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Recently, I completed some SEO consulting work for a company here in Christchurch, and although it got me out of the house into a more social environment, I couldn’t help but think, that I would rather just work from home.

Going to work meant that I had to get up earlier in the morning, make breakfast, make lunch, have a shower, kiss the wife and kids good-bye, before dragging myself in the car, and battling the traffic. All this before I even start work.

I know this is the norm for a lot of folks, and I’m not knocking it, this was the norm for me for a long time, but not having done it for 10 years, sort of makes me appreciate the lifestyle I worked so hard to enjoy now.

So when I was offered a full-time roll with the company I decided to turn it down, because I really liked being my own boss.

The people there were great, but came second to me having the freedom to make my own decisions and live life through my own endeavors.

Affiliate marketing can be risky not doubt, but with risk comes huge rewards if you know what you’re doing, and believe me, I have had my fair share of failers, especially in the beginning when I had no clue what I was doing.

So it really does erk me when I see complete newbies heading off in the wrong direction, and spending money on ‘shiny bright objects’ that they don’t need.

What most people don’t understand about affiliate marketing is that there are so many ways to make money that sometimes it become too hard to focus on mastering one method. Which is why the shiny bright objects are so appealing.

They typically try one method and that doesn’t work, then they try another and that does work and so on and so, and pretty soon they have invested a lot of time, money and energy on several methods and have got nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes new affiliates make.

As the saying goes, ‘a jack of all trades and a master of none’. Well that applies here too, except in this business in order to be successful you have to be a master of at least one method.

I’m speaking from experience if you haven’t guessed, because I was no different when I started, but eventually the penny dropped for me, glad it did, because I was about to give up.

In order for you to make it in this business you have to master one method first before going onto the next.

Mastering a method, doesn’t mean being able to put up a Youtube video and get it ranked in Google, it’s much more than that.

You have to step back a level from the method to understand why you are actually putting that video up. You have to start being more interested in WHY you are doing something than HOW to do it.

Once you master the WHY the HOW will become apparent to you.

So how do you know when you’ve mastered it?

Well, you are able to make sales on a consistent basis and then you are able to duplicate it in other niches as well. Once you’ve done that then it becomes a matter of scale.

So to scale, you take the steps that helped to make you money and train an outsourcer to do part of it for you, so that they can do all the heavy lifting for you, which then frees you up to try out other methods.

If you want to become a master at making money online then come join me here.

What would you choose – ‘Lifestyle’ vs ‘Working for the man’?

There was no choice really.

I didn’t spend years of battling the search engines and analyzing results to end up working for that man – right?

However, I did enjoy sharing my ideas and insights on SEO and online marketing with the company and I know that there would be a lot of people who would want to earn a living as an affiliate marketer from home, so I decided to create

This website is aimed at helping ordinary, everyday folks make a living online.

This is a living, breathing website in that I not only make changes to it frequently, but I post new articles daily and I answer questions. So feel free to browse around and ask questions and come back often.

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