Game Loot Network Review: Legit MLM Or Scam?


Company: Game Loot Network
Founder/Owner: Unknown

Hello, and welcome to my Game Loot Network (GLN) review.

You have probably been searching for a review of GLN because you were approached by someone you know or you saw an advertisement on social media.

I am glad that you are doing your own research because that is an important step of finding a legitimate online business opportunity.

In fact, I hope you continue to research MLMs until you find one that fits your needs; trust me, they do exist.

I collect information from testimonies, other reviews and company websites and filter through all of the information to make sense of them all.

I will never tell you to join or not to join a company but I will be honest with my findings.

My goal is not to tell you what to do, you are perfectly capable of making your own choices.

However, I will present the facts in an objective manner and then present a verdict.

This verdict will hopefully point you in the right direction and allow you to come to the appropriate conclusion.

Today’s article is taking a look at Game Loot Network that has had its ups and downs in its short lifetime.

You should be able to see what the truth really is after a short overview, product & service list and compensation plan.

There will be a questions and comment section at the very end of the review.

There is no such thing as a stupid question.

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A Game Loot Network Overview

GLN is considered a mobile gaming MLM which did its prelaunch in May of 2015.

It is barely a year old at this point.

You can get their main address from their website which is headquartered in Lee’s Summit, MO U.S.A.

Unfortunately there is “About” page on their website so the owner or founder information is mostly speculation.

I say, mostly, because a man named Lance Baker of Game Loot LLC is the domain owner and the domain was registered in March of 2015.

Lance Baker is also the author of an eBook called Game Loot: Grab your Piece of the Mobile Gaming Revolution.

What makes matters a little more hazy is the fact that there is no other connections between Baker and GLN.

This is something that I always warn my readers about.

I don’t want anyone to get confused.

This lack of transparency is actually common in the MLM world and hopefully changes are made.

Look, I’m not asking for a panel of owners to give lectures around the world.

I’m simply looking for a list of owners or at least some sort of leadership ladder.

I have to start questioning a company if no one knows who is writing the paychecks.

This is not a deal breaker but it is not starting off on the right foot.

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Products & Services

These are the packages they offer in the “Fun Zone”
1. Fun 50 – 50 Tokens – Cost: $10
2. Fun 250 – 250 Tokens – Cost: $50
3. Fun 500 – 500 Tokens – Cost: $100
4. Fun 1250 – 1250 Tokens – Cost: $250
5. Fun 2500 – 2500 Tokens – Cost: $500
6. Fun 5000 – 5000 Tokens – Cost: $1000
These packages coexist with the affiliate plan and this is how customers can enter the game platform or become affiliates themselves.


Compensation Plan

Before we get started with the compensation plan I want to take a moment and provide you with all of the requirements to become an affiliate:

• You must be at least 18 years old
• You must live in the United States or a country that GLN can operate in
• You must provide GLN with your Social Security Card or a Federal Tax ID number if you reside in the United States
• You must complete and submit the GLN Affiliate Agreement to GLN
• You must provide GLN with at least two methods of payment which includes a merchant account so you can receive credit and debit card transactions.
• You must sponsor at least one sale of a GLN Fun Pack to a newly recruited affiliate

Although some of the requirements are common when joining an MLM, but a few of them seem to be a little overboard.

I’m surprised they didn’t ask you to set up an interview.

I think that is the only thing missing from the list of requirements when compared to a 9 to 5 office job.

The only other difference is that you have no idea who your boss is.

Ok, that is the end of my rant, back to the products and services.

Here is the link to the GLN Compensation Plan.

Basically, you can get paid by daily commissions and level up bonuses.

This is a little disturbing due to the fact that there are only two ways to get paid.

I will go into it in greater detail in the next few sections but I am starting to realize just underwhelming the money making opportunities really are.

I have done reviews on companies that have over 10 ways to get paid and they are all connected in some fashion.

This is the type of compensation plan you are looking for.

Even if you want to look at the videos they put up on their website, they have a “Video Not Available” sign on them.

It may just be me but I don’t want to go through this much hassle over a game MLM that has a lot of issues from top to bottom.

What I Like About Game Loot Network

I like that you can download the Game Loot App on Google Play & the App Store.

These are two reputable companies and they are legit.

This means that the MLM is taken somewhat seriously although time will tell.

To be perfectly honest, there isn’t much scrutiny on the part of these two companies in order to get an app on their platform.

This means that a company like GLN may be popular for a while, but it is quick to fall once customers get bored of children’s games.


What I Don’t Like About Game Loot Network

Here is the thing, I have a hard time seeing how this can be a consistent way to earn a living.

There are so many other gaming platforms out there everyone is offered free games when you purchase your cell phones.

Another thing that gets me is that you have to become a gamer in order to get into the compensation plan anyway.

Then you have to recruit and sell games as well.

Here is a hypothetical for you to think about. You walk up to a complete stranger using their cell phone and offer them a GLN package.

They look at you puzzled and then show you that they are playing a game that is more popular than anything else.

No one wants to pay for cell phone games, not when most are free and no one wants to spend up to $1000 on a GLN package.

Here is the thing though… I’m not calling it a typical scam because it does provide a service and a compensation plan for affiliates.

But it is yet another MLM that forces you to recruit or you make no money at all.

So it is a scam in the sense that you have to have to pray to the recruiting gods in order to have a chance and even then, you may only get lucky a few times during a pay period.

If you want to make more money and get intense training, check out the next section of my review.

Final Verdict

I cannot recommend this company to anyone because I have no faith in it whatsoever.

I have no idea who is running the show, the product is a gimmick and the compensation plan has 2 ways to get paid at the most.

All of these variables point toward other companies.

Look its simple, you want to make money and I don’t there is much of a market for yet an already saturated gaming gimmick.

No offense, they might offer things that other gaming platforms do not offer but I just don’t see it.

For that reason alone, I will not even consider this MLM as an option.

If you want to check out a company that provides great training and does not force you to live by recruitment, check out my #1 recommended company.

If you have any experiences with Game Loot Network and would like to share them, or if you want to leave a comment, go ahead and fill out the form below.

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2 thoughts on “Game Loot Network Review: Legit MLM Or Scam?”

  1. THIS company sometimes dont pay commissions – and cancel accounts – just up and close your account – AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE – HORRIBLE MGNT


  2. I was a game amassador with gameloot but they decided to zero out my account without any reason given. At first I thought that it might be some problem with their website but every time I submitted a ticket to support they would within an hour close the ticket without a word. They clearly didn’t want to address it ans was hoping I’d go away. They also locked one of my down line out without any reason given. I got my up line and he got his up line to try and resolve these problems but they too got the same runaround with support. The guy who they locked out of his back office was still being charged the membership fee but he was unable to sign anyone up.

    When money is concerned I always take screenshots and document all communications with who I am doing business with. I have screenshots showing money earned and then the next day it shows all zeroed out. I also printed copies of all correspondents with support that show they were obstructing and wasting time while providing no help. The 2 people who gave the most trouble was Tina and Juan. They both kept giving what looked like a canned response that provided not solution or help. I suspect that this was the company wanted them to say.

    Typical Dialog
    Me: My downline can’t login. He tried contacting support but never got a response from anyone.
    Support: We told him he as to certify his account first
    Me: but he can’t login to certify his account.
    Support: Closes ticket.


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