Does Affiliate Marketing Cost Money?

Does it cost money to get started in affiliate marketing?

The quick answer is no – you really don’t have to spend money to get started in affiliate marketing, however – heard of the phrase you have to spend money to make money?”

Well that sort of applies here too.

There are a lot of free methods available online, but what you will find, is that your results will reflect the reason that method is free.

In my experience, I wasted a lot of time in the beginning (as a newbie) trying to use free methods, and I was getting nowhere – fast. Not that I wasn’t putting in the effort, far from it, I would spend hours and hours cranking it out – but still got no results.

But, after many years, (yep, I’m a slow learner) I did find something that was close to “FREE” that got me the results I was looking for, and that was – Blogging.

Well actually I’m not a slow learner, but I guess it was more, that I was “resistant” to blogging, because it seemed like a lot of work.

But, what I came to realize was that Blogging was not only enjoyable, but one of the most cost effective ways to start earning an income online – if done the right way.

I do know guys who make money blogging – and when I refer to making money, I mean earning $30K a month, just by blogging.

I know crazy aye.

I’m not earning $30k a month blogging – (at the moment), but depending on when you read this post – I might be, or could be earning well over that.

I earn most of my income using SEO, Video Marketing and Paid traffic, but just recently (in the last couple of years) I have become a lot more serious about Blogging, because I make money with it everyday, and the cool thing about it is that once my post ranks in the search engines, it just keeps producing the same result day in and day out.

Find out how I rank here.

So back to cost.

With Blogging comes a cost, of hosting and purchasing domains names and an autoresponder – so that’s where the money comes into it, when I mentioned cost in the beginning.

The cost is minimal in my opinion, with $10 bucks for a domain name and an autoresponder starting at $1 for a 30 day trial – and hosting, well you can get that for under $10 bucks a month too.

So for under $50 you could be blogging your way to $30k a month. 🙂

But, then there’s the how. I mean you just can’t throw up a blog and make money with it – right?

Well, you’re sort of right – because, conversely I know of a lot of guys who blog and make no money at all.

So yeah, there are a few (simple) things that you need to incorporate in your blog posts in order for you to transform your writing into income. And when I say simple, I really mean (awareness) – meaning you just have to become aware of how you structure your posts.

Find out how I do it here.

So once you have the awareness, all you have to do is to blog on a consistent basis. Meaning – daily.

Once you have figured out how to structure your blog posts as mentioned earlier, it becomes a simple case of spending approx 1 hour per day blogging about things you are interested in, BUT keeping close to the theme of your blog.

If you don’t want to setup your own website, you can still blog your way to $30k a month “piggy backing” off of the power of an authority website.

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