Relationship Energy Review – Legit Company or MLM Scam?

Relationship Energy Review

Company: Relationship Energy a.k.a RE24/7/365
Founder: Peter Jensen

Welcome to my 3rd party review of Relationship Energy (RE)

I would like to start out by telling you that you are on the right track because many people do not research online business opportunities before joining.

If you really want to find a way to make substantial income online, then an extensive amount of research is involved.

This is where I come in.

I provide readers with all of the information that I find about a company and relay it to you so you can determine if it is the right move for you.

I will be honest and as objective as possible but in this particular case, Relationship Energy has many red flags.

Don’t worry, I will still show you the products/services and compensation plan so you can familiarize yourself with the jargon.

However, this company is clearly a scam and I will show you why.

I will start out with an in depth analysis of the founder, Peter Jensen, and all of the issues that exist within the business model.

By the end of the review you should be able to make an educated decision based on facts.

Since I am a 3rd party reviewer, you will not have to sit through another sales pitch because I have no affiliation with Relationship Energy (RE) whatsoever.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

Relationship Energy Overview – What is the Company?

This company was launched in August, 2014 and founded by a man named Peter Jensen.

Some websites claim that he has had 15 years of success in the network marketing industry but this is conjecture and misleading to say the least.

Here is why.

May I present to you the first article I found in the matter of minutes.

Fort Myers Man Sentenced To More Than 2 ½ Years In Prison For Tax Evasion

The man that founded RE was sentenced to 31 months in federal prison and told to pay $2.15 million to the IRS for tax evasion.

This is how he pulled it off.

• Bought properties under other people’s names
• Used another individuals bank account for money transactions so the IRS could not seize his money


If that isn’t enough for you to run for the hills check out a different article reporting the same thing.

Judge Sentences Man to Prison for Tax Evasion


What baffles me the most is that many of the other 3rd party reviews I read only point out that he has 15 years of experience in the network marketing industry and leave it as is.

It is pretty clear that the founder of RE is a convicted felon.

Maybe this is why the RE website never uses his name or does not post a picture of the founder.

This is what the RE website says.


I’m sorry but this “Best Friend” rhetoric doesn’t work for me.

I want to know who is running the show and who the entire leadership team is.

I want to know what they offer and what their future plans are for the company.

I want honest and this is clearly not the place to get it with the founder being a felon.

The final page I want you to look at is the Better Business Bureau database for RE.

When you get to the page look at the left side of the page and scroll down all the way to the bottom.

You will see tons of info about the founder and other members of the RE team.


There is also more verification that Jensen was arrested and convicted of tax evasion.

You know it is a serious offense when BBB is posting it.

I encourage you to browse the entire BBB page but we will get to the rest of it later in the review.

OK, so now that you know who is running the show and what crimes he has committed, let’s take a look at the RE website.

Relationship Energy Website

You can use the link I provided you at the top of the review or you can simply use this link, HERE.


As you can see from the image, Jensen claims that there are 2 easy steps to financial freedom.

The first is to “Watch the Video.”

Unfortunately, the video does not exist.

Let me put this into perspective for you.

If you can’t complete the first step due to a faulty website, then why would anyone want to invest in the company?

I mean seriously, this website is cheap and every aspect of it screams unprofessional.

This is something that cannot be overlooked when dealing with MLMs.

If the website looks like crap, get out and go look for something else.

It is a tell tale sign that nothing good will come of it.

Think about it, this is the first thing people will see when considering RE and it looks like a middle school computer project.

Not to mention that all of the sections are filled with rhetoric which is simply trying to convince you it is legit.

No credible company will do this.

It got to the point that I though the company was over but they are still promoting it and the “Join” page is still taking your info.


I just hope that no one is willing to invest money because there are so many other ways to make money online.

OK, let’s take a break from the negative and list the product line.

Relationship Energy Products/Services


Everyone needs power and RE points out that the electricity bill gets paid before anything else so why not get it from RE.


Since everyone loves to travel and it is the largest industry worldwide, save with RE, right?


Yikes!!! Their motto is “When banks say NO, we say YES!”

I mean, business loans through an MLM, what could possibly go wrong?


RE claims it is a performance and endurance enhancer.

Ok, here are my first thoughts.

This MLM seems to be confused on what it should focus on.

Usually a MLM has one particular product line that it offers and sticks to it.

This company ranges from business loans to travel to energy drinks.

Seems a bit awkward to me.

Also, I would like to point out that RE does not provide any retail products or services.

All of the services are actually provided by outside sources.

For example, they use America Approved Energy Services for their energy.

And they use several travel companies for their Travel Concierge services.

This is why there are no prices indicated on their website.

It’s because all of the services are provided by outside sources.

This is a major red flag and anyone still willing to invest in this company or any other MLM with the same business plan is bonkers.

To be honest, there is no helping people that invest in RE after reading this review.

This is why I will end with the BBB database analysis and wrap this review up.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)


Ok, this section should be short and sweet because the grade is subpar and there are only 3 complaints to take a look at.

The complaints mostly deal with the fact that RE was not paying their members in a timely manner or at all.


I understand that the refund requested is only $40 but there are things called principles and this customer is simply asking that RE stick true to their end of the bargain.

Believe it or not, this happens a lot with MLMs.


The part of the comment I have with is the fact that RE never disclosed the $40 recurring charge.

You have to sign up with RE to see the fine print so if anyone can clarify that part, please do in the comment section.

These are the two comments that I thought provided the most information for you.

They speak for themselves and take them for what they are.

The Final Verdict

I have been really harsh on RE and for good reason.

Their founders in a felon and is not well received by the MLM community.

This is enough of a red flag to get out.

Not only that, the entire business plan has been done before and fails time and time again.

There is no way people are going to use this company for travel when there are giants like Expedia.

There is no market for electricity when power monopolies corner the market.

This company seems to be a rebound for Jensen in hopes that it would provide him with a little cash.

I mean, once you get out of prison, what is the first thing you need…MONEY.

There is nothing that anyone can say about this company that would convince me that it is anything but a scam.

Remember the name Peter Jensen.

If you see it, don’t even bother with it.

There are better options out there, like creating your own online business.

That way you don’t have to worry about getting involved with a pyramid scheme or MLM scam.

There are plenty of training programs available on YouTube if you are interested.

They are free and have a wealth of information on them.

If you are looking for a great way to get started, check out this review.

It is free and it provides you with successful entrepreneurs that started out just like you.

I hope this review helped you out.

If you have any experience with RE, would like to ask any questions or leave a comment, fill out the form below.


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