Pure Haven Essentials Review: Legit MLM Or Scam?

Networking or Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is another opportunity that you will find when you are looking for ways to earn extra money.

A lot of them are being touted as online opportunities or online work because a lot of the strategies being taught to you can be done online.

That said, not every MLM opportunity you come across is a legitimate one, as there are a lot of them out there that are scams.

For this review, I’ll be talking about the Pure Haven Essentials MLM company that is selling skincare and beauty products, which offers an opportunity to make money by being one of their consultants.

Like in any MLM opportunity, the amount of money you can earn will be very dependent on your effort in marketing and selling the products that your company is promoting, Pure Haven is no exception.

The minimum you can likely earn here in a month won’t go below $90. But is this a legitimate opportunity for you to make money or just another scam?

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Pure Haven Essentials is Not a Scam, it Provides a Legit Opportunity to Make Money

Pure Haven Essentials is actually a rebranding of the MLM company Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. The previous brand had a problem with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the products it was selling.

Ava claimed that its products were organic and had no toxic chemicals in them. But multiple investigations by the USDA revealed that there were actually toxic chemicals in their products, which means they were lying.

The company didn’t waste time shutting down in early 2016 and reopening again after 3 weeks as Pure Haven. The difference is that the company seems to have learned its lesson from before.

It seems like the company is now legit USDA Organic Certified, as they have been given a USDA National Organic Program by the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

So there might be some truth to their claim this time that their products are toxic free. But that’s not the reason I say Pure Haven is not a scam.

The real reason this MLM company is legit is that they have a legit product to sell and they are focusing more on promoting that than trying to recruit members.

This is one of the clear signs that an MLM company is a scam, they focus more on recruiting instead of selling the products and services. For Pure Haven, their focus really is on their products.

So you are assured here that when you join you won’t be focusing on trying to get people to become a consultant as well.

As for the earnings, it will really depend on your effort. But their compensation plan shows that it’s likely you will earn at least $90 a month. I’ll discuss this more as the review progresses.

Who is the Pure Haven Essentials Company Made For?

The Pure Haven Essential company is made for two types of individuals, with one being those who are looking for beauty and skincare products that don’t have toxic chemicals in their ingredients.

The other group are people like you who are looking for ways to earn some extra income to supplement your main income or even replace it.

For consumers, Pure Haven offers a lot of non-toxic and organic beauty and skincare products. They have products for the skin, the body, baby products, and more

The company says that their products are USDA Organic Certified, giving some credibility to their claim that the products are toxic-free.

If you don’t want to be just a consumer, you can also become one of their active consultants to earn commission sales.

The company offers a commission of up to 50% of your sales. There are also other bonuses that are typical of MLM companies. In the next section, I’ll discuss this in more detail.

How Do You Make Money with Pure Haven Essentials?

Pure Haven Essentials is an MLM company and as such, the main way you can earn here is via commissions from being one of the company’s direct sellers and sell the products they have.

In this case, it’s skincare and beauty products. And like all MLM companies, you will need to spend money as well in the form of purchasing the company’s products to become one of their consultants.

The cost to become a Pure Haven consultant is $99, which is the cost of the Pure Havens Essential Business Kit. This kit will include several of the company’s products that you can sell.

The different kinds of products the company offers fall into five categories. There are skin products, baby products, body products, pet products, and home products.

If you look at their website, their cheapest product costs $7.95 and their most expensive product costs $33.95. The company also offers bundles, which is a combination of different products and it will cost as low as $65 to as high as $125.

As a consultant, you will likely get these products at a lower price to be able to sell them at the standard retail price and earn some profit. But the real kicker, of course, is the direct sales commission.

If your monthly sales fall under $1,000, Pure Haven will give you a commission of 30%. The highest commission you can get is 50%, but you need to have a monthly sale of more than $4,000 to get that.

Aside from direct commission sales, you will also get downline commission sales if there are other consultants who joined under you.

The lowest you can get is 5% commission on their level 1. But to get this bonus, you will need to have a personal volume sale of at least $300 a month. This is basically a Star Level Consultant.

The highest consultant level is Executive Consultants. At this level, you can earn 7% from level 1 sales, 5% from level 2 and 3, and 2% on all other levels. You will just need $1,000 PV and $8,000 group volume sales per month.

The $300 PV per month is also a requirement to be considered as an active consultant. This means that this is likely your monthly quota to be able to earn money with Pure Haven.

So, if $300 PV is your target, that means you are likely to earn $90 in commissions just for reaching this target ($300 x 30% = $90).

Becoming an Executive Consultant will also earn you an additional $500 bonus. You will earn another $500 every time one of your downlines also hit the Executive level.

Once you get to the Executive level, there are also several levels you can go up to, with the Diamond Executive being the highest. Each level will have added bonus and commissions for you.

What is Good about Pure Haven Essentials

Now that we know more about Pure Haven Essentials and the opportunity they provide it’s time to discuss what is good about this MLM company.

  • Probably one of the first thing that is good about Pure Haven is that it’s a legit MLM that has legit products to sell. This means you won’t have to focus on trying to recruit more people just to earn big amounts of money. You can just concentrate on selling the products they are offering to make money. The fact that you would need to achieve certain personal sales goal per month shows that product selling is the main focus here and not recruitment.
  • Another thing that is good about Pure Haven is that they are very transparent when it comes to the compensation plans and achieving them is simple as well. You just need to meet certain sales goals in order for you to earn money with this MLM.

What is Bad about Pure Haven Essentials

Of course, there are also bad things about Pure Haven Essentials that you cannot really ignore and I’ll discuss some of it here.

  • The first thing that I consider bad about Pure Haven is that they had problems before with a U.S. government agency. It was so bad that they had to rebrand the company, to avoid further damage to the image. Though it seems like everything is fine now, it’s still something that is hard to ignore and you will really have to be cautious about this.
  • Another thing that is bad about Pure Haven, which is something that you will also experience in all MLM opportunities, is that to really earn big amounts of money, you will still rely on downlines. Yes, you can possibly earn at least $2,000 a month just for selling products. But to achieve the high sales volume it will be harder. Having downlines is still the fastest and best way to really make money in MLM.
  • Lastly, the products that Pure Haven is offering are not that expensive, but they’re also not cheap. This means, your possible clients will have to shell out some extra money compared to the other brand that they can find in the market. The only selling point you will have here is that the product is not using toxic chemicals. But with a previous run with the USDA, that could scare people off.

Do I Recommend Pure Haven Essentials?

After learning more about Pure Haven Essentials, I can say that it is an opportunity that you can check out if you are someone who is good at selling and marketing.

MLM opportunities are not really for everyone, because not everyone is good at selling or promoting, two of the main things you need to be doing to make money with networking.

Pure Haven is not that different here, as you will need to be promoting and selling their products in order for you to make money.

If you don’t like doing that, then you are better off looking at other opportunities to make money. But if you like it, then you can check out what this company is offering and see if it interests you.

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