Rockin Residual Review – Legit Business or Scam MLM?

Rockin Residual Review

Company: Rockin Residual
Founder: Steve Thompson

Welcome to my 3rd party review of Rockin Residual!

Can you really make money using Rockin Residual? Is this company a legitimate way to make money from home? Click to read more about this money making opportunity.I would like to congratulate you because you are willing to do research before you join an online business opportunity.

Believe it or not, many people buy into the hype and join in hopes that they will get rich quick. This is a horrible way to look at MLMs because they thrive on uneducated decisions being made.

Here is the deal, I write these reviews in hopes of providing facts so that you can make an informed decision. You will never have to sit through a sales pitch because I have no affiliation with the companies I write about.

Before we get started, let’s go over what will be in the review.

I will first talk about the website, followed by an overview of the company and its leadership. This sets the tone for the rest of the review. I will go over the products and compensation plan as well.

These are both important because you have to understand what you will be marketing and how you will be making money. The last few sections will be comprised of other red flags to watch out for and my final thoughts on Rockin Residual.

All of the sections of the review are equally important so I encourage you to read the entire thing. Let’s get started, shall we?

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The Rockin Residual Website

Take a look at the picture at the very beginning of the review.

This is on the “Home Page” of the Rockin Residual (RR) website.

Nothing says family like two kids fanning out wads of cash.

I am still wondering what the heck the picture is supposed to represent.

The rest of the website doesn’t fare much better.

It looks like it has been put together by a fifth grader.


The image above is from the testimonial page.

As you can see, there is no name, date or anything personalized about it.

For all we know, it was simply fabricated by the owner or whoever put this abomination together.

In fact, that is precisely what I think happened but don’t worry; there is “More Coming Soon!”

I can’t wait to see those gems…

I could go on forever about the cheesy name and “get rich quick,” emphasis but I will try to limit it.

You will come to the same conclusion if you check out the site by using the link I provided above.

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Rockin Residual Overview – What is the Company?


The RR domain is registered to Steve Thompson out of Greenville, North Carolina.

The domain was registered in March of 2015 so it is still a relatively new MLM.

What bothers me the most is the fact that the company is registered under a private residence in a residential area.

If RR is being run from someone’s basement then we have some serious problems.

This is far worse than the fact that the RR website is put together so poorly.

You can also visit the RR Facebook Page and see what they are trying to promote.

This is where patterns start to form.

On the RR website, there were stacks of money and ridiculous earning figures everywhere.

Their latest post on FB is a “Turn $25 Into $33,000 with 25 Dollar Legacy Rapid Retirement plan.”

RR is clearly running on nothing but hype and is trying to lure people in with massive amounts of money.

With that being said, take a look at one of their FAQs that contradicts all of their claims.


What this does is shift all of the blame to you.

You see, they promise $$$ if you invest in their business but if you don’t make money, it is due to your poor work ethic.

This is a classic MLM and scam tactic and you should be aware of it.

Ok, now that we have seen what kind of tactics the company is using, let’s address another red flag…the “product line.”

Rockin Residual Product Line

This is the only statement in the “Products” section.


There are no pictures or no professional looking list of products besides a short description.

This is a clear indication that RR is based on recruitment and could care less about the quality of “products.”

The only promise is that you can promote digital books and audio tapes about the following topics:

• Marketing
• Self Help
• Self Improvement
• Health
• Wealth
• Sports
• etc…

We can assume that Steve Thompson is unaware of the fact that reading is last on a long list of priorities for human beings.

Take a look at one of the titles, “100 Diet Tips.”

I have a tip for everyone, do a Google search and you can take a look at millions of websites that provide you the same information as this book.

So, how the heck are you going to be able to sell garbage like this?

So, there you have it, the entire business is based on recruiting and nothing else.

Rockin Residual Compensation Plan

There are 3 different plans; a $10/month, $20/month & $40/month. Here are all of the images for your viewing pleasure.


There are a few things I would like to point out that worry me.

First of all, there is no way you are ever going to get to 32,766 recruits or Level 14.

Some of the best recruiters in the world don’t even reach these levels so the odds of a newbie reaching this level of success are ZERO.

The second issue I have is the fact that you need to Pay-to-Play.

OK, I get it, $70 a month for participating in 3 comp plans is not exactly a huge amount of money but it still reeks of pyramid scheme.

All of the focus is through recruiting and it is the only way to make money.

I can officially say that I think this company will go nowhere, fast.

Other Red Flags

If you visit Steve Thompson’s Facebook page, you will notice there are several proven scams on his “liked” list.

Here are few of them: 5 Dollar Funnel, Profitable Sunrise and Four Corners Alliance Group.

What troubles me is that the 5 Dollar Funnel is a Ponzi, Profitable Sunrise is a Ponzi and Four Corners is a recruitment pyramid scheme.

The one that you should pay close attention to is the Four Corners Alliance Group because that is exactly what RR is looking like.


The image above may seem like a great deal but it is a little troubling for a few reasons.

I can only imagine why an MLM would waive the membership start-up fees.

Of course it is only speculation but this kind of thing happens when a company is not getting the amount of attention it needs to stay afloat.

This is a bad sign considering the company is still very new and is already running into issues in regards to finances.

Also, this is a common sales tactic to lure people in knowing that the fees are monthly and not one-time.

The last thing I would like to mention before providing my verdict are a list of questions that people should be asking after taking a look at RR.

• Who else is on the leadership team and can we get a bio of each member?
• Why don’t you provide details on the products you want affiliates to sell?
• Why isn’t PayPal an option for pay-in and pay-out?
• Why do your testimonials seem to be manufactured due to a lack of personalization?

These are just a few questions I have for Steve Thompson but the list could be a lot longer.

The Final Verdict

I have been really hard on Rockin Residual and Steve Thompson but there are so many questions left unanswered.

Even if you are a newbie to MLMs, you should have realized that a scam MLM is synonymous with mass recruiting and no credible products to market.

This is exactly what RR is all about. I have shown you evidence of that.

This means I cannot and will not recommend this program to you because there is no way to make money here.

You are better off finding a better online business or creating your own.

One of the major problems with people trying to find an MLM as a source of income is the fact that they are selling themselves short.

You are capable of creating your own online business and becoming successful.

Why not take the time to learn how.

There are thousands of FREE training programs on YouTube, go take a look.

If you are looking at an example to get you started, read this review.

The program is free and you can upgrade if you think the training meets your standards.

This is a great opportunity because there is no risk at all and you get to talk to real entrepreneurs that started out the same way you did.

I hope this review helped you out.

If you have any experience with Rockin Residual, would like to ask any questions or leave a comment, fill out the form below.


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