A Kairos Technology Review – Legit MLM Or Complete Scam?

Kairos Technology Reviews

Company: Kairos Technology

Website: https://kairosplanet.com

Founder: Unknown

Welcome to my Kairos Technology review!

You are undoubtedly here because you may have heard about this company through the grape vine and wanted to know if it is legit or not.

I am glad you found the review because it is on the way out and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the company.

There is nothing more important than doing some research about a company before joining.

There is another reason I am glad you are doing your research about Kairos Technology; it is a complete scam leading to arrests in Belarus and warnings in Lithuania.

There are more warnings coming in on a regular basis and these are all happening within the last 3 months, so please be sure you read this article in full.

Take the time to read the entire article because this is a great opportunity to recognize the warning signs of a scam.

Here is a little teaser; check out this warning from another company with the same name.


Let’s take a look at the rest of the company for more warning signs.

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A Kairos Technology Overview

This section holds the key to the entire scam. I know that seems a bit melodramatic but this company is shrouded in mystery before it even began.

For example, during my initial research, I found out that there were two different companies with the same name.

The legit company has no MLM attached to it, so obviously we are focusing on the company with the MLM attached to it.

The company is supposedly headquartered in the UK but there is absolutely nothing in regards to the leadership of the company.

This right here is a tell tale sign which indicates a scam.

When running the domain with WHOIS, everything is set to private but the registration date which is June 18th, 2014.

This means that the company is barely two years old at this point.

Now, this fact does not necessarily point to a scam but most scams only last a year or two and then disappear without a trace.

If you are thinking of joining an MLM, make sure the company has been around for a while and make sure the leadership publicly backs its own product.

Products & Services

Kairos Technology Product Reviews

It is clear that there are no real products involved with Kairos Technology.

They provide services after buying into the membership program.

Here is what you get if you become a Kairos Affiliate:

KairosMail – Comes with encryption, total confidentiality, 100% anonymity & easy to use.
KairosSurf – Protected internet browsing, data transfer network, replaces traditional VPN.
KairosDisk – Protection, appliance compatibility, synchronization
KairosPhone – 8GB capacity, 1280×720 pixel, quadcore, 1GB RAM etc
KairosRouter – Encryption, absolute confidentiality, user friendly

Here are the different membership rates:

Standard ($125): You get KairosMail
Silver ($597): You get KairosMail & KairosDisk
Gold ($1577): You get KairosMail, KairosDisk & Kairos Surf
Platinum ($2777): You get KairosMail, KairosDisk, KairosSurf & KairosPhone

Ok, I’m going to point out the obvious, anyone paying this kind of money for something that is basically free with other providers is crazy.

First of all, the rouse that you can provide cloud services with your extra computer space is strange and deserves to be scrutinized because you can go buy a TBs of space for a fraction of the price of one of their Membership fees.

Check out the image below…

There are other troublesome indicators but I will get to that later.

Compensation Plan

Ok, there is a Kairos Compensation Plan PDF that I can download from their site but the compensation plan videos are readily available to you on YouTube.

Don’t be surprised if they are in a foreign language. I couldn’t find on in English.

On the other hand, after watching a video, I noticed that Dubai was mentioned a few times which means that the company is not headquartered in the UK.

Other than that, the compensation plan looks like a ROI based company.

Here is the ROI breakdown:

Standard ($125): You get $312.50 Annual Return On Investment
Silver ($597): $1492.50 Annual Return On Investment
Gold ($1577): $3942.50 Annual Return On Investment
Platinum ($2777): $6942.50 Annual Return On Investment

There are many ways to earn money through recruiting others to join the membership program.

Direct Marketing Bonus: 15% bonus for each recruit

Start Up Marketing Bonus: 10% bonus for each recruit

Career Levels: There are 12 in total but you get 3% to 30% depending on your level.

Matching Bonus: 1% if you are at Executive level or higher

Leader Supporting Bonus: 1%-2% depending level

Generation Bonus: 1% turnover on 2 strongest branches

World Pool: Higher leadership gets 1% total global GV split between them

All of this sounds great but there are so many deficiencies in other areas of the company that it is actually scary that people are willing to do.

In the next section I will provide a list and breakdown of each problem I see. These will provide useful so read on!!

Things I Don’t Like About Kairos Technology


1. There is still no real product besides the services they provide for an absolutely ridiculous price.

I have no idea who is running the how and I not 100% sure on their location.

All of this is unacceptable in today’s world market. Look, in the future, run away from companies that hide their identity.

If they are now willing to be upfront and honest with you, don’t bother.

2. This next one is probably the most scare part about the company.

If you download Kairos’ “special software so that you can provide people with storage space, you are opening Pandora’s box.

The minute you allow someone else to store things in your computer and have any kind of authority over your system, it is compromised.

This is scary and in today’s world, you have no idea what they are storing on your computer.

It could easily be something illegal and if that is the case, what happens if the authorities come knocking on your door?

3. I am not even sure the actual company exists.

I mean it is clear that a company has been registered but since there is no product, it is open to interpretation.

If there is an actual company, why all the secrecy and why not provide more information.

4. There have been several countries that issued warnings about the company and as I mentioned before, arrests were made in Belarus.

Here is a quick quote from an article I found, “Financial police using riot police detained on September 30 core members of the Kairos Technologies Ponzi scheme, which recently declared itself in Belarus.

Kairos Technologies – this is another pyramid scheme, organized in our country, where the founders counted on the gullible people of Belarus.” The following countries have already issued warning about the company: Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey & Estonia.

OK, at this point, you have to realize that this company is closing down.

I am sure that the company is still promoting itself as legit but once the word gets out and the authorities catch up to other branches of the syndicate, the company will be shut down completely.

I am not sure what takes the authorities in the western world to make arrests but I am sure they are doing their part.

Think of this review as a guide of how to recognize a scam. Trust me, there are thousands of these scams and there are many more popping up every day.

It is your job to research the companies and figure out what is going on.

The Final Verdict

You already know what I am going to say so I’m not going to say it.

I understand you came to this review hoping that all of the claims that Kairos stated were legit but they are not.

This is the type of company you need to avoid because it is a complete waste of your resources; time and money.

Look, I try to be as objective as possible but companies like this give the legit MLMs and network marketers a bad name.

There are so many legit ways of making money online but this is not one of them.

If you are wondering where to start I can give you a quick review to read so that you can see what a legit company is all about.

Take a look at this review.

They have one of the best training programs around and they even let you try out their services for FREE.

Not many companies allow you to do so and you should take advantage of it.

If you feel that the program is right for you, it is affordable and you get some of the best resources available today.

I hope my review of Kairos Technology helped you in some way.

If you have experience with Kairos, would like to leave a comment or have a question, feel free to fill out the form below.

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