Is Juice Plus a Scam: In-Depth Review Reveals The Truth

juiceplusWhat is Juice Plus?

Juice Plus is a health supplement company that uses the power of multi-level marketing to see explosive income.

IT claims to cure a wide range of ailments.

Naturally, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this company, undoubtedly because it’s one of the top health supplement companies in the world, and it’s been around for more than ten years.

It can be difficult to find honest reviews about this opportunity since there seems to be two groups of people: people who absolutely are in-love with the product, and people who hate the product, shouting scam wherever they can.

I understand people want to know the truth, so I did my best to write a comprehensive, honest, detailed, and completely unbiased review about this company.

Do keep in mind that I’m not a scientist and this is not a health or fitness website, therefore, we are not going to analyze the health aspect of the Juice Plus supplements, but rather the business opportunity; see if it’s worth the trouble.

Is Juice Plus a scam? or is Juice Plus a golden business opportunity? 

Let’s dive in and find out.

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How Do You Make Money with Juice Plus?

The Juice Plus compensation plan is simple, the more people that you sign-up for Juice Plus packages, and the more they distribute, the more money travels up the funnel to you.

It works much like other multi-level marketing systems that are based on recruiting new people.

You buy a package, then sell a package to someone, they sell it to their friends, and every time a sale is made you receive a cut.

Members also have the opportunity to move up in rank, depending on the amount of new recruits they manage to collect, and each new rank has certain benefits and rewards.

In total, there are 7 ranks.

Juice Plus allows members to sell their products at a wholesale discount and keep the profits.

As you might expect, the profit margins are not large, so there’s no a lot of room for profit.

That’s the compensation plan in a nutshell.

Are There Any Issues With Juice Plus?

Well, honestly there are a few issues.

First, the signature product (Juice Plus Capsules) are actually expensive, two bottles cost about $100 from Amazon.

One bottle contains 60 pills, the recommended dose is two pills a day, therefore one bottle lasts for about a month.

But if you want to sell the products you will need a significant amount of cash to buy extra bottles.

It can be expensive. There’s also no guarantee that you will be able to hook people to the supplement.

Secondly, Juice Plus actively encourages members to recruit their friends and family members.

We know that friends and family are not necessarily the best customers for these products, therefore, it’s not exactly useful advice.

Members will also be told to take to Facebook and create status messages about how the product has helped their lives and how energetic they feel after taking the pills.

It’s true some people feel more energetic, but there are still plenty of people who felt no positive side effects, a lot of people even experience negative side effects.

Thirdly, most people who join this opportunity don’t have experience with direct sales marketing.

They are mainly interested in the dream of making million with minimal work, the same emotion that most MLM scams appeal to.

If Juice Plus taught their members how to really market the product for maximum sales, then this wouldn’t be a problem, but like most MLM companies, Juice Plus recommends the same shady strategies.

You will be told to make home presentations, recruit family members and friends, write positive reviews about the opportunity, and shower the product with praise whenever possible.

Except, these strategies are so transparent,  most people will be able to tell that it’s a script, and they won’t be interested.

Lastly, the profit margins are very small, and the only way that you can make more money (since you are not in control of the price) is to recruit more people.

That wouldn’t be a problem if people stick to this company for the rest of their lives, but the truth is that people will leave, and that means your commissions with dwindle.

You will have to constantly recruit new people to overcome the losses, its a constant struggle, and you won’t be able to increase your profits passed a certain point, there is an income barrier, and you’ll hit it soon enough.

Can You Make Money With Juice Plus?

Yes, it’s possible to make money with Juice Plus.

Of course, it’s easy to tell that it’s not a legitimate business plan, and I wouldn’t invest all my time into marketing these products.

What’s stopping Juice Plus from shutting down and taking all your earnings down with them?

If they shut down, then your entire business shuts down, too.

It’s risky.

I prefer to make my own business, and handle everything on my own.

If you want to make a business, especially an online business, then it’s important to understand the concept of scale.

Can your current business be scaled up a hundred times?

What about a thousand times?

Can you ship out a thousand bottles of Juice Plus on your own everyday?

It’s not feasible.

If you really want to see explosive income from a business, look for opportunities that can be scaled into infinity; or make your own.

In a nutshell, it’s possible to make money with this opportunity, but it requires a lot of work.

What Are Others Saying Around The Web?

As I mentioned earlier, there are mixed reviews about this company spread out all over the web.

Most people who gave this product a one star rating on Amazon complain that they did not notice any positive side effects from taking the product, even after taking it for 9 months.

It’s also not really a better alternative to simply eating vegetables and fruits.

Final Verdict:

Is Juice Plus a scam?

The answer is no, it’s not, but it is very close.

It’s on the fence.

However, I would not recommend this opportunity if you are looking to make money on your own.

Like I said earlier, if you want to make real money, then you need to make a business from scratch, the best way to do that is to create a website.

I happen to be a member of a thriving honest and affordable online business training course called Wealthy Affiliate, check out my review. 

Your Turn:

Do you think Juice Plus is a scam?

What do you think about the product and business opportunity?

Do you have an experience to share?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts. I would love to hear what you have to say about Juice Plus.

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