Daily Transcription Careers Review – Legit Pay or Scam?

Company: Daily Transcription (DT)
Website: https://dailytranscription.com
Founder: Jason Reeves, Vice President of Development

Welcome to my 3rd party review of the transcriptionist position at Daily Transcription (DT)!

I am glad that you found my review because that means you are willing to find out what DT has to offer.

This also means you are looking at the company from a well rounded perspective.

Since I am not affiliated with the companies I review, I can take an objective stance and simply provide you with evidence of their successes and downfalls.

In other words, let the facts talk for themselves.

The entire purpose of this review is to show you things that DT might not be providing.

This does not mean that the information I provide means DT is a scam.

It simply means, I want you to see the entire picture so you can make an educated decision.

This review will cover a broad spectrum of information including a company overview, the application process, the company’s job requirements and of course, the final verdict.

I always recommend that you stick around for the entire article because there is valuable information in every section.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

Daily Transcription Overview – What is the Company?

The founder of DT is a man named Jason Reeves.

The company was created in 2005 which means the company has been around for 12 years.

This is a tell tale sign that the company is legit because scams are typically shutdown within the first year.

I think it is fair to say that the company is legit and has been hiring and paying their transcriptionists for over a decade.

Not that the legitimacy of the company has been provided, there is a lot more to discuss.

Here are a few quotes from the DT website that you may find important.

• “We have passed multiple security audits from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies.”

• “All of our work is 98% accurate or better.”

These could be two of the reasons that DT has been around for 12 years.

What are the Requirements for Transcriptionists?

I have reviewed several transcription service companies and the requirements all seem to be the same.

However, DT does not post their requirements on their website, which is a bit odd.

Here is what all transcription companies require you to have.

• A quality headset
• A functioning computer
• Hi-Speed internet

I personally recommend you purchase a foot pedal because efficiency and effectiveness are equally important.

Let’s face it, the more files you transcribe the more money you will be making.

What is the Application Process for DT?

Applying online can be a little frustrating for some people because you could wait a few weeks to hear anything back from the respective companies.

Here is how you apply to become a transcriptionist with DT.

First, you have to fill out the online application located on their website.

You must also attach a resume to your online application.

This is something that I will not go into great detail because I have no idea what skills you possess.

However, if you have experience with transcribing make sure that you make that the focus of your employment history.

After you fill out the online application, you will be sent to a testing page.

This is a simple transcription test to make sure you can complete files accurately.

You will also have a time limit so make sure you are ready for the test before applying.

After filling out the app and taking the test, a DT representative will contact you.

So make sure you keep an eye out for an email.

Let’s take a look at how the company works.

How does the Company Work?

Unfortunately, this job is based on when you are needed rather than a guarantee.

This means that some weeks you will have plenty to do, and others, you may not work at all.

For this reason alone I strongly suggest you take this into consideration before applying.

All of the jobs that you do receive have strict deadlines so this means you will have to constantly check for any job postings.

DT still claims to have a flexible work schedule but strict deadline force you to work based on when the company needs you.

The second that you complete a deadline and it has passed the 98% accuracy benchmark, you will have fund available via PayPal.

I have worked online before and I will stand by the PayPal payment process.

I have had no issues with it thus far.

Let’s move on to the potential earnings section of the review.

How much will you Earn at DT?

Here is the deal with online transcription work.

Some companies pay different amounts for each job.

For example, you will get paid more for a 5 minute file that is more difficult to transcribe as opposed to a 2 minute file with little dialogue.

That is why there is no hourly wage and you get paid based on the jobs that you are given.

If you want to take a look at the testimonials on the DT website, knock yourself out.

As I have previously said, you get paid via PayPal on a weekly pay period.

The DC Work Schedule – Strict or Flexible?

As I have stated in another section, DT claims that your schedule is flexible but each task has a deadline.

I strongly recommend that if you get hired, you complete the tasks a quickly as possible.

If you miss deadlines, you will most likely not get high paying jobs.

There is something that we need to briefly discuss because it is the only aspect of the company that I don’t agree with.

This is in regards to their “no guarantee” to consistent work.

I don’t understand why they would hire people if there is no work to be done.

It may have something to do with peak work periods but there is no clarification on their website.

If you end up applying to this company, make sure you have a backup plan for all for all of the downtime.

Please don’t take the information in this section as the end all, be all.

DT has some great qualities as well.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is one of my go-to sites for great information about companies.

There are some restrictions because they do not cover foreign companies outside of North America.

They do, however, grade some Canadian companies and foreign companies that have branches within the United States.

