HempWorx Review: Is It A Legit MLM Or A Scam?

Marijuana is now viewed as more than just a recreational plant that people use during parties, pot sessions, and more.

It is now also viewed as a medicinal tool that provides a lot of great benefits and can help treat certain diseases.

This is particularly true for one particular component of Marijuana, which is called Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is known to provide a lot of medicinal benefits without the side effect of getting you “high”.

This component is also one of the reasons why governments and countries are now starting to legalize the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Since the use of Marijuana and other related products are becoming popular, there are companies that are taking advantage of this by offering these products up for sale.

One such company that we’ll be talking about is called the HempWorx. It is a company that offers products that contain cannabinoid CBD.

The products include CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops, CBD Hemp Infused Coffee, and more. Now this company also has an MLM opportunity, where you can make money selling their products.

You can earn profits from your personal sales or commissions from the sales of your downlines. The amount of money you can earn will depend on a lot of factors, so it’s hard to gauge how much you can earn here.

But is HempWorx really a legit opportunity that you make money from or is it just a scam?

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HempWorx Seems Like A Legit Opportunity

HempWorx is a company that sells a variety of products that are infused with CBD hemp. It began in 2014 and ships products to 50 states in the U.S.

The company also uses MLM methods to promote and sell their products. As an affiliate, you will earn profits and commissions whenever you and your team sell the products.

From what I can see, the opportunity that HempWorx provides seems legit. The company’s MLM opportunity does allow you to earn money selling hemp-based supplements.

The compensation plan they have seems to focus more on selling the product than on recruiting, which shows that it is not a pyramid scheme.

There are, however, some issues that I found with this opportunity. One of the issues I found is that the company provides misleading information, especially about their claim about being the highest quality hemp derived CBD oil.

There’s also some issue when it comes to making money with this opportunity, as HempWorx claims that it is recession proof and there’s no hassle.

Another issue I found is that the products they sell seem overpriced compared to what other companies offer. I’ll be discussing these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review.

Who Uses HempWorx

HempWorx is designed to be used by two types of people with one being the people who are looking to purchase products and supplements that contain CBD hemp.

The other type are people who are looking for opportunities for a business that allows them to make some money on the side.

For people who are looking for CBD-based products and supplements, HempWorx CBD oils has you covered. They have a variety of products that contain CBD Hemp to choose from that you can purchase.

You just need to visit their website to get a look at the different products they have and make a purchase.

The reviews for their effectiveness are a bit mixed, but the majority of the buyers are generally happy with it. If you are someone who is looking for an opportunity to earn some money, the company can help you with that as well.

They have an MLM opportunity, where you can earn profits just by selling their products. You can also earn bonuses and commissions from the sales that your downlines have made.

Becoming a member is not free, though, as there will be an investment that you will need to pay for. In the next section, I’ll discuss the registration process in more detail, as well as the compensation plan.

How Do You Make Money with HempWorx?

HempWorx only provides one opportunity to make money and that is through their MLM program. You get to earn profits from selling their hemp-based products.

You can also earn commission and bonuses if you and your team achieve certain sales quotas. Now, the company requires that you register, regardless if you are going to be an Affiliate or a customer.

When you go to the website and click order, you will be taken to a page where you decide if you want to be a Preferred Customer or an Affiliate.

As a customer, you won’t pay any fees, you just need to provide your personal details. But as an Affiliate, there’s an activation fee of $20 that you need to pay.

You also need to choose a product package to help you start the business. The cheapest package they have costs $69, add the $20 activation fee and the entire registration will cost $89.

The pack will come with 1 bottle of HempWorx product and it will be worth 40 Business Volume (BV), which are the points you earn when you buy a product.

The BV is important when it comes to earning commissions and bonuses. So how do you earn money here? As an Affiliate, you get 25% off all items that the company sells.

So that is how you make money, you earn the difference of the standard retail price and discounted price. The next way to earn is the Jump Start bonus, where you can earn up to 85% of your BV.

To qualify for the retail profit and Jump Start bonus, you will need at least 40BV per month. To achieve the 85% earnings, you will need to achieve the highest rank the company offers.

HempWorx also has what they call the Binary Team Commissions. In this plan, you will be paid commission whenever you are able to recruit a person to be part of the company as an Affiliate.

