Brand Institute Review: Legit Survey Site Or Scam?

Survey sites are one of the most common websites that you will find that offers opportunities to make money online. There are a lot of these sites out there and the challenge is to find the legitimate ones that also pays well.

This is important since there are a lot of scams out there that are only after your information or money. Then there are also the legit ones but are only paying in pennies or even less for each survey you accomplish, which makes it harder to really earn decent money.

Now, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any good survey sites out there, as there are a lot of them. You just need to do some research to be able to find them.

For this review, we’ll talk about the survey site called Brand Institute. This site is a bit different from the others as they are catered more towards the medical industry.

A lot of their surveys are related to the medical industry, which requires people who are in this profession to answer it. The pay is relatively good compared to the other survey sites.

They do have regular surveys, but the ones that pay more are medical surveys. You can expect to earn $5 to $30 for each medical survey you complete. But is this really a legitimate survey site or is it just a scam like many others?

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Brand Institute is not a Scam and they Really Pay

Brand Institute is a market research company that was founded in 1993 and is catered to serving the healthcare industry.

They aim to help companies in the healthcare industry to improve the products and services that they offer, as well as the overall performance of these companies.

They are able to do this by creating medical surveys that are answered by people in the medical industry. If you happen to be someone in a medical profession, then this site can be a good source of income.

If you are not in the medical field, don’t worry as the company does offer regular surveys, but the pay is not as high compared to medical surveys.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I can say that this company is legit and they will really pay you for completing their surveys.

The company has been around for two and a half decades, so you know they are providing a legit opportunity.

As we continue with this review, I’ll be providing more details about how you can make money here and if the pay is really that good.

For Who Is the Brand Institute Survey Site Made For?

Brand Institute is designed for two groups with one group being businesses in the medical or healthcare industry while the other group are people who are working in the medical field.

For businesses in the medical industry, the company gives them an opportunity to improve their products and services, as well as learn more about how they can improve the overall performance of their business.

The company gets people from the medical industry to provide their opinions and thoughts about certain things, like processes, systems, and more, which businesses can use to make improvements.

For professionals in the medical industry, Brand Institute provides them with a platform to be able to voice their opinions that can help improve the healthcare industry.

They have medical surveys that require the opinions of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or any other medical profession. If you are in the field of medicine, then you could give this opportunity a try. They pay good money for your opinion.

If you are not in the medical industry, don’t worry, as you can still join and earn from answering surveys but the money you will get, though, is not that high.

In the next section, I’ll discuss more on how you will earn money with this website.

How Do You Make Money with Brand Institute?

The only way for you to make money with Brand Institute is through the surveys that they provide. You get to make money for each survey that you are able to answer completely.

Now as mentioned above, this site is generally designed for people who work in the medical industry. A lot of the surveys that they provide will be medical surveys.

It will require people in the healthcare industry to be able to answer the surveys properly. As for the earnings, Brand Institute take the opinions of professionals seriously, so they’ll pay good money for it.

You can expect to earn $5 to $30 for every medical survey you are able to complete. As for the number of surveys you can get, it will depend on how many the company is getting and on your profile.

But it seems like about 20 surveys or more a year is what you can expect. This means you can possibly earn about $100 to $600 a year or more with the company.

It’s not that big, but it is still better than a lot of survey sites out there that only pays in less than a dollar for a survey.

The beauty of this opportunity is that the payment will be sent directly to your PayPal account or via check after you are done.

This means there’s no need for you to request for payouts or to wait until you reach a certain amount. If you don’t work in the medical field, don’t worry, as you can still make money with Brand Institute.

The problem is that the company pays lower for its general surveys. You can likely expect to earn a few dollars per completed survey.

The number of possible surveys you can get is also lower, so this really lessens your earning potential. Now, like any other survey site, you will need to be able to qualify first before you can proceed.

This is something that you need to do for both medical and online surveys. This means there’s a chance you won’t be able to answer a survey if you don’t qualify.

Becoming a member is simple and easy to do, as you can sign up through the website. You will only need to provide your name, email address, and a password.

Once done, you would first need to update your profile to be able to receive survey invites based on your information.

Now, if you stay as a member for six straight months, you will become a VIP member. This means that you get invited to surveys before everyone else.

This also means you get access to the referral program, where you can earn more money if people you refer are able to complete surveys as well.

What is Good about Brand Institute

Now that we know more about Brand Institute, it’s time to discuss the good things about this survey site.

  • The first good thing about Brand Institute is that they pay good money just for answering surveys. Getting paid $5 to $30 per completed survey is considered as one of the highest rewards you can get from a survey site. The only catch, though, is you have to have a profession in the healthcare industry.
  • It’s also a good thing that Brand Institute will send you the money after you have completed the study. This means they don’t pay using a point system and there’s no need for you to reach the minimum amount before you get your money. Your payment gets processed automatically right after you have completed a study.
  • I also like that Brand Institute still makes their opportunity available to everyone, even if they are not working in the medical field. This means you don’t need to have a profession in the healthcare industry to be able to participate. The money you will earn from online surveys, though, will be lower than medical surveys.
  • It’s also great that becoming a member at Brand Institute is easy and free to do so. There’s no need to worry too about paying for anything when you join.

What is Bad about Brand Institute

As appealing as Brand Institute’s opportunity is, there are also things that I consider bad about them.

  • The first bad thing with Brand Institute is that this opportunity is not really made for people that are not a professional in the medical industry. Yes, they have online surveys, but there are very few of them. The amount of money you will earn is also comparatively lower than medical surveys, so this might actually be a waste of time for you if you are not a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc.
  • I also consider it a bad thing that Brand Institute is a bit slow in processing the payment. You can likely expect to wait 1 month or more before you can see your money on your PayPal account or before a check is mailed to you.

Do I Recommend Brand Institute?

After learning more about Brand Institute, I can say that it is recommended if your profession is in the healthcare industry.

The website is really built for people who are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or other professions in the health industry.

This is because the majority of the surveys they will have will be related to the medical industry. And there’s really no way for you to answer it unless you are a professional in that industry.

The company will also ask for a medical license number, which means you won’t be able to participate in medical surveys, even if you want to unless you are a professional.

So, unless you are a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist, then Brand Institute is not the opportunity for you.

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