Acti Labs Review: Legit Beauty MLM Or Scam?

The beauty and skin care industry is considered a billion dollar industry that will continue to rise. And why not? After all, a lot of people are willing to do anything and pay anything just for beauty or to look younger.

Money is also no object when it comes to maintaining beauty or looking young. This is why analysts are predicting that this industry will continue to rise in the next decade.

Of course, you might think well that’s good for them since they will be raking in the money. But there is actually a way for you to be a part of this industry and earn money as well.

A lot of these beauty and skin care companies are offering opportunities for people to make money through their MLM program.

In this review, we’ll discuss one such company that does that and it’s called Acti Labs. The company provides an opportunity for people to make money by selling the products that they offer.

The amount of money you can earn with this MLM opportunity, though, is dependent on many factors, so it’s hard to gauge the exact figure you can expect to earn.

But is Acti Labs really a legitimate opportunity? Or is it just like a lot of other MLM opportunities that turn out to be a scam or a big waste of time?

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Acti Labs is a Legit MLM Opportunity

Acti Labs is a company that manufactures make-up, anti-aging creams, weight loss supplements, and other products that are related to beauty or skin care.

The company also offers an opportunity for people to make money through their MLM program. You get to earn commissions for promoting and selling the company’s products.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, Acti Labs looks like a legit company. The compensation plan for their MLM opportunity focuses on product movement and not on recruitment.

The products they sell also have a lot of good feedback and has generally been liked by people. There are some issues that I see with the company, though.

The main issue is that it’s not obvious that the company is offering an MLM program, especially if you look at their website.

Another issue I saw is that this opportunity is only available in 3 countries so far. I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of Acti Labs.

Who Uses Acti Labs?

Acti Labs is designed for two types of people with one being those who are looking for beauty and skin care products that work. The other type are people who are looking for opportunities to make money on the side.

If you are looking for good quality skin care products that are not that expensive, then this company has what you are looking for.

A lot of Acti Labs’ customers are happy with the products they purchase from the company, which shows the quality of what they offer.

There are also no complaints that the products are expensive, which means the price you pay is worth what you are getting.

If you are looking for a way to make money, Acti Labs offers that through their MLM program. You get to earn a commission whenever you sell the products that they offer.

You can also earn commissions from the sales made by your downlines.

Becoming a member is simple and I’ll discuss this along with the details of the registration process in the next section. I’ll also discuss in more detail the compensation plan the company offers.

How Do You Make Money with Acti Labs?

Acti Labs offers only one way to make money from them and that is through their MLM program. As a member, you get to earn commissions every time you sell their products.

You can also earn commissions whenever members of your downline also sell the products. To start earning, you need to be a member of the company.

To join, you will be required to fill out all of the necessary details required. There will also be a one-time fee of $27.50 when you register.

You will also have an option to purchase a starter kit that costs around $27.50 to $75. Though it is not necessary, it is advisable to purchase it, especially if you are serious in making money with this opportunity.

After registering, you can start making money. Before we proceed to the compensation plan, it is important to know about the products the company is selling.

Acti Labs has a variety of products for sale and this includes the Cosmeceutical Treatments, Mineral Makeup, Body Sculpting Body Wraps, Cosmeceutical Creams, Makeup Brushes, and much more.

Now, Acti Labs’ compensation plan provides several ways to earn commissions. The first way is through your personal sales.

Whenever you personally sell the product, the company will pay you a commission. The commission you earn will depend on how much you were able to sell.

If the number of products you sold totals to about $0 to $500 you get a 20% commission. If it’s more than $500 up to $1,000 your commission is at 25%. If you are able to sell more than $1,000 worth of products, you get a 30% commission.

If you are able to sell at more than $200 worth of products between the 1st and 14th of the month, you will also get a $20 Acti-Cash bonus, which you can use to buy their products.

Aside from personal commissions, you can also earn team commissions whenever your downlines sell the product. You can earn up to 10% commission from your team’s sales depending on your level.

There are 9 levels in all and level 1 will earn you 5% in Acti-Cash. Level 2 will earn you 7%, while level 3 will earn you 8%. Level 4 is where you will start getting 10% commission.

The higher levels will allow you to earn more via your downlines starting on the second level onwards.

Reaching level 8 or higher and maintaining it for 3 months also allows you to earn a brand new car and be a member of the Acti-Car Club.

As for the payment, commissions from personal sales are given weekly and they are deposited directly to your bank account.

Team commissions are given on the 7th, the day after the month ends. Elite Leaders that are level 1 will get their Acti-Cash at their Acti-Cash account balance and they need to use it until the 7th of the following month. Elite Leaders that are level 2 and up will get their money deposited directly to their bank accounts.

Acti Labs also has a referral program. If you are able to refer people to become customers of Acti Labs, you will get a 10% discount in your next order whenever they make an order on the site. It’s the company’s thank you for helping spread the word.

Now as mentioned above, there are certain issues with this opportunity. The first issue that I see is that the company doesn’t really provide details about their MLM opportunity.

If you go to their website, you won’t find any money-making information on the site. The only way for you to know they are MLM is if someone who is a member invites you or you have heard about it. It would have been better if at least some information provided.

Another issue that I have with this opportunity is that it is only currently available in several countries, this means that you will be very limited on who you can invite or sell the product to.

What I Like about Acti Labs

Now that we know what Acti Labs is and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about Acti Labs is that they are one of the rare MLM companies that doesn’t provide any income claims to hype up their opportunity. This is a strategy to try and get more people to sign up so it’s good that Acti Labs doesn’t do this.
  • I also like that people are generally happy with the products that Acti Labs provides. Almost all of the people who tried their products are happy with the quality and I have yet to see complaints about the prices of the products.
  • Another thing that I like is that the Better Business Bureau gave Acti Labs an A+ rating, which is the highest rating they can give. This means that the company is very swift in addressing complaints and issues and almost all of them are usually resolved.

What I Didn’t Like about Acti Labs

Of course, there are also things about Acti Labs that I didn’t really like, which I’ll be discussing in this section of the review.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about Acti Labs is that they don’t really have any information about their MLM opportunity on the website. You actually won’t even know they have such an opportunity unless someone invites you or you have heard about it before. It would have been better if information about the MLM opportunity is readily available.
  • Another thing that I didn’t like about Acti Labs is that you can only enjoy the team commissions if you are able to reach a certain monthly quota. If you don’t meet the requirement, you won’t get to earn any team commission.
  • I also don’t like that Acti Labs is only available in several countries. This puts a limit to the people that you can promote and sell the product to, thus also limiting your potential income.

Do I Recommend Acti Labs?

After learning more about what Acti Labs is and what they bring to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that is not really for everyone.

This MLM opportunity is actually one of the few ones that I see that is worth checking out and giving it a try. This is because the company doesn’t really hype up their opportunity.

The products they sell are also not as expensive as other beauty products. But, MLM opportunities are not really suited to all people.

You have to be good and knowledgeable with sales and marketing to even have a chance of making money with this kind of opportunity.

Not to mention the leadership skills required to be able to inspire people to perform well in achieving their targets so you can also make more money.

Even if you possess these skills, succeeding in MLM is challenging.

It is unfortunate, but this is the reality of MLM opportunities. This is why it takes a special kind of person to succeed here.

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