A Kalatu Blogging Review – Is It A Legit Blogging Platform Or Scam?


Company: Kalatu & Empowered Network
Founders: David Wood, Chris Record & Jonathan Cronstedt
Website: www.kalatublog.com

Welcome to my Kalatu review!

There are only a few main reasons for doing research on this company.

1. You want to see if the company is legit.
2. You want to see if it is worth your time and money.

You are in luck because that those are the key reasons why I write these reviews.

I want to make sure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to experience a quality online business opportunity.

Since I am a 3rd party reviewer, I call it like I see it.

If the company is shady, I say so.

If the company can make you money or is legit, then I have no problem recommending the company.

Before the recommendation though, I provide background information on the company and provide a list of products or services.

Since the company is affiliated with Empower Network, LLC, you have probably seen advertisements on social media or from a friend/family member.

At any rate, all of the information you need to make an educated decision, will be included.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

A Kalatu & Empower Network Overview

The easiest way to understand exactly what Kalatu is, think of it kind of like WordPress with an MLM scheme attached to it which promotes Empower Network.

Although there are several customized features on their platform, you can get equal or better service for free using other platforms.

With Kalatu, you have to pay $25 per month.

It is probably a good idea to stay away from anything associated with Empower Network simply because of their project failures in the past.

Kalatu is not the first launch for these guys and all of the other blog platforms ended in disaster.

I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

When the company first launched, it was known as Empower Network and they were supposed to revolutionize the blogging industry by promising a “viral platform.”

Within 3 years of its launch, you couldn’t even find a blog hosted by empower network if you tried.

This means that the company obviously failed to deliver. In 2013, Empower Network launched ENv2 or Blog Beast.

This was supposed to be another “viral platform” game changer but it flopped as well.

In fact, I asked some of my tech & blogger friends and only 1 out of 15 has ever heard of them.

The only reason he heard of the company is because he is also a network marketer.

This means that nobody really uses it.

This is what I don’t get, Empower Network has launched Kalatu in hopes that this project succeeds where the others have failed.

There is one simple problem though, very little has actually changed in the business model.

All of their blogging platform projects seem to be slightly variations of the last.

We will see how it play out but the future doesn’t look very bright for Kalatu.

Products & Services


Here is quick run through of the things you will get if you use Kalatu.

• SIMPLE. POWERFUL. DYNAMIC: easy set up and maintenance. Newbie friendly
• CUSTOM DOMAINS: Step by step tutorials to start your custom domain
• CONVERT LIKE CRAZY: Blogs built to sell for you
• THINK & GROW YOUR NETWORK: quickly grow your downline because that is where the real money is made
• NETWORK SOCIAL: connect your social media to your blog instantly
• IN THE POCKET: you can download the free Kalatu blog app for ipads and iphones
• GUEST POSTS WELCOME: you can invite contributors to your blog and customize permissions
• SOCIALLY CONNECTED: social media connection with ease
• AUTOMATE YOUR POSTS: use the 21 Day Blogging Challenge plugin to make traffic generating blog posts

There are also a handful of different membership packages which are important to discuss.

Kalatu Basic: This has all the features that allow you to get started immediately. Has lots of personalization. Costs $25 per month.

Inner Circle Membership: This package is built for entrepreneurs and is a collection of audio training that will help create leads and traffic. Costs $100 per month.

Top Producer Formula: This is a series of videos with appearances from some of the top online marketers in the business. One time fee of $500.

Team Building Formula: This is a series of videos targeting team building. There are lots of modules etc. Costs one time fee of $1000.

Mass Influence Formula: This is the program that shows you all of the million dollar tips and tricks. The modules and courses focus on things like Niche Marketing, Email Marketing, Perpetual Marketing etc. Costs a one time fee of $3500.

There are also a few Kalatu based packages including:

Kalatu Premium: This is for the people that want more than just the Kalaut Basic program. With this package you get Premium Plugins, Premium Themes, Up to 10 Blogs, 7-Minute Blog Hacks, Live Q&A WebCasts, and Media Hosting. Costs $72 per month.

Media Hosting: This is for both customers or affiliates. You can upload and host your own videos. You can use the videos for both Kalatu packages. Costs $25 per month and is non-commissionable.

