iPoll Review – Is It A Scam or Totally Legit

ipoll_scam_reviewWhat Is iPoll?

iPoll, once known as Survey Head, is yet another pollster based in the US and can be found at iPoll.com. They also go by the name uSamp and own another survey panel called Opinion Place.

iPoll is, unlike other pollsters, very heavily mobile-centered. This enables users to access the surveys and complete them through their phones. You can even fill them as you as you travel to work or from work in your train or bus.

It pays users cash through PayPal.

One distinguishing thing with iPoll is the barrage of criticisms leveled against it by its users. In fact, I haven’t seen any single company with as much complaints as this. We will tell you why in this review.

There are other survey companies that are a wee bit better like Opinion Outpost, Global Test Market and Inboxdollars, but whether they’re good or bad you’re still only earning peanuts when trying to make money with survey companies.

An interesting fact is that either the company itself or the many of its agents have been claiming that somebody is conning people their money through the use of iPoll.

This very fact is a red flag if you take into consideration the many complaints that have been filed regarding the firm’s own questionable practices.

It uses an iPhone app to recruit members who also happen to be quite new to the app world. It promises to get their members rich just by signing up.

The truth however is that even if you get complete a survey, getting paid is often very difficult and frustrating. It may sometimes take up to 2 months before you are paid and in worst case scenario, it won’t even come.

The reason for this is because the company can take up to 60 days before notifying you that the surveys you did are valid. Because the surveys generally pay too low, it will take a considerable period of time for you to accumulate $50.

This is the threshold needed before you can be paid, despite the fact that they state it as $15 on their site.

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How Do You Make Money With iPoll?

iPoll claims on its site to pay members for every completed survey. But in most cases, it is through vouchers that are unusable at best. The pay is not just painfully little. It also takes eons for you to be paid.

Are you willing to wait up to 2 months to be paid $50 you earned? I doubt so. Just getting credited for a survey you completed takes ages.

Are There Any Issues With iPoll?

Do a search of your own, and you will agree that the complaints about iPoll are just mindboggling. They include the following:

• Delayed approval of surveys

There have been complaints of the company taking a whole two months just to tell you whether the survey that you took was actually a valid one.

• Payment take too long

Even if you manage to reach the minimum threshold, getting paid through PayPal is a completely different story. If you are lucky, you will receive the payment in your PayPal account after 4 weeks.

But if not, the wait can be more than two months. Don’t be surprised if you fail to get the payment completely.

At this speed, your children can even have children before you are able to make money enough to buy your grandchildren a Barbie. If you insist on making money by completing surveys, look for others.

There are many others with better and faster payment methods than iPoll. Their customer service, too, is seriously wanting.

What Are Others Saying Around The Web?

The comment below perhaps summarizes the general feel about this company.

Karla, October 31st 2014

“There are just way too much pending points. When you work, you want to be paid. With iPoll though, surveys tend to be in pending status way too long.

Most people take out surveys not out of something to do but because they want to earn rewards. This is terrible.”

Final Verdict:

This site is obviously not worth your time. You will not know whether the survey that you did was valid or not. And you are not even sure if you will be paid for the ones that you have completed.

It mirrors the general trend with paid online surveys. Even the best paying ones can’t pay you. In general, I would not recommend you to join any survey, let alone iPoll.com. Their pay is below is too little and cannot help you.

You can only use them for light spending but if you want work that pays your bill and puts food on the table, look elsewhere.

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8 thoughts on “iPoll Review – Is It A Scam or Totally Legit”

  1. Ipoll is by far the worst survey site you could join. I would strongly advise NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS WEBSITE. Everything is delayed by 3-6 weeks their FAQ says payment will be made within a month, which is a lie. They have users do surveys, hold onto your funds for quite a while just so they can make a maximum profit off of your surveys interest.Which they make a cut of regardless.(They make you wait 6 weeks for confirmation that you asked for a payout then another 7-10 “working” days for an admin to transfer funds, which are not guaranteed.)Sometimes people don’t get their rewards at all.

    Just a fair warning all you will face with this website is problems.

  2. Their website said that if I claimed my money via Paypal there would be a 3% transaction fee per request. ($1.50 per $50 requested) Paypal told me that the request went through at a 10% fee per request. ($5 per $50 requested) I did 3 requests at $50 each so instead of losing $4.50 total I lost $10.50 total. I informed Ipoll of their error but doubt anything will be done. Will have to pay attention to other options of receiving my money.

  3. This group is no longer paying. If you request payment, they will hold on to your money for more than the time that they said it will take to get there. In then once the time has passed, they will disable your account and keep your money. You are left just having to close it completely.

    Yeah, they used to be paying, but they went rogue. Don’t bother with them. Also, if you see any other survey sites that have a similar layout to this survey site, please avoid.

    Here is a list of similar sites.


    Check out each site, if they have the same layout to iPoll, then believe me, they are not going to pay you at all. They will take the money that they earn off of you and you won’t see a penny of it. Your account will also be disabled to the point that you have no choice but to close it.

  4. I tried to log in this afternoon and I got a pop up that says “your membership is terminated”. I had two $50 paypal payments that were pending and never received. No email about it, nothing. Two months worth of survey taking and they terminate me. Beware people…potential rip off!

  5. Biggest scammers going! I have a decent reward but all of a sudden I can’t access this site from either survey invite direct or their website. I can see my reward page but can’t log in, am obviously a member as have rewards but all I get is a new member registration page. Despite numerous emails to and from them them, nothing has been sorted. I have told them I would be doing this but they dont seem bothered. Keep away from them, one huge scam!!!!

  6. iPoll has been revamped. True-the old iPoll used to hold surveys Pending for months and even invalidated completed surveys without a reason. Even payment in the form of iTunes or Amazon gift cards took weeks.
    Now, however, credit for completed surveys is immediate and when you cash in your “money” iTunes or Amazon codes are emailed to you almost immediately.
    The only complaints I still have are small rewards for sometimes lengthy surveys and not qualifying for more surveys than I qualify for.
    But overall, iPoll is now a better experience.

  7. Yeah they are a joke. I been a member for years even before they were ipoll when they were surveyhead. Suddenly one day there was a “problem with my account” and a message directed me to follow “link ABC” on their main page to sort it out. Only problem is there was no link ABC amywhere and my account was closed with s. Alsnce in it thst I had not cashed out yet so they still owe me money. After 2 calls into them (and their 800 phone number (866) 360-9565 Is impossible to find to begin with) an operator told me someone from department ABC would be calling me in 2-3 business Edd days. Guess what? It’s been 3 weeks now but I’m not surprised. Take heed on complaints you read about and think about it for a second. Would anybody take the time and energy to post a complaint t about ipoll if it were not true? Avoid poophole at all costs!

  8. Now this site has a new look which does not even let you choose between the surveys you want to take. Instead you click on Take a Survey and one might end up with a long survey.


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