Norwex Review: Legit MLM Or A Scam To Avoid?

Multilevel marketing (MLM) is one of the most common and intriguing opportunities you can find when it comes to side businesses.

A lot of companies go the MLM route when it comes to marketing and selling the products and services that they have.

And why not? This is actually considered more effective and cheaper compared to going through the usual marketing methods, especially for small companies that don’t have a big budget yet.

But like any other money-making opportunity, not all MLM opportunities you find online are legitimate. There are also a lot of them out there that turn out to be scams or a big waste of your time.

To help you avoid the scams, we conduct reviews of money-making opportunities, including MLM opportunities. We identify the ones that we recommend you try out and the ones we recommend you avoid.

In this review, we’ll be talking about a company called Norwex. It is a company that specializes in home cleaning products and uses MLM to market and sell them.

You get to earn profits and commissions from promoting and selling the products. The amount of money you can make, though, will depend greatly on a lot of factors.

But is Norwex a legit opportunity, or is it just a scam that you should avoid?

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Norwex is a Legit MLM Opportunity

Norwex is a company that specializes in providing home cleaning materials. They pride themselves in selling cleaning products that don’t use a lot of chemicals.

The company’s vision is to create homes where families will be safer from the effects of harmful chemicals. They promote and sell their products through MLM opportunities.

The company recruits normal people to become consultants and market the products to their friends, families, and so on.

As a consultant, you get to earn through the profits of selling the product and through commissions for achieving certain sales quota.

From what I’ve seen, I can say that the Norwex is a legit MLM opportunity. The company itself is reputable and the MLM opportunity they offer focuses more on selling the product than on recruitment.

However, there are some issues with this opportunity and one of them is that the price of the cleaning products is expensive.

There are also issues about the lack of details about this MLM opportunity, especially the compensation plan they have which is not visible on the website.

The opportunity is also something that’s not for everyone, considering how hard it is to really make money and succeed in MLM. I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review.

Who Uses Norwex?

Norwex is designed for two types of people with one being those who are looking for home cleaning products that use fewer chemicals.

The other type are people like you who are looking for opportunities for a side business that can allow you to make money and complement your main income.

If you are someone who wants home cleaning products that use little to no chemicals at all, then Norwex is the company that you should look at.

The company offers products that use fewer chemicals and has a vision of creating a home where you and your family can be safe from the harmful effects that chemicals from cleaning products cause.

For people who are looking for opportunities to make money, Norwex provides this opportunity through their MLM program.

You get to earn profits and commissions when you become a consultant and promote and sell the cleaning products they have.

Membership is not free since this is an MLM opportunity. You will need to invest a certain amount for your registration. It will come with some of the products you will sell and some marketing materials for the business.

In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail the registration process, as well as the compensation plan that Norwex has.

How Do You Make Money with Norwex?

As an MLM opportunity, you get to earn profits and commissions with Norwex. You get to earn profits and commissions from personally selling the cleaning products that the company offers.

You also get to earn commissions whenever people you recruit are also able to sell the company’s products.

To start earning, you first need to be a Consultant of Norwex. If you have been invited by someone, you can put her or his name as the consultant who invited you.

If not, the company will let you pick a consultant that lives near your area. Once you’ve chosen a consultant, the next step would be to fill in your personal details and purchase the starter kit.

The kit costs $200 and includes some products that you can sell, a website that you can use free for 60 days (then it would be $10 a month), and other materials you would need to start.

If you are able to sell $2,000 worth of products in 3 months, the starter kit becomes free. As a consultant, you are also required to sell at least $250 worth of products within 3 months to remain active.

You should also at least make some sales within 12 months or else you will be kicked out of the company. Now as a consultant, the first thing you will get is a 35% discount on all the items.

This means that if you sell the company’s cleaning products, you will be earning a 35% profit. The good thing about this opportunity is you don’t always have to buy the products to earn profits.

You can just redirect the people to your website and you get the commission when they buy through your site.

