Is Online Cash Source a Scam? I think it’s Overpriced Product


Product name: Online Cash Source


Price: $1.95 trial plus 3 upsells and $29.95 monthly fee

Overall rank: 20 out of 100

Today I’ve come across a program – Online Cash Source and decided to write my review to shed some light on this program.

I feel it needs some clarification. I checked some reviews and the info I found was very controversial. And I think it’s not surprising at all when it comes to programs like Online Cash Source.

According to some reviews, it’s a link posting scam which is very bad because I have a list of 17 links posting scams and if you read about some of them you will definitely decide to stay away from them.

According to other reviews, it’s a program on affiliate marketing. In either case Online Cash Source has a very low rating due to its quality.

Long story short, if you want to know if Online Cash Source is a scam or not, I’m of the opinion that it’s not.

But due to many cons and some red flags I wouldn’t recommend Online Cash Source to anyone.

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The main idea behind Online Cash Source

Though according to some reviews Online Cash Source is a link posting scam, it’s no longer being promoted as such.

It’s a program that you can use in order to build a website, add affiliate products and sell them to earn an affiliate commission.

Pros of Online Cash Source

  • $1.95 Trial
  • Website builder

Cons of Online Cash Source

  • Incomplete training
  • upsells
  • No active community
  • Association with link posting scams

Online Cash Source as a link posting opportunity

First off all, I would like to give you more info about link posting opportunity that Online Cash Source has been promoting for some time so you can get an idea of the quality of the product and the level of trust to this website.

The idea of link posting is a total BS and is not legit. It means you can post links here and there on the internet and earn money.

Almost all link posting scams promise you to make $379 per day by completing simple tasks.

You can even come across some fantastic stories of people that have been able to earn a full time income by posting links.

Don’t believe in these fantastic stories.

They promise you easy money that you can make if you have a computer, internet connection and some basic typing skills.

They tell you can post as many links as you want and make as much money as you want.

Because big companies are desperate for people like you.

Please be aware that these people are simply lying to you. I think if you take a look at two images below …



you will realize that two different companies have identical website layout which means they are not different at all.

They are promoting the same crap using different names, such as Online Cash Source, Online Web Cash, Home Internet cash, Home Profit System etc.

Suspicious site

I’ve seen many programs over the past two years and in my opinion, Online Cash Source is a very suspicious site.

First, they were promoting link posting idea and after receiving many complaints and negative reviews they relaunched their site with a different product which they have been promoting for some time now.

The first red flag is that there is no information on what you are going to buy on their website.

They ask to submit your personal information including your phone number which is the second red flag.

Most of the time they will either sell your personal info to third parties or will bombard you with various offers and promotions.

I really don’t recommend to submit your personal info to sites like this one.

After registration they suggest that you try their program for $1.95.


If you forget to cancel your subscription to their service they will start charging you $29.90 per month.

Once you’ve paid them, I think you should say goodbye to your money.

It’s really hard or even close to impossible to get money back from programs like Online Cash Source.

Also, most of the time programs like this one will be offering you expensive upsells, such as private coaching that may cost you a few thousands of dollars.

Just be careful and stay away from this type of upsells.

How can Online Cash Source help you in achieving your financial goals?

As I said above, Online Cash Source is basically a program that claims to help you make money through affiliate marketing.

They try to simplify the process by giving you a website builder and the ability to add products from Amazon, Overstock, Alibaba to your website, create account with Amazon associate program, track your sales and traffic.

I think this part of the program is good and I have no any issue with that.

But when it comes to tracking your website traffic there is no need to use their service because there are WAY better and free tools available on the internet, such as Google analytics and Google Webmaster.

Another major red flag is that they don’t teach you anything regarding creating quality content which is extremely important in order to be able to drive traffic to your website.

Without traffic your website is going to be useless and if you can’t make at least one sale within 6 months Amazon will terminate your account.

The website you are going to get from Online Cash Source is going to be a copy paste site that they give to all their customers like you.

In terms of high rankings in search engines and gaining authority you don’t have much hope too.

I think Online Cash Source is overpriced product for what you get from them.

Paying $29.95 per month for a program that fails to provide high quality support, high quality step-by-step training and active community is not worth it.

Just as an example, I’m a member of online business community that provides everything I need for my business and I pay $30 per month.

This price includes a website builder, website hosting, website backup, keyword research tool, step-by-step training, weekly live trainings, live chat, 24/7 support and more.

Plus my recommended program is reputable, has a high rating on the internet and has been around for 10 years now.

It doesn’t jump from product to product like Online Cash Source.

And I forgot to mention that my recommended program is absolutely free from upsells and you can even try it for free.

The monthly fee includes everything.

Online Cash Source upsells

There are three upsells inside the members area. Each upsell will cost you $29.99 or you can buy all three packages for one price, $59.95.

First two upsells give you access to products and services and allow you to make money through affiliate links.


CheapAir is a travel finder that allows your visitors to book a flight while ThinkGeek is a program linked to CJ ( Commission Junction) that allows you to earn an affiliate commission through selling various products from various brands.

All these programs are actually free and I really don’t understand why Online Cash Source is trying to charge you for this.

When it comes to Accutrack which is for tracking your visitors, it doesn’t make sense to pay for this tool because there are free services available that anyone can take advantage of.

They also give you access to their back office where you can build your website, add products to it and get support.


Product selection is very limited. In fact, you have to choose a product with no explanation of what niche website is all about.

If you are a complete beginner, it can be very confusing in my opinion.

Once your site is ready and you get access to it, you can immediately notice that it doesn’t look professional.

You will see a product category widget on the sidebar that is completely irrelevant to your website topic.


For example, if your website is about booking flights and you have a widget like this one, it doesn’t make any sense.

I think you get my point.

Finally, this is how your back office looks like.

There is no much value in this back office to be honest.

The most important sections are Tips and Tricks and Message Center.

When it comes to Tips and Tricks, they provide some sort of a training on affiliate marketing which doesn’t contain everything you need to know in order to succeed online.

Beginners need a step-by-step training in easy to understand and simple terms. This includes content creation, traffic techniques, free and paid.

Without this knowledge you won’t be able to achieve your financial goals.

When it comes to their support, sending support tickets and then waiting for their reply is not something I would recommend.

There is no active community which means you won’t be able to get timely support.

Final word on Online Cash Source

In my opinion, Online Cash Source is a mediocre program.

First off, it’s associated with other programs with a bad reputation.

As I said above, reviews are very controversial. It’s because Online Cash Source has changed their strategy.

They were first promoting a link posting idea which was a total waste of time and then they changed the direction and have started promoting the idea of affiliate marketing.

This is very normal for programs like Online Cash Source and you will have a better idea of what I mean if you read my article about link posting scams (link provided in the beginning of my review).

Anyway, Online Cash Source is not something I would recommend because their training is incomplete which means you won’t be able to achieve level of success you might be expecting from this program.

There are several upsells which means you need to spend more money inside the members area and in fact, Online Cash Source is trying to charge you for what is available for free elsewhere.

There is no active community where you can get quality and timely support.

I think paying $29.95 monthly for this program is not worth it.

All in all, Online Cash Source though is not a scam, but I can’t confidently recommend it.

Final glance at Online Cash Source

  • $1.95 Trial
  • Website builder
  • Incomplete training
  • upsells
  • No active community
  • Association with link posting scams
  • Overall rank :20 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended

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