A Jusuru Review – Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?


Company: Jusuru
Website: www.jusuru.com
Founder/President: Asma Ishaq

Welcome to my Jusuru International business review.

You are undoubtedly here because you are trying to decide whether or not to join the ranks for Jusuru and you wanted so information about the company.

You are in luck because my reviews are designed to do just that. There are so many scams out there that it is almost impossible to keep up with them.

With that being said, you are trying to determine if Jusuru is legit and if you can make money with the compensation program.

All of this will be covered and then some. I also break down the basics of the compensation plan, show you a few of the products and then create a pros & cons list so you can see what to expect.

The last section of the review are my recommendations but let me be clear, you are the one making the final decision because you know your skills and experience way better than I ever could.

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A Jusuru International Overview


Jusuru was founded in 2009 by one of the co-founders Asma Ishaq, whom also happens to be the president of the company.

What strikes me as a bit awkward is that I could find nothing on the other co-founder at all; not even a name.

I usually tell my readers that this is a tell tale sign of a scam but Jusuru has been around for 7 years and everything else checks out as legit.

Some of Ishaq’s prior experience comes from her tenure at BioCell as the Executive Vice President.

This is good to hear in regards of the business because that is exactly what you will be selling and marketing if you decide to join their team.

BioCell products are a combination of nutraceutical ingredients created by BioCell Technology and other stuff to make a juice.

Jusuru then bottles it and attached it to a MLM and BOOM; there you have the nuts and bolts of the company.

This is obviously a really simplistic breakdown of the company but it seems that Jusuru is simply the MLM branch of BioCell Technology.

Maybe this is why this mysterious co-founder is so tough to track down.

I would like to add that I found a comment on another forum and would like to share the quote: “The Founder is basically Asma & GMP labs. A respected nutrition scientist herself and woman with plenty of business savvy as well. GMP Labs is owned by her father. The family also owns Bio Collagen INC as well.”

Now, this information could not be verified because of the reasons I previously stated but it is as least something to consider as legit.

Let’s take a look at some of the products now because there are A LOT of them!

Products & Services


Jusuru International is part of the exponentially expanding health and wellness niche.

The company also provides a line of products that focus on many different things.


Liquid BioCell Life – For joints, skin and anti-aging
Liquid BioCell Sport – For faster recovery, endurance and faster movements
Liquid BioCell Skin – For looking younger for longer
Liquid BioCell Pure – For active joints and younger looking skin
Liquid BioCell Pet – Joint supplements available for your pets
Liquid BioCell Equine – Used for pet breeders
Stromaderm Skin Care – Anti-aging of lips, eyes, skin etc.

The issue I have with the entire product line is that it is $150 a month if you have your order on auto ship and that turns out to be $66 a liter.

OK, let me get this straight, you want me to sell “snake oil” for $17.44 per gallon?

I’m not sure the Jusuru leadership is aware of the global oil situation but that is exactly 7 times the amount of a gallon of gas.

With a combination of the non-disclosure of the co-founder and the ridiculous prices of a product that where you have to “trust” doctors, it’s getting harder to believe.

To be fair, we should continue with the review and see where the compensation plan takes us.

Who knows, it could turn things around.

Compensation Plan


First of all, here is the link to the Jusuru International Compensation Plan PDF.

I strongly recommend reading it for yourself so that it can fill in any of the gaps I leave out.

I only do a brief overview of the plan because they are usually quite extensive.


Wholesale Customers Commission: After enrolling in the WC Program, the iRep that sponsored you gets 25% commission on the PV. This also happens for all of the WC members that you recruit.

3 For Free: After recruiting 3 WCs with at least 140 PV monthly, you get a free auto shipment for the next month. This can be a reoccurring benefit. So if you are a recruitment beast, you basically get your monthly supply for free.

Fast Start Bonus: You can make up to 30% commission on your newly recruited iReps first auto shipment order.

Team Commission: There are up to 10 generations at up to 10, 15, or 20 levels. Jusuru uses a Uni-Gen structure.

Check Match: You earn up to 15% on Qualified Earnings for the first 5 levels.

Leadership Pool: There is a percentage of the total company Commissionable Volume that is split amongst the leaders of the program.

This is a pretty strong compensation plan but it is so heavily focused on recruitment.

This is not necessarily a bad thing if you are good at recruiting but the vast majority of people have no clue how to do it properly.

This means that newbies struggle while the top leaders reap all of the benefits.

Things I Don’t Like About Jusuru International

Here are a few questions I have for Jusuru leadership:

1. Are there published reports besides the ones released by Jusuru/BioCell or any other company affiliated with the product?

2. Are you willing disclose the “outside” sources that you claim back your product up with scientific proof?

3. The FDA is hit or miss when it comes to approving products. They have approved products in the past that have caused life threatening health risks. Are you willing to let FDA conduct the blind tests so the legitimacy of the products is readily available to the public?

I am not asking these questions to provoke any sort of negative response but I think your customers and potential members should have this kind of information to see if the claims are really the results.

I don’t want to look at before & after pictures or trust a plastic surgeon with joint and pain advice.

I know what the World Health Organization would conclude, or what about the National Health Services.

I wonder why they haven’t jumped on board with your “special concoction.”

The price of the products is another turn off as well but I already discussed the prices in a previous section.

I would like to make just one more point though.

You are paying $150 a month for a product that you have to trust does what it claims to do.

This is scary in a sense because that is a lot of money; especially considering the U.S. economy is in the dumps right now.

Keep this in mind if you decide to join this MLM.

Do you really think it will be easy to sell someone $150 worth of juice every month?

Ya, neither do I!

The Final Verdict

Ok here is the deal; the company itself is in no way a scam. It has been around for 7 years, has a product line and has a pretty solid compensation plan.

Here is where my conclusion gets tricky; the product is shrouded in a cloud mystery because it claims to have hundreds of health benefits but science escapes it.

I would like to see the World Health Organization or the National Health Service back it up or at least conduct 3rd party blind test on the products.

With that being said, the Better Business Bureau give it an A and that means that the leadership is legit and it at least passes the bare minimum of requirements.

That speaks volumes about the company from a business standpoint.

In my opinion, there are better and easier ways of making money besides selling a ridiculously expensive product.

You should take a look at this review and see what you are missing out on.

This training program is fantastic and there is no recruiting involved.

You can also try it out for FREE and it is affordable if you decide to continue with the service.

I hope this review of Jusuru helped in your journey of finding an online business opportunity.

If you have any experience with Jusuru, would like to leave a comment or ask a question; feel free to fill out the form below.

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