Jordan Essentials Review – Is It A Good Company Or A Scam?


Company: Jordan Essentials
Founder: Nancy Bogart

Welcome to my Jordan Essentials 3rd party review.


You are most likely here because you are wondering if you should get involved with the company.

If this is the case, then I recommend reading the review in its entirety and paying close attention.

There is always a lot of information to cover and it can get confusing.

The bottom line is that you have to have this information in order to make an educated decision.

I will be covering the background information of the company first to get you acquainted first.

Then I will dive into the products and compensation plan as well.

Finally, I will provide a list of pros & cons of the company followed by a verdict.

The last section is particularly important because it is the culmination of the entire review.

I really enjoy gathering information about network marketing & MLM companies and providing an in depth analysis of them.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

A Jordan Essentials Overview

Believe it or not, the overview is one of the most important sections of the review because a company is only as good as its leadership.

Some MLMs or network marketing companies try to hide their information from the public, which is a clear indication that a company may be a scam.

You don’t have to worry about this problem with Jordan Essentials because there is plenty of information available on their website and other reviews located on the internet.

Jordan Essentials was founded by Nancy Bogart 16 years ago, in 2000.

However, the company was originally named Country Bunny Bath & Body.

The company is a bath & body skin care niche company.

There are thousands of consultants throughout the 50 states as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

This is great news because the company has had plenty of time to reach a large market.

The only fall back is that there are a lot of skin care online business opportunities and they are all claiming to be the same thing.

Let’s find out what is so special about their product.



One of the most important parts of any skin care company is that the ingredients are all natural and that there are specific things left out of the recipes.

For example, Jordan Essentials products are free from aluminum, DEA, Parabens, Isopropyl alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, SLS/SLES & gluten.

The vast majority of skin care companies claim the same thing so there is not much separating the products at this point.

Ok, there are hundreds of products available on their site so I’m simply going to provide a list of categories and pick a few random products so you can see what kind of prices they have.

• Bath & Body
• Essential Oils
• Magnesium Lotion & Soaks
• Face Care & Anti-Aging
• Mineral Makeup
• Family, Baby, Kids, & Men
• Sales and Specials
• Joyful Jordan Available Now!

As you can see, there are 8 different categories of products and I think two product descriptions is good enough to give you an idea of what you will be marketing if you decide to join Jordan Essentials.

Black Raspberry Vanilla 8 oz. Jar Shea Body Butter – $20
Citrus & Cider – 2 oz. Hand & Body Lotion – $6

There are about 40 products in this section alone and the price points range from $6 – $20.

This is most likely because some of the scents and products are more popular than others.

It is also getting closer to the holiday season so some prices will most likely vary.

Let me make this clear; check out the entire product list before you even consider joining Jordan Essentials.

If you do not understand the product you will be marketing, you are going to fail.

Sorry if I am being to blunt but this review is meant to help you out so I have to be straight forward.

You want to eliminate as many of the variables as possible when you are considering an MLM or network marketing company.

Compensation Plan


This is the section of the review that people pay most attention to because it involves money.

I was not able to track down the pdf version of their compensation plan.

However the website does provide us with enough details to see if Jordan essentials can provide you with a livable income.

1. Earn a 25% base commission
2. Earn cash bonuses when you get promoted to leadership
3. Earn $50 training bonus when you help your sponsors
4. Build your team and reap the residual income
5. Generational bonuses

This is a pretty strong compensation plan but it is pretty much the same compensation plan as all of the other companies I review.

There is nothing special about the program however, it seems like Jordan Essentials puts more emphasis on their products rather than recruiting.

This is refreshing considering most MLMs push recruiting down your throat and it can get annoying.

Don’t get me wrong, you still earn from recruiting more members but the products are clearly a major part of the plan.

Things I Like About Jordan Essentials

The first thing that I always do when I research a company is check them out on the Better Business Bureau database.


Here is the BBB rundown of the company:
• Jordan Essentials is not accredited with BBB(not required to do so)
• Has acquired an A+ BBB rating
• Jordan Essentials has not received any customer complaints in the past 3 years
• There are no current customer reviews

This is all great news. The BBB is the go to source when trying to see if a company is legit.

The link that I provided can be used to input any website so that you can check out others in the future.

The second thing that I like about Jordan Essentials is that the company has been around for 16 years and seems to still be going strong.

This is another indicator of success, at least from a business standpoint.

I rarely recommend joining a company that is only a few years old.

Pop up scams have become increasingly popular and it is very difficult to keep up with them all.

So if you are going to join a MLM then try to find one that has a great reputation and has been around for at least 5 years.

Things I Don’t Like About Jordan Essentials

I understand that I already praised the company for putting the product in front of the recruitment program but I still think recruiting is an archaic method making money.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are able to make a lot of money doing it but over 95% of all MLMers fail because of this one factor.

Look, I will say it again, if you do not have any experience recruiting members, then you should stay away from any MLM.

The only way I could recommend a MLM that forces you to recruit, is if the company has a fantastic training program incorporated in the platform.

These MLMs are rare and only provide half of what they promise.

It doesn’t look like Jordan Essentials has any sort of training program that is worth mentioning but I could be wrong.

I didn’t see anything about a training program on their website.

The second thing that I have to mention is that some of the products are expensive.

I understand that specialty skin care products are expensive no matter where you get them but spending $20 bucks on deodorant or a lotion just seems ridiculous.

Especially considering none of the products are 100% needed; they are all cosmetic products.

Other than these two aspects the company looks pretty solid.

The Final Verdict

Here are my final thoughts on Jordan Essentials.

The company is legit and my research has lead me to believe that there is nothing suspicious about Jordan Essentials.

With that being said, this does not mean that you are guaranteed to make money.

In fact, most MLMers end up losing money because they have no idea how to recruit or generate leads.

Those two factors alone make or break your ability to make money and the vast majority of newbies have no experience or training.

This is why I always recommend finding a training program online before you join any MLM.

It will only improve your chances with success and you will have a leg up on your competition.

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If you have experience with Jordan Essentials or would simply like to leave a question or comment, feel free to fill out the form below.

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