Unstoppable Dream: For branding yourself, creating an audience and driving traffic. One time fee of $197.

OK, that is a lot to digest so I will let you sit on it for a minute and mention the products again in another section.

I will say that most of these products are from Empower Network which is what you will be promoting if you become an affiliate with Kalatu, so keep this in mind.

Compensation Plan

Here is the Empower Network & Kalatu Compensation Plan in PDF form.

I always try and provide this to my readers so you can use it for a reference if you have any questions after reading this section.

As you can see, the plan is extensive and I only provide the nuts and bolts of the plan rather than verbatim. Let’s get started.

The 8 Ranks Within Empower Network’s Membership Program:

1. Boss: Sell commissionable products to 5 different members within a months time.
2. Boss Maker: Help a member become boss within a calendar month.
3. Bronze: Earn $2000 in Core Income for the month
4. Silver: Earn $5000 in Core Income for the month
5. Boss Maker Silver: When you become both Boss Maker and Silver in the same month
6. Gold: Earn $10000 in Core Income for the month
7. Platinum: Earn $20000 in income for the month. At least half has to be Core income
8. Diamond: Earn $30000 in income for the month. At least half has to be Core income

Uni-Line Compensation Plan

• You can earn up to 70% on Direct Sales
• Uni-Line System
• Generational Overrides
• Rank Advancement Bonuses
• Residual Income & High Ticket commissions
• Direct Weekly Payouts

How To Make Money:

Direct Sales Bonuses: No rank dependency
Producer Bonuses: Paid to the next qualified boss or “maker.”
Builder Bonus: Paid to the next Bronze or Silver
Leadership Bonus: Paid to the 2 next highest Gold, Silver, Platinum or Diamond in line

I recommend reading the pdf version I provided you above.

I understand that it is 12 pages long but you need to understand all of the requirements if you are even considering this company.

Things I Like About Kalatu

The first thing I really like about the platform is the easy social media integration.

This is one of the best features of the platform because interacting with social media like YouTube videos can be daunting for new bloggers.

Kalatu understands this and makes it a one touch process.

This is good news for new bloggers but isn’t really needed if you are a seasoned blogger.

The second thing that makes the program stand out is the fact that all of the features seem to focus on ways to make money online or what bloggers need in order to write about what they are passionate about.

The only thing that seems to bother me is that if you are an affiliate then no matter what your blog is about you have to find a way to promote Kalatu.

If you blog about sports, promote Kalatu or if you blog about politics, promote Kalatu…

Seems like a bit of a stretch but what do I know.

It may all come out in the wash.

Things I Don’t Like About Kalatu

One of the things I dislike the most is the lack of customization.

If you compare the amount of customization between Kalatu and WordPress, there is no contest.

By using WordPress, which is free, you have more options.

This does not bode well for Kalatu at all.

There was one alarming part of the agreement that bothered me about Kalatu.

They have the authority to shut down your website and block your access at anytime and for any reason they see fit.

This does not happen with most service providers do not do this.

All of the training programs seem to be run of the mill.

I understand that have 7 figure earners is important from a marketing standpoint but if the information is generic then it isn’t really worth it.

Especially considering some of the packages are $3500.

Look, to some people, this price tag might be worth it but come on…

You can get better or similar training for FREE from YouTube or other training programs.

I’m not that impressed to be honest because most training programs within MLMs are just the same and offer nothing new.

The Final Verdict


In my opinion, there is nothing new or “viral” about this company.

You see, Empower Network has tried to revolutionize the blogging realm a few times before and they crash and burn.

I feel that anything affiliated with Empower Network should be avoided.


Here is the deal though, if the money is not a big deal to you, then you can try it out if you like to believe in hype rather than reality.

For example, if you are well off in the financial department and the $20 a month, or more, then go for it.

Try it out for a few months and see if it is really worth it.

If you are someone that wants to invest in a sure thing, then go elsewhere.

You are probably asking where to go from here. Check this review out.

It is a completely legit company that has one of the best training programs available.

It is FREE to try out and it is affordable if you want more services.

I hope this review helped you out on your journey to finding the right MLM for you.

If you have experience with Kalatu, would like to leave a comment or have any questions, feel free to fill out the form below.

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