Lucktastic Review : Free Money App Or Scam?

lucktastic review

A lot of people dream of becoming rich one day, having millions in the bank, being able to buy whatever you want, and go wherever you want.

Now, becoming rich is not really impossible to achieve these days, as there have been thousands of people who have already done this, even if they started with no money at all or even started full of debt.

There are countless ways to become rich, but one of the most popular ways is to try their luck in the lottery.

While this is probably the worst and least successful way to get rich, a lot of people still try. Well, you can’t really argue with the fact that you only get to spend a few dollars for a chance at winning millions.

Plus, this way of getting rich doesn’t really require any hard work and determination, only luck. But the chances of winning the lottery are really close to nothing. You are actually likely to get hit by lightning than to win.

And if you consider all the dollars you spent purchasing tickets or scratch cards, you probably would have achieved your first million already if you had just invested it instead of gambling it at the lottery.

One app, though, wants you to be able to enjoy playing the lottery without the risk of losing money. That app is called Lucktastic, where you can still play the scratch card lottery online without spending money.

The amount of money you can make with this app, though, is greatly dependent on your luck, so there’s no way to gauge how much you can make. But is this app really legit or is it just a scam?

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Lucktastic is a Legit Lottery App That Can Allow you to Make Money

lucktastic ios, lucktastic ios download, lucktastic android, lucktastic app iphone, lucktastic app storeLucktastic is an app that allows you to play the scratch-off lottery game through your smartphone device. It claims to have given away over $3 million in prizes.

A mobile app company called Jump Ramp Games designed this app and launched it in 2004. You get a chance to win cash or tokens whenever you play the game.

You just need to earn enough money to be able to withdraw your winnings. From what I’ve seen so far, I can say that Lucktastic is a legit app that provides an opportunity to win some money.

You can really earn some money here if you are lucky enough to win the scratch card. The key word here, of course, is lucky.

This is actually one of the major complaints that people have with this app, winning is not easy. There are a lot of people who have yet to win anything from this app.

This issue actually contributes greatly to the other issue, which is how hard it is to achieve the minimum withdrawal requirement to redeem for a gift card or to get paid by check.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of Lucktastic.

Who Uses Lucktastic?

The Lucktastic app is designed for two groups of people with one group being the people who love playing the lottery and would want to do so without needing to spend anything.

The other group are brands and businesses who are looking to put up advertisements on the app and be able to capture millions of people.

For businesses, the app provides an opportunity for them to put up ads and be able to engage with various people. The company allows various types of ads, including video ads, on the app.

For people like you, Lucktastic offers an opportunity to earn some money playing the lottery. You get to play scratch off lottery and have a chance to win various cash prizes or tokens.

The cash prizes can be withdrawn in various ways, while tokens can be used to enter contests. It’s easy to begin earning, as you just need to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

I’ll discuss the registration process in more detail in the next section, as well as how you can make money with this app.

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How do You Make Money with Lucktastic?

Lucktastic actually offers various ways for you to earn rewards, but playing the Scratch Card is the main way that you can earn with this app.

You can win cash or tokens when you play the game. The cash can be withdrawn or redeemed for a gift card while the tokens can be used for the other games the app has and also be redeemed for a gift card.

It’s simple and easy to be able to play the games that Lucktastic has. First, you just need to download the app at the Play or App Store, which is free to do so on both Android and iOS.

You also need to be a U.S. resident and you just need to enable the location of your smartphone device. After that, you are all set to start playing.

The main game you can play is the Scratch Card and the app has dozens of cards for you to play in a day. This game functions similarly to the scratch card game you purchase.

There are six boxes, and you just need to have 3 matching symbols to win. If you don’t get matching symbols, you still get to earn tokens. You just need to scratch the Bonus Play box and see how many tokens you get.

The prices you can earn will vary between $2 and $1,500. Some of the cards don’t offer cash prizes, as they will instead allow you to win more tokens that you can use to enter contests or redeem for a gift card.

There is a scratch card where you can have a chance to win $10,000 and in order to unlock that, you will need to play a certain number of regular scratch cards.

Each scratch card game can be played only once a day and the clock resets every 5 AM Eastern Standard Time. You don’t need to pay anything to play, but you will need to watch an ad video first before playing.

