Ipsos I-Say Review and Why It is Not Worth Your Time

i-say_scam_reviewWhat Is Ipsos I-Say?

Ipsos I-Say refers to a global market research firm that was established in 1975. It is currently among the largest market research companies in the world.

If you join Ipsos I-Say, you will be among hundreds of thousands of its panel members and have a chance to fill in surveys and create or take polls. Much like Opinion Outpost.

Generally however, there is not enough cash to be made in these survey companies however well-paying they might be. You can only make some serious cash if you win the sweepstake and again this is pure luck.

It does have a game that some panel members see as fun and it is known as Poll Predictor. After completing a survey, you will be asked to predict the percentage of Americans who will answer positively to particular questions.

If your guess is close to correct, you earn more sweepstake entries.

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How Do You Make Money With Ipsos I-Say?

You will do surveys which pay as little as $0.45 and those that pay as much as $2. On average though, expect to earn $0.90. The company pays its members via a point system.

Every point that you accumulate is equivalent to $0.01. The points can be spent on the company’s reward page.

However, if you want to redeem them for cash through PayPal, you must accumulate 1000 points which gives you $10.

But you need to be warned that PayPal payments do take a long time to come. You have to wait for 1-3 weeks to cash in your payment.
They also have a loyalty program which honestly sets them apart from other pollsters. You earn additional points based on the surveys that you have completed.

If you manage to complete 200 surveys, you are awarded 600 points which is equivalent to $6.

On average, you can get one survey opportunity per week. So how long will it take you to reach 200 surveys? Very, very long is my answer.

Like I said earlier, it is not going to pay your bills and put the food on the table for your family.

Are There Any Issues With It Ipsos I-Say?

Ipsos I-say survey is legit. There is no question about that. It is free to join and actually pays its members. It has been in operation for 30 years and is generally a reputable company.

But this does not mean that you can waste your time on it. The following are some of the issues members have reported.

The pay is too little

The average pay per survey is $0.90 bucks and the average number of surveys you can get per week is just one. In short, you can be earning a buck per week. What are you going to do with such a small amount of money?

They also have a loyalty program unlike most other survey firms. But you can only earn 6 bucks after completing 200 surveys, which is 200 days. This is well over half a year of waiting for 6 bucks.

Although you have a chance of winning $5000 in sweepstakes, this is sheer luck.

Poor referral scheme

Another way to earn money is by referring other people to join Ipsos I-say. But for you to that, you must forward the email addresses of the people you want to refer.

In short, you cannot refer a person if you don’t know their email address and this is a big issue.

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What Are Others Saying Around The Web?

MC on July 9, 2014

“The site used to be good until it was recently redesigned. It has been very bad since redesigning. The points are rarely applied to users’ accounts after taking surveys. In order to get points applied, you must call them repeatedly.

It has become a very big hassle. I will be discontinuing the account after I reach 1000 points which I can cash through PayPal.”

Final Verdict:

There is little doubt that the company is generally aboveboard. It has a reputation spanning over 30 years and hundreds of thousands of members. But the problem is that their pay, like what any survey company offers, is not enough to sustain you.

You have to accumulate 1000 points to get $10. And given that the surveys are not thick and fast, you will take a long time to make a decent income.

If you are looking for serious cash, the surveys are not the right thing for you. Look for other opportunities.

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7 thoughts on “Ipsos I-Say Review and Why It is Not Worth Your Time”

  1. I say is a big scam they make it easy to take surveys but then wont load properly when you want to cash out and have enough points to do so. Don’t join this site its a waste to your time and no one will respond to your emails either.

  2. This is a fair review. I’ve been doing Ipsos surveys for two years. I make about 5 to 10 dollars each month. I generally cash in my points for Starbucks gift cards or Amazon or Visa. And yes, the gift cards actually work. Month after month. Don’t worry about the paranoid comments left by other folks.

  3. Total Scam. Way too hard to qualify for surveys and you will waste hours and hours just to be told you do not qualify. Use OneOpinion.

  4. IPSOS still has not paid for the completed shop. They are still hiding behind their in house attorney. There seems to be a pattern after reading several postings of IPSOS non payment for shops completed! I even pleaded with IPSOS after Hurricane Harvey hurt and I am now desperately in need of some money to make repairs and of course IPSOS refused to even respond. IPSOS should be ashamed of themselves!

  5. I am very upset with this company right now. I have written at least 4 times to get help from them and have not here one word from them. I had some use my rewards and they stop sending me survey and not even a return message saying we are working on it

  6. I been a member of ipsos isay for 10 yrs. Out of no where my membership has been cancelled without notice. Customer service suck. I haven’t had a reply back yet it’s been over a month. I look at many reviews recently and thousands of people are experiencing the same thing. One person said they responding saying they are no longer a good fit and membership has been cancelled. I suggest if anyone register know that they membership will end without notice and could lose all points and money.


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