At any rate, there is not a whole lot of information here because the BBB has decided to give DT an NR for No Rating because of the lack of information disclosed by DT.

For example, if you check out the Daily Transcription BBB Page, you will notice that there is no leadership information provided.

Although this is not the end of the world, a company should be able to disclose basic information like this.

I am also sad to announce that there have been ZERO reviews or complaints registered in the database.

This is typically a great way for providing you with anecdotal evidence that a company is legit or not.

In my personal opinion, customer or employee reviews are much more valuable than one of the members of leadership of a company.

For example, I would trust a former transcriptionist word over the Director of Operations.

At any rate, there is plenty of information to make a formal verdict, so let’s get the show on the road.

The Final Verdict

There is absolutely no way that Daily Transcription is a scam.

The company may not be exactly what you are looking for but they have been around for 12 years and have no signs of going under.

If you want to apply you can go to the main website I provided at the beginning of the review.

If don’t think this online business opportunity is worth it, then you should consider creating your own business.

I know, the process seems daunting but training programs are available that can walk you through the process.

It is not as tough as you think although there is a lot of hard work and dedication involved.

If these are traits you possess, then what are you waiting for.

You can watch one of the thousands of training programs available on YouTube, or you could check out this review.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great track record and you can even join for free.

If you choose to upgrade at a later date, then you can.

One of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is that you get to talk with entrepreneurs that started out just like you.

I hope this review helped you out in some way.

Even if I help a few people make the best decision based on their needs, I feel like I am doing my job.

If you have any experience with transcription work, would like to ask any questions or leave a comment, fill out the form below.


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10 thoughts on “Daily Transcription Careers Review – Legit Pay or Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the insight and feedback.
    I’m a seasoned transcriber and think that this would be an ideal company to work for, however, a few caveats I would like to share: Their list of three employees, Mr. Reeves, Mr. Noe and Ms. Catallo- the photo of Mr. Noe looks remarkably like old time comedian Don Rickles. Does anyone else see that strong resemblance?
    Also, the “no guarantee” policy of work gives me reason to pause and question exactly how do they garner work and how does it get disseminated?

    • Hey Bora! I’m a start-out transcriptionist–wondering if you have any recommendations for newbies..whose the best to work for straight out of the gate?

  2. Oh my goodness, this man, Mr. Noe, looks identical to Don Rickles. What is going on? How do they garner work and how does it get disseminated. I think they hire worldwide. It’s not easy to live in the United States.

  3. I have applied and am in the testing phase but I stopped and decided to look them up for more information because on their site it says you are paid once a week via check and if you live out of the US or Canada then they will make different arrangements for you to be paid. But on this review you said paid biweekly and via PayPal, so I am now confused.

  4. There is also the fact that for an entry level person like me this company has a very involved process and the video you have to transcribe for there ‘test’ and get ‘95% or better to be considered’ to work for them is cruel and unusual punishment. I’ve found documentation in my research, between sections while corralling munchkin and somehow doing this and learning three new programs because of this etc(all since around lunchtime today), that they specifically make these harder than actual transcription work.

    I wouldn’t exactly call this beginner material. Despite this they advertise that this is a good company for start ups and entry level transcribers.

    I had to also do research, heavy research, because they break down everything to the point that if you don’t know what a transcription is supposed to look it won’t make nearly the sense it needs to.

    They advertise training being available but so far it seems like the testing process is ‘train yourself’ rather than having anyone to mentor you or even just give pointers for- literally anything. It’s up to you to find your own training material as well. They don’t offer it up.

    Other than that, I did see a couple red flags. Lot’s of people have been leaving reviews on glassdoor and whatnot talking about putting in full time hours and making less than 200 dollars a week. There are lots of complaints about how much they pay transcribers. I don’t blame them. If I am putting in 40 hours a week on something I better be paid for my time.

    I have been researching on the side while doing this- because frankly this clusterf**k of soundbites and images gives me a migraine just trying to decipher it.

    While I’ve never been in the industry I have at least transcribed things. I have transcribed meetings back in high school and put captions on a couple YouTube videos. Nothing big. All the material I have found to give advise on things… this company doesn’t follow it. At all.

    It feels more like this company uses and abuses the ‘independent contractor’ thing as a glorified excuse not to do things right.

