MileUp App Review: Is This Money-Making App Scam Or Legit?

Can you make money with the MileUp App? Click here to learn more.There are certain things that are just too good to be true – like, earning cash just by driving car. Don’t believe me? Well, me neither! However, MileUp claims otherwise.

MileUp is an application where it tracks how far you’ve driven and given you points in return for every mile that you traveled.

You’ll be able to exchange these points for sweepstake entries for a chance to win expensive prizes and money. Back in the day, the points were used for gift cards.

We’re going to talk about how this popular mobile application works, what are the sweepstakes available, and to answer the big question if it’s legit or not.

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Learning How It Works

In order to get started, you can easily download the app by going to your phone’s app store or you can always download it directly on The entire sign-up process only takes a couple of seconds, it’s quick and easy.

Point System

Once you’re done with the sign-up process, the app will ask access to your location. Simply allow them to, and they’ll be able to track the miles driven and you get compensated through points.

Per mile you drive, you’re going to get two points. Once you have saved enough points, trade it for sweepstakes tickets (I’ll talk more about that in a bit.)

Challenges Lets You Earn More

If you want to fasten your point’s progress, you can take part in the app’s challenges. Sure, the two points per mile are still on the table, but bonus points are given for finishing challenges.

Usually, MileUp gives you 2-3 challenges that are readily available. You have to claim the app’s challenges before miles are given any rewards towards the goal.

An example of their challenge might need you to drive at least fifty miles within seven days. Most of the time, challenges have 100-500 bonus points.

Redeem Your Points

Every month, you’ll be given up to 3 sweepstakes wherein you can make use of the points to purchase entries. Commonly, the application gives $100-$250 cash for each one.

The app also offers a $1,000-$5,000 worth of cash for shopping spree, and the last one is for a new ride – sounds like a dream, right?

To be part of these entries, you would need at least 75-1000 points; it’s highly dependent on the prize. From the application, you’ll be able to see how many points it needs, maximum number of entries, and when the drawing will take place.

If you happen to hit the jackpot and win, you’ll get a prompt via e-mail. Prize must be claimed within three days of the notification.

Accident Prone

If you’re prone to accidents – not the best thing in the world – but this application may definitely help you. If you happen to be in an accident while MileUp is on your phone, then you’ll be able to report the unfortunate event and get a $250 Visa gift card. It’s your compensation for sharing info about the accident.

The app’s FAQs claim you’ll be able to get the gift card in just two weeks; however, there were complaints from clients that it took longer than 2 weeks.

Does MileUp Sidetrack You From Driving?

It may come as a fleeting thought, but the question is still as valid as ever. The application keeps tracks every time you send a text or make a call while you’re driving, but it doesn’t primarily distract you as much as the other tabs your opening on your mobile device.

MileUp encourages drivers to leave the app running in the background while you’re keeping eyes on the road. The app doesn’t ask you to do anything else when you are driving nor does it deliver distracting screens when you’re driving.

Your Driving Records with MileUp

So, what do they do with your driving records? It goes right back to its parent company, Aegro. The main company is known to be a roadside assistance organization that created MileUp to receive driving records from casual drivers, just like you.

The driving performance the app tracks automatically goes to the mother company, Agero, for driving insight reasons. They’re using the info to create a safer future for drivers and for everyone else.

Data gathered will be used to enhance road safety as well as vehicle safety. While it’s true that Agero is able to share the driving insights with third-party companies in the business, this doesn’t mean they can share your personal information. It’s only limited to your data.

You can rest easy, they won’t be able to find out you speed too much on the road. 😉

Paying The Users: How Does MileUp Do It?

The thing is, this may just be too good to be true if you don’t know how they can make $$$ out of it. Aegro retrieves your data from MileUp because of this; they’ll be able to cut on costs by saving money similar type of data coming from other companies, such as online research organizations.

It’s definitely more cost-effective for them to get the right data coming from the app than by going through the whole strenuous process of a middleman.

Some of the company’s savings are rewarded to the app users through rewards and sweepstakes, given that they’ve provided all the info needed.

Weighing The Pros and Cons

If you’re still not sure if whether MileUp is the right money-making app for you, I’ve listed down some few points on things you may want to consider.


  • You’ll be compensated to do what you always do, which is to literally just drive. If you’re the type to drive from one place to another on a regular basis, this may just be for you.
  • It won’t be a distraction to your road focus. Leave the application as is in the background, it’ll continue to collect data all throughout your miles.
  • Data is used for road safety.
  • You’ll earn points for every mile you’ve passed.
  • Other options to earn points and win rewards, such as reporting accidents and participating in challenges.


  • If your school/workplace is only a short 5-min drive, you won’t be able to benefit from the app. It’ll take a long time.
  • MileUp doesn’t redeem your points anymore on Walmart, Amazon, and Nike, which is quite a bummer.
  • If you don’t have any WiFi on you while you’re driving, then your data will be eaten up right away. People who aren’t on unlimited data plan doesn’t suit this app.

Personal Take: What I Don’t Like

Miles Aren’t Tracked Properly

Not only do they have a faulty point system for rewards, but it seems MileUp isn’t doing a stellar job at tracking miles, which is supposedly their focus.

MileUp has clearly stated that on their website that you’re going to need a stable internet connection to records your miles. However, this doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of users who are complaining about the same issue for over a year.

Of course, if you happen to drive in places where there’s slow internet connection, then your miles won’t likely be registered. Or they may not prompt until you’ve been able to successfully sync to them.

No Additional Points for Accident Reports

People are also saying that despite they’ve reported accidents, no bonus points were received for the action. In this case, it might be because Agero requires specific details when you do report accidents.

If your accident report isn’t within their scope of their guidelines, then you won’t be compensated for bonus points.

MileUp’s Privacy Policy has stated that you’d need to put in your basic info, car’s license plate as well as its registration number, and a copy of the accident’s police report.

If you fail to pass one of the required documents, your accident report won’t be compensated.

So, Is MileUp Scam or Legit?

I’d have to say that this is the real deal, but MileUp isn’t exactly the best way to earn extra cash, their switch from gift card rewards to only offering sweepstake entries have disappointed many users.

Although there are a lot of complaints about their system, MileUp doesn’t deserve ALL of the blame. They have specifically written their guidelines for users to follow in terms of redeeming points and rewards.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who’s looking for a fast-track to earn money. It’s for people who want to make their time worthwhile while they’re driving, drivers who are in this for the long-haul.

Aside from that, the purpose for the app is for the sake of road safety. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to download the app for a chance to win cash prizes, right?

In Conclusion

If you happen to drive around a city where there’s good internet connection, and you like to take on challenges for points, you may just find this application great to dabble with. Just make sure you’ve brought your phone charger with you while on the road.

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