Unless you have a Norwex party to promote the products, there’s no need for you to buy them just to be able to sell the products.

You also get paid $300 worth of products whenever you are able to recruit people to become consultants.

When you become a consultant for Norwex you will start as a Sales Consultant which is the first level. They have a total of 8 levels and each level will allow you to earn more money.

There’s Team Coordinator, Sales Leader, Executive Sales Leader, VP Sales Leader, Executive VP Sales Leader, and Senior VP Sales Leader.

The Team Coordinator level will come with the benefit of the 35% profit and 3% commission from the sales of your personal recruits, provided they are able to sell $250 worth of products in 3 months.

As a Sales Leader, you get 35% commission and 5% from your group sales and an additional 2% commission from Team Coordinator’s personal recruit sales and 1% from Sales Consultant sales.

The commissions will just keep increasing after this point. Now there’s no mention of the compensation plan from the website or the requirements you will need to achieve the levels.

You can find out about this through research or if you talk to a consultant. It would probably have been better if the company included, at least a short brief of the compensation plan on the site.

This would likely help a lot in your decision making on whether you want to join the company or not. But I guess this is a good way to get you to talk to a consultant.

Another issue with Norwex is that their products are a bit expensive, especially if you compare them to other cleaning products.

Though the cleaning products they provide actually work and are very effective, not everyone will be willing to shell out that amount of money for them.

The last issue is something that is very common with MLM opportunities, and that is being successful or even being able to earn consistently is not that easy to achieve.

Sure you can work hard and be dedicated to the company, and that will still not be enough, most of the time, for you to succeed.

This is why not everyone succeeds in MLM because it takes more than hard work and dedication to make it.

What I Liked about Norwex

Now that we know more about Norwex and what it offers, it’s time to discuss what I like about the opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about Norwex is that they are focused more on selling the product than on recruiting people. This can be evident in the compensation plan that they have, where the only way for you to increase your earning is if you and your team are able to sell more products.
  • I also like that the compensation plan of Norwex is simple and easy to understand. One of my frustrations with a lot of MLM opportunities is that they have a complex and confusing compensation plans. But with Norwex, the compensation plan is easy to grasp so you won’t find it difficult to understanding or explain it to someone.
  • I also like that there has been good feedback about the cleaning products that Norwex offers. It’s always easier to sell something that a lot of people deem effective.

What I Dislike about Norwex

Of course, like any other MLM opportunity, there are also things that I didn’t like about Norwex, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about Norwex is that they lack a lot of important details about the opportunity they offer, particularly the compensation plan on the website. I believe this is important information that should be present, as it would help give a more complete picture of what you are getting if you become a consultant.
  • I also didn’t like that the products that Norwex is selling are a bit pricey. Yes, the product works but it is still expensive. This means that not everyone will be willing to buy these cleaning products. If you are lucky, most of the people you will come across will be more than willing to pay the high price for the benefit it offers. But if you are unlucky, you’ll have to work harder to find the right people for it.

Do I Recommend Norwex?

After learning more about Norwex and what it brings to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that is not really for everyone.

Yes, the company does offer a lot of good things and they are considered as a reputable MLM opportunity. There’s also the fact that the products they offer have generally been liked by people who have purchased them.

So why don’t I recommend it to everyone? It’s simple, really. The fact that this is an MLM opportunity means that not everyone will succeed in it, or even earn a decent income.

It will take more than hard work, dedication, and passion to succeed in MLM. You also have to be someone who is more outgoing, not shy about talking to strangers, and good at motivating people.

The good at motivating people part, I believe, is the most important skill you will need. This is because to succeed in MLM, you also need your people under you to succeed as well.

If it’s only you who is working hard, you won’t really be able to maximize the earning potential of Norwex. But if you are good at getting people to perform well, then you might have a chance to succeed.

Unless you possess all of the things I mentioned above, it will be really hard for you to succeed with this business. There are good opportunities out there that won’t be as hard as MLM.

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