Top 5 Ways To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Making money with a blog is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make money online.

This was one of the first ways I started making money online and, well, it is still the best and most consistent way for me to make money from the comfort of my own home.

Whilst there are a number of ways to earn money with your website, I’m going to list my 5 top ways to make money blogging.

1) Advertising

This is by far the easiest way to start making money with your blog. It’s as simple as placing some code on your website and it’s pretty much done. The code recognizes what your content is about and will display ads that will match that content.

So if you write about how to stop dogs from barking, then your visitor will see ads that advertise “Stop Dogs From Barking” remedies.

Some ads will earn you pennies by the click and some ads will earn you dollars by the click. And although you might think that it is a wise strategy to only create content for higher price per click, it is better to concentrate on getting content that will generate you the most traffic overtime.

Whilst the penny clicks don’t earn much, you’d be surprised how much they actually equate to as your website starts to receive more and more traffic.

When I first started my journey online, I was earning close to $800 per day, yep, you’ve read that right, $800 per day.

So don’t dismiss the power of these kinds of programs as legit money makers.

2) Sponsored Posts

You can earn money online using sponsored blog posts.

What is a sponsored post?

It’s a blog post usually done in the style of a product or service review. It’s a good way for product owners to generate traffic back to their own websites to earn make sales by leveraging the traffic of more established bloggers who have a lot of traffic in a same or similar niche.

As you can imagine there is quite a large price range for sponsored blog posts, depending on how much traffic the target blog gets.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably one of my favorite ways to earn money online.

Not only can you make money online without owning a product or service, but you can earn a lot of money.

Often people think that you have to sell multiple products to make money with affiliate marketing, but the truth is, you don’t have to. Focusing on selling one product can help you o earn a full-time living. This makes it much easier to make money because you only have to focus on one product.

It’s even better if that product has a continuity plan, because it means that you can scale your scales up overtime and earn a large income.

4) Selling Your Own Products

If you have your own product to sell then blogging is also a great way for you to do it and earn a full-time income at the same time.

The traffic you generate from your blog will help you to sell your product even when you’re not working.

If you target the right keywords for your content and rank in the search engines for the phrases your target audience types into the search engines then that will help to attract the right types of visitors to your blog.

When you target the right visitor, you will have a higher chance of converting their visit into a sale.

5) Freelance work

There is a lot of work available online for those who have skills in the right areas. Some of the most sort after skills is with writing. Writing for other peoples blogs is a good way for you to make money online.

Not only does it help the website owner out, but in return you get paid for your writing abilities.

The amount of money you earn over time can amount to quite a sum if you can secure steady work.

The trick is to write for one website owner at a time as opposed to several different owners at the same time.

Every website owner has their own writing standard to adhere to and writing “voice” and writing “tone” that they are looking for, so writing for several owners at the same time can become problematic.

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