The length of the videos varies starting at 30 seconds and up to 1.5 minutes. Other than the Scratch Card, Lucktastic also has Daily Rewards.

To earn from this, you just need to play at least 1 scratch card game a day. And on the fifth consecutive day of playing, you will be given a mystery reward.

The reward can consist of cash, tokens, contest entries, or other prizes. On the 1st to 4th days, you get to earn bonus tokens between 150 and 500 each day just for playing the scratch card game.

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Lucktastic also has sponsored apps and you can earn as much as 300 tokens just for trying them out. Referring people on the app through social media will also earn you 1,000 tokens for each friend you refer.

Lastly, Lucktastic has a feature for college students where they give added incentive to college students who want to be their ambassador.

You can get free Lucktastic merchandise like pens, stickers, and apparel. You can also earn additional tokens whenever you get your classmates to join the app.

So when and how do you withdraw your cash or redeem your tokens? You can withdraw your money via the online and mobile payment platform Dwolla. You just need $1 to make a request.

You can also request a check to be mailed to your house, as long as your balance reaches $10.

As for the tokens, you have the option of redeeming them for magazine subscriptions. You just need to reach 10,000 tokens to be able to do so.

You can redeem them for a Amazon gift card, and from restaurants or retail stores. You can also choose to use your tokens to enter contests.

Lucktastic has conducted several contests where you can win $500 worth of groceries, gift cards cash prizes, more tokens, and more.

Despite having a lot of ways to earn, there are several issues with this opportunity. First up is that earning money with this app is really up to chance.

Sure there are ways to earn some tokens, but if you want to earn cash, you will have to be extremely lucky to do that, as you can only get cash from the scratch card or contests.

Though there have been a lot of people complaining they have yet to win a dollar with Lucktastic, there are some who say they have already experienced winning. So this is really up to chance.

And since earning money is up to chance, it’s really hard to reach the withdrawal requirement to be able to withdraw your money or even redeem them for a gift card.

Good thing there are tokens, so you can still earn some gift cards through them.

Just like most of these types of apps, they are a target for hacks and cheat codes, but it looks like they have account for this type of behavior. I have seen people online looking for a lucktastic hack, but just haven’t found one yet.

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What I Like about Lucktastic

Now that we know more about Lucktastic and how it works, it’s time to talk about what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about Lucktastic is that the withdrawal requirement is really low. You can request for a cash withdrawal via Dwolla once you reach $1. And for $2, you can also choose to redeem your money for gift cards.
  • I also like that Lucktastic will still allow you to earn tokens, even if you didn’t win the cash prize. Though the tokens can’t be converted into cash, you can still redeem them for gift cards.
  • Another thing I like about Lucktastic is that it allows you to play the scratch game lotto without any risk on your part. You don’t have to spend anything to use this app, as everything is free.

What I Dislike about Lucktastic

As appealing as this all sounds, there are still some things that I didn’t really like about Lucktastic and I’ll discuss this here.

  • One of the things that I didn’t really like about Lucktastic is that winning money on this app is basically reliant on luck. There’s no option to earn cash unless you are lucky and win. You can only do that with tokens, so this app is not for you if you want consistent money coming in.
  • Another thing that I didn’t like about Lucktastic is that they have too many ads. Yes, I understand that this is the only way the app can offer it for free to its members. But it probably wouldn’t hurt much if the app doesn’t require you to watch a 30-second ad before every scratch card game.
  • I also didn’t like that Lucktastic is only available in the U.S., as this opportunity would have been fun for a lot of people around the world.

Do I Recommend Lucktastic?

After learning more about Lucktastic and what they can bring, I can say that it is an opportunity worth checking out, especially if you are someone who likes playing that lottery scratch cards game.

Yes, the app won’t allow you to earn consistent money, but there’s really no risk on your part to give it a try.

You don’t need to pay for anything or provide credit card details to join, you can play the games they offer for free. You just need to watch some video ads to do so.

Besides, this app could be a good pastime for you, especially if you are someone who likes to play the scratch cards lottery games.

Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to win some of the jackpot prizes they have. And it won’t cost you a thing.

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