Evolv Product Review: Legit MLM Or Scam?

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Evolv is a company that creates health products that makes it easy for people to burn fat and build muscle. It’s been in business for over 8 years.

The products are made with all-natural ingredients and many people have tried the products and swear that they’re exceptional.

However, the are a lot of Evolv reviews that claim Evolv is a scam.

I’m going to take a look and see if I can find out the truth about this company. Let’s jump right in.

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What is Evolv?

Evolv is a company that creates various health supplements to assist people in their goals to live an active, healthy, lifestyle and burn fat. It’s a little similar to Juice Plus, except the product is different, but the money making opportunity is basically the same.

There are about 6 Evolv products, listed below:

  • Shake (similar to protein powder but with additional ingredients and flavors)
  • Fuel (energy drink, powdered, mix in a cup)
  • Fix (another powdered drink, designed to relax the body)
  • Limitless (beat juice extract in a capsule, for weight loss)
  • Glow (skin care product, improves color and moisture)
  • Cprime (performance wrist band, not sure what it’s supposed to do)

These are also the products that you will promote as an affiliate for the company, if you choose to join the multi level marketing opportunity.

Since you are here to learn about making money from the internet, let’s focus on the multi level marketing aspect of this business.

See, multi level marketing systems are extremely powerful, they motivate people to sign-up their friends, and the promises of wealth keep everyone working hard.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who join these schemes won’t achieve the advertised results.

These systems are mainly designed to benefit the first few people who join, not the people at the end of the spectrum.

From my research, it looks like these are decent health products, combine these products with exercise and I’m sure that you will be able to reach your fitness goals.

What I Liked:

It’s an established company with real people working for it and everyone’s names are up on the website, there’s a lot of transparency; and that’s good.

There are also real products to sell and promote, it’s not entirely based on recruiting new people.

These products are also not bad so they’re a little easier to sell then just a promise of wealth.

There are people who make good money from this opportunity, natural sales people will have a blast, it’s all about selling and selling…and selling some more.

But, for everyone else, it’s a little more difficult…

What I Didn’t Like:

Well, the multi-level marketing aspect.

Even though the compensation plan does make it easy for people to make money, there’s a lot of problems with the system.

Here’s a screenshot of the compensation options:


The entire compensation plan is a little difficult to explain, therefore, I would like to refer you to the full PDF file for further research.

Basically, if you continue to recruit new people you will continue to receive bonuses.

However, everything is based on recruiting new people.

You won’t be able to move up rank and receive a rank advancement bonus without recruiting new people.

These are are little rewards to keep everyone working hard to recruit people and make more sales. It works, too!

Like most MLM companies, the affiliate training needs some work, it’s based on a flawed model.

They tell everyone to recruit their friends and family members, share links on social media, and basically spam they’re sign-up links everywhere.

There are much more effective marketing strategies that you can implement to collect affiliates.

But they aren’t mentioned. Like I mentioned earlier, if you are a natural born salesman, it won’t be hard to make some money with this scheme.

On the other hand, if you’re just an average person, a stay at home mom, or someone with no marketing background, it will be really difficult for you to make enough cash to sustain your lifestyle.

I also didn’t like the fact that the products are really expensive! One retailer is selling one bottle of water for $65!

How You’re Supposed to Recruit New People…

When you sign-up as an affiliate you are given access to some tools and a simple website template with affiliate links.

This website has links to all their offers like products, marketing kits, and what not.

You don’t need to worry about shipping or holding an inventory; the company takes care of all that.

You just have to get people to click on the links and buy products.

When they do, a cut is added to your account, and if they sign-up as a promoter, they are added to your down-line.

It’s the basic multi-level marketing scheme that has been around for a long time.

Can You Make Money With Evolv?

So does it work? Can you make money with it?

I would say that it is possible to make money with this opportunity, a lot of people do.

But, it all depends on your ability to sell, and you can’t rely on their training because it’s – well – terrible.

I would also recommend that you create a marketing plan prior to signing-up.

Find a bunch of leads and get everything ready before you sign-up.

It will be much easier that way.

So yes, it is possible to make money with Evolv.

Final Word:

On the other hand, even though this company is real and not a scam, I don’t recommend these kind of opportunities.

Two reasons; they require a lot of work, and you won’t be paid for most of the work, and you are not in control.

What happens if the company shut’s down?

What happens if the company changes a few affiliate policies and your earnings are sliced in half?

That’s why I recommend working on your own online business, even if it means hard work, at least you are in control of every aspect of the business.

If you have your own website you are free to tweak and sell what you wish, the opportunities to make money are limitless. But if you solely work for another company your income is limited.

Evolv is a not a scam, but it’s not recommended, either.

I recommend avoiding MLM schemes.

Focus on creating a website and a business for YOU, not someone else, if you want to learn how to do that, check out this product. 

Thanks for reading this review!

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