    And if you complain… well “your an independent contractor” and that can come back and smack you in the face later. I’ve done independent contracting before. It’s not my first rodeo. Lot’s of companies use it to get around the laws in place and feel they can retaliate because your an independent contractor “not an employee”- so they don’t pay you enough to pay for your own insurance or anything like that in many cases but if you complain they nerf you by nerfing what projects you get or what calls you receive etc depending on the company and the contracted job your doing. You get paid by individual job so often it’s a veritable mine field where a single complaint can destroy you. Some years ago that actually happened to me in a field I was contracting in. I got nerfed and seemingly blacklisted for legitimate concerns. Only afterwards did I find out that ‘secret’ websites existed to let people in that field discuss what went on and how to deal with it so the same thing that happened to me wouldn’t happen to them. Some fields are driven by fear because, while independent contracting is framed to be better for the independent contractors, it’s often a raw deal for the independent contractor that allows a company to operate in ways that would otherwise be considered illegal and treat ‘contractors’ in ways they would get into a lot of trouble for treating ’employees’. It’s a big problem.

    So- for me? It doesn’t surprise me in the least the bbb doesn’t have, or at least didn’t when you posted this article, any employee reviews. And naturally, most who use services like this are companies in there own right, big or small, and so don’t often think about leaving reviews on these things. I am sure some even assume it’s program and not people being used to transcribe what they send in.

    I guess I’ll see how things go but… I am cautious about it. Then again, anyone doing independent contracting should always be cautious.

  5. I am 100% certain that “Mr. Noe” is Don Rickles (google it, the exact photo will show in results). Business is not legit based alone on the fact that they have to fraudulently invent employees.

  6. Yes, I agree. Mr. Noe in that photo is Don Rickles. I also noticed that for the bilingual transcription work, they do hire outside of the United States,which means a lot more competition for us here in the United States of America. I cannot handle that type of competition. I can barely pay my monthly bills with the work I get now.

  7. Hello,
    I read your blog and i found it very interesting and useful blog for me. I hope you will post more like this, i am very thankful to you for these type of post.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi everyone – I’m not going to respond ad nauseam to this thread; this is my only post about DT (Daily Transcription). I worked for this company as an IC (independent contractor) for a couple of years. My background before I started with the company was heavy legal transcription (“way back when” it used to be every single day because attorneys only dictated work and never typed their own). With that said, yes, a beginner “can” do the work, but if you’re a fast typer, it will be a better experience because the pay is by the audio minute, not how long it takes you to do a job (just like mowing a lawn or any other task based job). Last I was tested, I type about 95 WPM.

    It definitely helps to have a foot pedal and good digital transcription software. Some of the jobs I got paid a good wage for working from home and others not so much, why is that? Because it depends on the job! For example, if I was transcribing a straight discussion with very little overlapping dialogue, it was easy to transcribe, versus video/audio wherein one is constantly saying things like, “uh”, “ya know what I mean”, etc. My average for completing a 30 minute video/audio was about one hour (but if it was easy to transcribe, was able to do it in less than one hour). There’s also jobs that are more involved, such as the CCSL dubbing which is more than just transcribing the audio. They paid more and like I said, were more involved, so they took more time. I kept track of how much actual time it took me to transcribe any given file and how much I was actually paid and then would figure out ways to do it faster, such as using hotkeys (if you don’t know what that is, you can teach yourself).

    I didn’t really need to be trained, I just had to figure some things out, such as what time-coding was (for video) and how to actually get my program to do it accurately, but that wasn’t difficult. I would receive an example of what the finished transcript should look like along with the file to transcribe with every single job and that was that. I thought it was pretty easy to figure out. And yes, I double-checked my work, which takes time, but that’s what makes it accurate!

    I was able to work from home and get the jobs done in the turnaround provided (typically 24 to 48 hours depending on the length of the file, sometimes the turnaround requirement provided longer period time). Some of the jobs I enjoyed and some not so much (just like anything else).

    I think a 95% accuracy rate on their initial test is acceptable, considering in my legal background, I had to have 100% accuracy (law firms are sloppy nowadays); I know with medical transcription, that must also be 100% accurate. Transcribing is competitive, especially because so many companies outsource to places such as India. With DT, from what I knew, it was all American and the company was competing to get post production work from companies that may otherwise outsource to other countries, so they have to provide a competitive price to get the jobs. The one thing we have working for us with American post production, is that many of us primarily speak English, which is the main language spoken in the shows being transcribed, so it helps to have native English transcribers rather than another language, whose “other” language is English; the point being: if accuracy is important, companies may prefer to work with native English speaking transcribers.

    I got paid via check in the mail, but who knows, this may have changed. I preferred being an IC rather than an employee. I was always paid timely and didn’t have to chase them down. Some jobs were rushes and there was more money offered for those but they also had a much shorter turn-around time. I worked another part-time job at the time I worked for DT. Overall, I have nothing bad to say about my experience with DT, it was straightforward and take it or leave it. I would not hesitate to work with them if I again desired transcription work.


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