ViSi Reviews – Healthy and Wealthy Together?

Visi ReviewsWelcome to my ViSi Review.

There always seems to be an abundance of self-employment opportunities that will combine two important aspects of human life, health and wealth.

Naturally those are two, many would love to have success in, wouldn’t you? I know I would and so do the founders of this opportunity I will discuss today in my ViSi review.

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What is ViSi

First off let me give the correct pronunciation of the name.

It is pronounced VEE SIGH, and ViSi is short for ViSi Global.

They are a health and weight loss company creating their own line of nine different products based off of the highly nutritious Arctic Cloudberry.

ViSi then markets these products through partners in an MLM.

When it comes to most Multi-Level Marketing opportunities, many seem to focus on the health niche.

This is understandable in a couple of ways beyond just the obvious, by tapping into people’s desires to remain healthy.

The belief is that if you can provide a health giving product, it will be easier to make a lot of money.

With the majority of MLMs the cost of the products are high to support the compensation plan.

If they were to sell their products for the same price that one could purchase a similar product in a health food store or on Amazon, they would lose a lot of money with their entire operation coming to a halt.

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Here’s a quick look at their products:


This product is basically a meal replacement product that has a range of vitamins, some protein, but it is enhanced with Artic Cloudberry which is a very strong anti-oxidant. And we know that anti-oxidants play a vital role in the health and well being of our bodies.


This product is basically a fat burning product and like most fat burning products, it is designed to increase your energy levels, suppress your appetite, give you heighten mental clarity all while burning your fat.


We know how beneficial protein is for your body. This product is for lack of a better term simply a protein shake. It’s the same type of protein shake you can get from most bodybuilding stores, except for one thing, it has hydrolyzed collagen, which is supposed to allow your body to absorb it more readily.

I dunno about that.


Just a multi-vitamin supplement, nothing special.


If you’re looking for an energy drink or a pre-work out drink then this is the product that’s supposed to do the job.


This product is designed to metabolize stored fat. Coffee does the same thing, but is ten times cheaper.


This is a detox cleaner which basically means that it is designed to get rid of toxins from your body.

By combining the desires of people to be both healthy and wealthy is a tried and true formula for success.

This is a successful business model that 20-year direct sales veteran Kent Lewis, the CEO and Founder, put into action in 2012 when he and Co-Founder entrepreneur Ryan Lewis started ViSi.

How do you Make Money with ViSi?

Now this is where things get a little vague and expensive for those who want to make money with ViSi.

As with most MLMs, you will have to invest a lot of money upfront before you start making any profit.

Yes it is true that you need to spend money to make money, but you do not need to go broke in the process.

Personally I am not a fan of this business model but the product seems to be of good quality.

However in this day and age money is quite tight with most people, and shelling out a lot of cash without a good return on investment in the short term will scare many people away.

When viewing the Visi website there is no info on compensation or a join link visible where one can sign up.

This means that the only way for you to join is to be recruited by what are known as a ‘ViSi Partner.’

Yes, like with the majority of MLM opportunities, recruiting is the main way you will make the bulk of your money.

But after some research I found some numbers posted by ViSi Partners online and here is what they said.

You can resell the products you are required to purchase each month and earn a commission on those sales above your minimum requirement.

But as you will see below, the cost of products are quite expensive.

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The Compensation Plan in a Nutshell

As a basic ViSi Partner you can earn commissions on the sale of the products, earn some bonuses for volume of sales, and recruit people into your downline.

However you will need to reach the next level known as a ‘Qualified ViSi Partner’ before you can start earning a 5% commission from your downline’s activity.

In order to achieve this you will need to sponsor no less than two people, and this will hold true for everyone sponsored through the entire pyramid.

Everyone including you, is required to purchase a certain dollar amount of products every month to qualify for commissions.

Does this already sound expensive to you?

Well let me break it down for you.

Every member needs to purchase a minimum of 75 PV (Personal Volume) points worth of products on auto-ship and one purchase of another 75 PV each month.

Nope, 75 PV does not equal $75.00, its dollar value actually equates to $89.99 which means you will be spending a minimum of $179.98 every month just to qualify as an active member.

I do not know about you, but spending that amount of money every month (especially the first few months) is in my opinion a waste unless you are able to resell what you buy.

Do the math!

You will be spending a minimum of $2,159.76 per year just to qualify for commissions from your downline who are required to do the exact same thing as you.

What I Liked About ViSi

Being I am someone who is into natural health and have done a ton of research, I know that the Arctic Cloudberry which is a base ingredient in all of their products, is a nutritional powerhouse.

It has a very healthy amount of antioxidant properties that can benefit health greatly.

Another thing I liked about ViSi is that they have hardly any negative reviews beyond the fact that they are an expensive program to operate.

There are some reviews online that would hint that they are a scam, but ViSi is definitely not a scam.

That being said, I would not recommend them either and here is why.

What I Did Not Like

The cost required every month just to be qualified to make money is ridiculous!

Plus they really hype up their products as if they are the best quality in the world or are the only Arctic Cloudberry products that can produce high levels of health.

Seriously, I can achieve as high a level of health for a tenth the amount of money you have to spend.

Another thing I didn’t like were the hidden costs that I uncovered through more research like an additional $35.00 yearly membership fee, the costs of attending conventions and training seminars, plus any travel accommodations and the shipping charges added to the cost of what you purchase each month. So something to keep in mind.

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My Final Verdict?

Is ViSi a scam?

While ViSi does offer some quality products and if you can sponsor people who are as passionate about the health and wealth business model, plus can afford it, you may do well in a couple of years.

But honestly, you can do much better for far less money and in a shorter amount of time doing what I do.

You can create your own website, market any kind of product you want, and at prices people can afford.

You can do this for about $130.00 less per month than what Visi requires you to spend.

You will be working with products that can sell themselves, even while you sleep.

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