5Linx Reviews – Is This a Legit MLM Or a Scam?

5linx ReviewsWelcome to my 5linx review!

If you’ve been doing some research on 5linx to understand whether or not it is a good business opportunity for you to get into, then what I am about to share with you is going to help you decide.

5Linx, based out of Rochester, New York, is a Multi-Level Marketing company that was founded in 2001 by Jeb Tyler, Jason Gluck and Craig Jerabeck as CEO.

In this 5Linx review I will answer the question, is 5linx a scam or a great way for you to make money?

My answer and the info provided will definitely set you straight.

So let us get to it.

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What is 5Linx?

The five links on the 5Linx website stand for Freedom, Integrity, Vision, Success and Opportunity.

The company markets products for the home, business and personal health care.

They were on the Inc. 500 list for the fastest growing company from 2006 to 2009, and received other business growth accolades.

Sounds like a great stable company to join, doesn’t it?

Well hold on there.

Not everything is as it seems on the surface.

As with many MLM companies, the business model of the pyramid will eventually become not as profitable as in its start, and eventually will become unsustainable without changes.

If you are lucky enough to get in early on the majority of MLM companies, you will earn much more than many of the recruits below you.

However like most companies that market in this way, the cost of their products is quite high to support the compensation plan.

Though the products 5Linx offers are of high quality, you can easily get the same quality elsewhere online for far less money.

This has hurt many of the 5Linx partners.

So how did they make their great wealth and fancy cars?

Simply by recruiting others to push the same narrative that 5Linx is their financial dream opportunity.

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How do you Make Money at 5Linx?

In doing my research into 5Linx I found it quite annoying that I could not find their compensation plan anywhere on their website.

They also didn’t provide you with any prices of their high quality products, which is a bit of a pain if you want to make an informed decision.

I guess they didn’t want to scare away any potential customers.

Anyway, I am not a fan of companies that are not transparent.

The ONLY products on their website that had actual prices were their brand and promotional items like apparel, pins, bags, travel essentials, and promotional materials to help with your business.

But guess what?

They didn’t list what the shipping costs were.

However through some digging and further research I found that the 5Linx compensation plan has changed recently and not for the better of its members.


That sounds like the profit sustainability of that pyramid is starting to slow down, if it hasn’t already.

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What I Liked About 5Linx

Reading up on their products I was quite impressed with their quality.

They offer a fairly broad selection of items, and being that I like health supplements, I would buy some of what they offered – if I knew what the price was and how much it would cost for shipping.

Another thing I liked about the company was their longevity, having their start in 2001.

And unlike most MLM companies, they were awarded several business accolades for a few years in a row.

Plus they are a Rochester, New York company, but I only like that because I have been to Rochester and I like it there.

But that being said, there isn’t much else I like about 5Linx.

And what I am about to share with you will overshadow what little I liked about this company.

There are some not so good vibes I am getting with 5Linx that people looking to join need to know.

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What I Didn’t Like About 5Linx

No transparency on compensation plan or cost of their products, which they “claim” is how you will make your money.

First off if they want to entice people to join, wouldn’t they at least put some description of the compensation plan on their website?

5Linx didn’t feel that was necessary I guess.

Though I think that lack of transparency helped in the downturn of their success, another factor I learned from my research was that members made very little on the sale of products.

So the bulk of the money members earned were from recruiting others into their down-line or pyramid.

This has always been a flawed business trend with the MLM model, unless they have a super product everyone wants.

Having the recruitment of people being the main force of money generation, is a doomed approach from the start.

It is no wonder 5Linx had to restructure their compensation plan in 2015.

And to make matters worse, that restructuring severely cut the compensation of their top earners and many of them jumped ship and went on to other network marketing companies.

Even the original CEO Craig Jerabeck resigned and supposedly got others to leave as well.

Not a good sign!

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My Final Verdict?

Stay away from 5Linx! No it is not a scam, but it is a company with problems.

With the rising complaints being posted online and videos of top earners explaining why they left 5Linx, it just seems like they all know that the end is just around the corner and are getting out now.

But there is no need for you to worry, because there is an easier way to make money from home.

Unlike an MLM where you have to meet and recruit people, you will not have to do either, nor buy any over-priced products.

The products you will be making your money from are well known and at normal prices.

Look at it this way. Would you feel better trying to sell some over-priced MontaVida coffee (that is the name of the 5Linx brand), or promote some lesser expensive and more well-known Starbucks coffee?

Which do you think you will make money with easier and faster?

Multi-Level Marketing companies like 5Linx are not worth the hassle, especially when you have to rely on recruiting people just to have a chance to make money.

However making money in the way that I do it, is a dream!

The best part is you can make your money while still in your PJs. To learn more, check it out here.

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