Is Slicethepie Worth Your Time And Effort?

If you are not familiar with then you can read my in-depth review here.

But if you’ve just come from there and you’re wondering what the hell 1540 has to do with anything, then please read on.

What’s Up With The Number 1540?

Well, 1540 relates to the number of referrals I have clocked up in Slicethepie since I reviewed the program back in August 2014.


As you can see in the picture above I have 1540 referrals in Slicethepie.

Today being 29th April 2015, that’s around 7 – 8 months worth of referrals.

Now some of you might be wondering how I managed to get that number of referrals, and some of you might be wondering why this number has made me reassess my thoughts on Slicethepie.

In this article I’m gonna give you the answer to both.

How Do I Get My Referrals?

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I do it with one single page found here .

If you were to Google Slicethepie review, or any other popular “Slicethepie” keyword phrase, you will see me ranking on the first or second page of Google for that keyword.

This allows me to get literally hundreds of visitors a day to this page.

From there visitors make up their own mind whether or not they want to participate in the program.

How long did it take me to create that page?

After doing the research it took me around 1 hour to create the entire page including the content and pictures.

So for an hours work, I made $76 from Slicethepie in total.

Not a bad pay rate for the effort I suppose.

(Oh I have to add that I only completed 3 reviews in Slicethepie, which was just enough for me to assess the program and the payout structure.)

So the large majority of the income came from my referrals completing their own reviews. Which from the picture above is 10% of what they earn.

I have to also point out that I am not taking any of their earnings away from them, but rather Slicethepie is paying me out on top of their earnings.

Why 1540 Changed My Mind

So it’s comes as no surprise that $76 over 8 months is not going to be a sustainable income for even the part-time person.

And yes, I could have completed more reviews to make more money, but I’d rather concentrate on building a real business.

And the interesting part of this process is seeing what would happen if I transferred the number of referrals from this program over to another one that I believe anyone could do.

So let’s do the math.

Over an 8 month period I accumulated 1540 referrals, so that’s around 5.6 referrals per day.

And from that I earned $76 bucks.

So let’s take those numbers and plug them into a program that I have recommended for the past 2 years and lets see what happens.

At 6 referrals per day I would earn approximately $1,458 bucks per month and over an 8 month period that would equate to $11,664.

So $76 vs $11,664, hmmm no competition – right?

But what has the other program got to do with Slicethepie?

Well, remember how I said earlier, I setup one page to get visitors to my Slicethepie review and got that page to rank in the search engines, well, this is the same principle I use for the other program.

Want to learn what the other program is and how to get your webpage ranked on the first page of Google to get your own referrals?  Check it out here.

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  1. So, how does one create a page that will pop up on Google when Slice the Pie is searched, or any relevant key words? or is there a premade icon i can copy paste to social media pages that will sway people to click and join? what are you suggestions? thanks for your article, it is very informative.


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