommend Drop App?

After learning more about the Drop App, I can say that it is an opportunity that is worth checking out. I don’t fully recommend the app because of the recent concerns that members have and because of the need to link cards.

It is always concerning when you see complaints about not getting paid and customer service not responding. I also consider it a huge risk to link a credit or debit card since there’s a big chance the details could get stolen.

However, I also acknowledge the upside that this opportunity has. This is why I still recommend that this opportunity should still be checked out to see if it is something that you would be of interest to you.

Just remember that you won’t really earn money here, as the Drop App doesn’t have options to redeem the points you earned for cash yet.


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