OpinionSite Review: Legit Survey Site Or A Scam?

Answering surveys is considered one of the most common money-making opportunities that you can find online. There are a lot of websites out there that offer surveys as one or their main opportunity to earn.

There also doesn’t seem to be any sign that this trend will be changing soon, as more websites are being established each year to offer this kind of opportunity.

With so many survey sites to choose from, finding the one that is legitimate and will not be a waste of time is becoming a challenge.

To help you with that, we conduct reviews on these types of website to help you see if they are worthy of your time and effort or not.

For this review, we’ll talk about a site called OpinionSite, which is a survey site that will pay you for completing surveys.

You will get paid in points, which you redeem for cash or gift card once you reach the minimum cash out requirement.

The unique thing about this site is that it has surveys for the general populace and for healthcare professionals. The amount of money you can earn here will depend on a lot of factors.

From the looks of it, there’s a possibility that you can earn about $10 to $50 a month here. That can even increase if you are a healthcare professional. But is OpinionSite really a legit opportunity or is it just a scam?

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OpinionSite is a Legit Opportunity To Earn Money

OpinionSite is a market and social science research website that offers opportunities to make money answering surveys. Launched in 1997, this site offers surveys for healthcare professionals and regular people.

The site will pay you in points for completing surveys. The points you earn can be redeemed for cash or gift cards once you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, OpinionSite seems like a legit opportunity to earn money from answering surveys.

The site will really reward you for completing a survey and the money you earn will be paid via check once you have enough to make a withdrawal.

There have been some complaints from the members about the website, though. The major complaints they have are regarding delayed payments or payments not being made, poor customer support, and not enough surveys.

As we progress further with this review, I’ll discuss these complaints in more detail. I’ll also be discussing if $10 to $50 is really what you can expect to earn here.

Who Uses OpinionSite?

The OpinionSite website is designed for three groups of people with one being brands, businesses, and researchers who are looking to gather information and opinions to help improve their products and services.

The other group are healthcare professionals who are looking to earn extra income and are willing to share their expert opinion on several healthcare matters.

The last group are regular people who are looking for ways to make money online.

For brands, businesses, and researchers, the site offers an opportunity to gather information and opinions. The site allows them to choose whether they want opinions from healthcare professionals or from regular people. They can even conduct survey studies for both, depending on their needs.

For healthcare professionals and regular people, OpinionSite offers an opportunity to make money just by giving their opinion.

As a member of the site, you will earn points for answering surveys. The points you earn can be redeemed for cash after reaching the minimum cash out threshold.

Becoming a member is free and simple to do so. You just need to be a resident of the U.S. to be able to register. If you are a healthcare professional, the site is available in several countries.

How Do You Make Money with OpinionSite?

OpinionSite offers one way to make money on the website, and that is by participating and completing survey studies.

You will get paid in points, which you can redeem for cash once you have earned enough. The money will be paid via check and will be mailed to your home address.

To begin, you would first need to become a member, which is easy and simple to do so. You just need to provide some personal information. Once you are finished, you can start getting survey invites.

If you are a healthcare professional, you will also need to provide details about your credentials. The process can take up to four business days, as the site will verify the credentials you have submitted.

You will receive $3 just for registering and completing your profile. Once you’re registered, you can expect to receive survey invites. The study invites will depend on your profile and demographic information.

Like a lot of survey sites out there, you will first answer several qualifying questions before proceeding to the actual study. Once you are qualified, you can proceed to answer the survey and earn points.

If you don’t qualify, don’t worry, as you will still get at least 50 points for trying. When it comes to how much you can earn, the surveys you get will pay about $0.50 to $2 per survey.

If you are a healthcare professional, the surveys you get will likely pay more.

To be able to withdraw, you will need at least 14,000 points, which is equivalent to $10.

The site will pay you via check and they will mail it to the address you provide. You can expect to get it within 6 to 8 weeks. If you choose to redeem for a gift card, you can get it in 1 to 2 weeks.

The gift cards they have include Amazon, Walmart, and iTunes.

Now, there have been complaints about the site not paying members or delayed payments.

Looking at some of the complaints, the site has been well within the 6 to 8 weeks timetable they have when it comes to sending checks to members. So it’s important that you don’t expect to get your money immediately or within just a couple of weeks.

Another common complaint is the lack of poor customer support from OpinionSite. From the looks of it, though, the site has been responding fast and constantly to members complaints. The complaints seem to come from the fact that some of the issues took time to be resolved.

Lastly, there have been complaints about the site’s lack of survey invitations, especially if you are not a healthcare professional. Now, this is something that is really hard to address since this is very dependent on your profile and on the surveys available.

There’s really nothing you can here, except to constantly keep your profile updated and hope more surveys that fit your profile become available.

What is Good about OpinionSite

After learning more about what OpinionSite is and what they offer, it’s time to discuss what is good about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I liked about OpinionSite is that it provides an option to earn cash. You have the option to redeem your points for cash, which is good since I’m not really a big fan of just earning gift cards for my time and effort.
  • I also like that OpinionSite will still pay you a small number of points just for answering the qualifying questions. It’s always good when survey sites still provide consolation payments to their members even if they don’t qualify for a study. In this way, they won’t feel disappointed about not getting to participate in the survey.
  • I also like that it is easy and free to join OpinionSite. It’s also good that it is available in several countries if you are registering as a healthcare professional.

What is Bad about OpinionSite

Of course, there are also things that are bad about the opportunity that OpinionSite provides. I’ll discuss them here.

  • The first bad thing about OpinionSite is the lack of information provided on the website prior to registering. I believe it is important for sites like these to provide the necessary information needed, like how you will earn, what kind of compensation you can expect, and more before joining. This is because you will be providing personal information, so the site should at least give you the courtesy of providing relevant information you might need before proceeding.
  • I’m also not a big fan of getting my money via checks, especially since this will take 6 to 8 weeks. This means that you have to wait as much as 2 months before you are able to get the money you have earned for the work you have completed. And if you only cash out $10, that’s a very long wait just to earn a little reward.
  • I also consider it a bad thing that the general populace doesn’t get as much love as the healthcare professionals when it comes to survey invites. It would have been better if OpinionSite could at least increase the number of survey opportunities they have for regular members and not just focus on the healthcare professionals.

Do I Recommend OpinionSite?

Now that we know more about what OpinionSite brings to the table and the flaws that it has, I can say that it is an opportunity that is worth checking out.

I don’t fully recommend this site because of its low-income potential, especially if you are not a healthcare professional.

It seems like reaching $50 a month with this site is a stretch for regular people. The survey invites you can get will be limited and then there’s also the problem of trying to qualify for the study.

It is more likely to expect to earn about $20 a month, max, with this opportunity. However, I do recognize the upsides that OpinionSite offers, especially for healthcare professionals.

This is why I recommend that you still check the site out, give it a try, and see if it is something that will work for you. Just remember not to expect to get rich with this opportunity.

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