You can earn up to 20% whenever you have a matching pair, one on the right and one on the left. To qualify for this commission, you will need personal 40BV a month and 90BV from your recruitment on the left side and another 90BV on the right side.

The company also has a rank that you can achieve to increase your earnings. There are 8 ranks in all and the first rank is called Active and is the rank that you will start with.

This is the rank where you can earn the 25% profit from selling the product. The next rank is called Builder and to qualify you will need 40 personal BV and 300 total BV from your downlines.

You will also need at least 3 personally recruited downlines with 40BV each. The highest is the Super Affiliate and it will need a personal BV of 90 with 1,000,000BV from your downlines.

You will also need at least 3 personally recruited downlines with 90BV each and a 50% total enrollment tree volume.

The higher your rank, the more commissions you can earn. You can view the complete compensation plan on their website.

It is important to remember that the BV can be achieved even if a person buys products from you. So you don’t need to convince people to be an Affiliate.

They can be a Preferred Customer and just be a regular buyer of the product and you will still earn BV from their purchase.

Now as mentioned above, there are some issues with the MLM opportunity that HempWorx offers. One of them is the claim that this business is recession proof and that it has no hassle.

This is actually further from the truth, as the MLM industry is actually one of the hardest industries to succeed in. Only a small percentage actually makes money with this opportunity.

And out of that small percentage, there is an even smaller percentage of people who actually make it big. So, for the company to claim that this opportunity is recession proof and hassle-free is a bit far-fetched.

Another issue I found is that the site claims that they have the highest quality CBD oil in the market. Based, though, on the comments of people who have tried the product will show you that it is not really the best one.

It is decent, but there are far better CBD oil products out there. This is also the reason why some are having a hard time grasping why the products they sell are a bit pricey.

They are not the best in the market, so a lot of people are questioning why the company has put a high price on their products.

What I Like about HempWorx

Now that we know what HempWorx is and what they are offering, it’s time to talk about what I like with this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about HempWorx is that their compensation plan is not centered on recruitment but on product movement. This is a big thing because it shows that the company is not just a pyramid scheme or an MLM scam that is only focused on recruiting new members. As long as you are selling regularly, you can earn decent income here, even if you don’t recruit people.
  • Another thing I like about HempWorx is that people are generally happy with the product they are offering. Though they are pricey and not really considered as the best, the majority of the people who tried their products are happy with them.

What I Dislike about HempWorx

Of course, there are also things that I didn’t really like about HempWorx, which I’ll be discussing in this section.

  • The first thing that I don’t like is that the products they are offering are a bit pricey, especially if you compare it with some of the other brands available. Though the product works well generally, it is still not really enough to justify its high price.
  • I also didn’t like that the compensation plan of HempWorx is a bit confusing and difficult to understand. The general way to make money is simple, but it starts to get confusing when you dig into the other commissions and bonuses that they offer.
  • I’m also not a fan of the way HempWorx hypes up the opportunity. Yes, there is potential in the Marijuana industry, especially since governments are just starting to accept it as a medicinal product. But this doesn’t mean that this opportunity will be hassle-free. If you are experienced in the MLM industry, you know that making money consistently in this industry is really hard, regardless of the product that you are promoting.

Do I Recommend HempWorx

After learning more about HempWorx and what it brings to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that I don’t really recommend for everyone.

Yes, the company is legit and their products are generally well-accepted in the market. But, there are only certain types of people who can succeed or earn consistently in MLMs.

And these are the ones who are good at sales and marketing, a good motivator, hardworking, determined, and not easily discouraged.

If you lack, even just one of these traits, then succeeding in MLM is close to impossible. However, if you possess all of these traits, your success is still not guaranteed.

I always believe that luck will play a big factor in your success in MLM, as I’ve still seen people who possess all these traits but still didn’t earn consistently.

This is why I don’t really recommend MLM to everyone, even if the compensation plan and products are good. Because I know it is not really an opportunity for everyone.

If you possess all of these traits and you are willing to really give it a good go, then you could give this opportunity a try.

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  1. The owner of Hempworx is very unprofessional as she smokes her blunt and gets high in front of her members or affiliates. The products they sell are pricey and not worth the cost.. I believe it to be a scam. Govt should audit them.


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