Easy Shift App Review – Legit or Scam?

Company: Easy Shift
Website: http://easyshiftapp.com/

Can you make money with Easy Shift? Click here to learn more.Welcome to my 3rd party review of Easy Shift (ES)!

For the past few weeks I have been reviewing apps that have either cash or point systems.

The apps will ask you to do a task. I came across an app called Easy Shift and this app claims to pay you to do things like shop or eat. I have never heard of an app like this and the claims seem too go to be true.

After doing some research it seems like the company started out on the right foot but has fallen from grace.

Many of the members are claiming of policy changes and system malfunctions. They are also complaining about not getting paid on time or at all. I decided to do a complete review of the app to give it a fair shot.

That is the right thing to do, and you deserve to know both sides of the story. I would like to start out by saying that I am a 3rd party reviewer, which means I have no affiliation with EA at all.

This review will include how much the app pays and how the company works. I will also include the information from the Better Business Bureau database.

The final section of the review will include my final verdict, where I determine whether ES is legit or not.

Let’s get started.

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Easy Shift App – How Does it Work?


Apparently it is as easy as downloading the app from their website.

They give you two choices; you can download for iOS or for an Android. This means you can start today because there are no applications and you don’t need any experience.

All you have to do is download the app and sign up.


After you sign up you have to provide the app with your location so it can give you a list of jobs to do. The jobs will have an amount next to them, which is how much you will earn if you complete it. You can also determine where you need to go and what you need to do for credit.


Upon looking at the list of jobs you can select the one you want to do first.

After you take the job you have 24 hours to complete it. You will simply have to go to the location of the store or restaurant and follow the direction provided by the app.

You will have to submit everything that the task description asks, which you can submit through the app.


The app claims to pay you within 48 hours after you submit your completed task. Although the website claims that getting paid is simple.  Recent actions have led me to believe that some people are completing tasks and not getting paid.

I will get into that in more detail in a later section of the review.

What Jobs Are Available?

There are several different jobs you could be asked to do but here is an example.

You might be asked to stop into a local store. You may have to take a photo of an item and its price tag. You could also be asked to speak with an employee and ask for some help.

Of course there are other tasks but these are common jobs.

The one that I am more interested in is the job that asks you to go to a local restaurant. The idea is intriguing and the premise of getting paid to eat is right down my alley.

How Much Can You Make?

The vast majority of the jobs will pay between $2 and $5 but you can earn up to $20 some of the more complex jobs. Once you complete a task and it has been approved, you will have earnings added to your ES account which is created when you sign up.

You must have an active PayPal account so your earnings can be deposited if you choose to get a payout. The image below is what the company claims to do.

Things I Don’t Like About the App


The first issue I have with the app is the fact that you have to live in or close to a city in order to consistently get jobs.

I grew up in a small town and the closest city to me was an hour away, by car. I downloaded the app and listed my location in my small town and there was only one job.

Of course I did not complete the task nor am I interested in this app as a sideline business but I wanted to see if some locations are worthless.

The answer to that is a clear yes and this eliminates many people from making enough money for it to be worthwhile.


Just like all of the other apps I have reviewed recently, there is no way that ES can become a full time opportunity.

You aren’t going to become a tycoon with this app and it is nothing more than a way to make a few extra bucks. I would like to see some sort of financial statement from ES or a member.

This will show us exactly what kind of earnings you can make. I would suspect that I am right by saying that most people don’t even reach the $75 a month mark.

If this is really something you want to be spending your time and gas money on, go ahead but you might even end up losing money on the deal if you have to drive around to complete the tasks.

The Better Business Bureau

If you want to take a look at the Easy Shift BBB Page, click on the link.

This is one of the sites I always use when I am reviewing companies because if it is in the database, there is so much valuable information available. As you can see from the image above, ES has a subpar grade and the reason is quite simple.

There have been complaints about several different business practices.

In this section, I will provide you with all of the examples I found while researching the company. I think it is only fair for you to see what problems you might run into if you decided to join ES.

This image is just a portion of the entire complaint so I strongly suggest that you check the BBB page out for yourself.

This member has been treated very poorly and has been accused of hoarding jobs by using multiple accounts. This member is stating that him and his wife are using the app and complete jobs during their free time what is crazy is that all of the access has been shutdown and they can no longer accept jobs.

Instead of doing this, maybe the company should have contacted the members so they could see what the real situation was. I am not sure a large company would go through the trouble considering they have many people to take care of.

I think the issue lies in the fact that there was new leadership in the past year and the transition was not as smooth as they wished.

I thought this comment would be the best way to end this section because it shows just how bad things have gotten.

First, you make peanuts for doing tasks and then they will take away shifts and there is no guarantee that you will get paid for the work you do. That is enough for me to make my final decision on the app.

Let’s see if this company is legit or not.

The Final Verdict

Ok, I have been pretty tough on Easy Shift but for good reason.

The app seems to have started out as something great but a recent change in leadership has proven to be a disaster. I mean, how can you take a company seriously when they are most likely not going to pay you for doing the jobs that are posted? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the app?

I think it is fair to say at this point that I cannot recommend this company to anyone and if you are thinking of becoming a member, you shouldn’t. It is too much of a risk and your time and money is valuable.

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There is no risk involved and you can even join for free. If you choose to upgrade at a later date, you can.

I hope this review has helped you in some way.

If you have any experience with Easy Shift, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.


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5 thoughts on “Easy Shift App Review – Legit or Scam?”

  1. I tried to complete my first Easy Shift last night. Everytime I tried to answer a question, by leaving a check Mark next to a yes or no, it would complain that I hadn’t chosen yet. Something was wrong. I tried multiple times, and had to walk away from my shift.

  2. I downloaded the app and found a job in Conyers, Georgia. When I tried to take the job, there were no buttons or instructions on the website about what to do next. I can’t take calls on my phone and I am missing interviews, so maybe it is a problem with my phone.

  3. thank you so much i am searching every possibility of work from home as a mother leaving my child to go to work is hard and breaks my heart every time so your page helped me in my search

  4. Now that I’m typing this, ifeel like a fool. I’ve probably done 5-7 completed jobs for them, each job taking at least an hour, but more often multiple hours. I’m an experienced Merchandiser/Auditor and have never had any assignments rejected…until here. They let me do all the work, input the data, and turn in the assignment, then the next day you find out it was rejected. So, basically I’m working my ass off for free while they get my pay and they’re cut. Without an explanation, even though I ask. It’s horrible that they are allowed to do this, that they get away with it somehow. Another crooked corporation….

  5. As others have said easy shift I started out okay and is now a scam. You will not get paid again read this and say it to yourself over and over and over you will not get paid. You will work for them you will submit the work they will use your work to make money from your labor and you’re wasted time but you will not get paid they will find some bullshit excuse not to pay you. Absolutely it is 100% a scam. Don’t think it’s not a scam it is a scam. So if you want to work for free basically volunteer for money making Corporation then go right ahead and work for easyshift. Any resemblance to easyshift being a legitimate company no longer exists. 9 out of 10 jobs will be rejected. Don’t believe for a second that they’re not using your photographs. You have to be incredibly naive actually you have to be incredibly stupid to think that they’re not going to use your photographs. They are using them they’re making money off of them and they’re not paying you. That my friends is a scam.


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