Miley’s Money Method Scam: Marketing Hype and No Value

Screenshot from Miley’s Money Method sales video. Does that look fishy to you?

Miley’s Money Method, another classic scam that has been making the rounds. I know without a doubt that this product is a scam, but, let’s take a deeper look and see what it’s all about.

Like most scams, there is barely any information about this product on it’s website, only a load of ridiculous hype and income claims.

I did a little digging and recorded what I found out about this product in this review…

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What Is It?

On the surface, Miley’s Money Method seems like another product that teaches people how to make a full-time online business.

However, it is actually a system that is used to promote a hosting company.

That’s it.

The fancy video with intense, dramatic, music and paid actors make you believe that the secret to eternal wealth is waiting for you on the next page.

Let’s make one thing clear: the people in the video who claim Miley’s Money Method is incredible are paid actors, most of them can be found on Fiverr, and you can hire them for five bucks.

This makes it easy for marketers to grab some testimonials to use to create social proof for their products.

Plenty of scam artists use these actors!

So what’s the system? How does it work? 

The idea is to use their squeeze pages to build a list and then market products to that list, not exactly a secret system.

This business model has been around for ages.

It works, if you do it properly, but it won’t make you money if you follow the advice in this course.

I’ll show you if you buy my hosting package for a few hundred dollars.

I’m kidding.

But Miley’s Money Method is not, that’s exactly what they ask you to do in order to receive access to their ultimate source of income.

You have to sign-up for a hosting package from a company called Cool Handle.

I already have a hosting account, so this was useless, and I pay a lot less for my hosting as well (and the service is much better).

I didn’t want to waste a few hundred dollars on a hosting account, so I didn’t buy into the scam. On the other hand, I did some research, and, like I thought, the core product is a few cheaply made videos that cover the very – very – basics of making a online business.

There’s really no value in this product.

It’s a total scam.

Who is Miley?

You are supposed to believe that Miley is a lady who was down on her luck, broke, homeless, and living on scraps…until she created a system that transformed her into a billionaire.

The truth, however, is a little different.

Miley is not real.

She’s a fictional character that’s played by an actress.

It’s a story that was created to bring in more sales.

Stories have always brought in sales, and will always continue to bring in sales, but it helps if the story is actually real.

It’s easy to market stories.

Miley’s story is not real.

It’s a fictional marketing story that was created by the real creator of this product, an internet marketer by the name of Tim Atkinson.

He’s responsible for a bunch of similar scams.

It’s all a marketing scheme to appeal to a certain demographic; female marketers.

What I Liked:

There’s really nothing to like about this product, it’s has way too much hype and there’s no value.

But if I had to take one thing away from this product, I would say that at least Tim Atkinson knows how to target a specific demographic.

You should never make up random stories to promote your product to a demographic.

But learning how to create a product for a specific demographic takes skill and can be quite profitable.

So, at least the product teaches you how to do that (if you look at how the system is set up).

I have found that it’s much more educational to analyze how a marketer sets up his websites instead of what he teaches, unfortunately, the two are often different.

What I Didn’t Like:

Besides what I already mentioned, here are a few more things I don’t like  about this product…

It’s hard to figure out what the product is really about.

I watched the videos and was still left wondering what the product is about.

It’s not transparent.

In my experience as a IM product reviewer, if a product is not transparent its either because they’re trying to hide something or there’s simply no value within the members area.

In most cases, it’s because there’s no value in the product.

There is no secret system that is worth guarding; anyone can find gold information about how to make a online business for free nowadays.

It just takes a bit of time and few Google searches.

Everything is online.

Also, the squeeze pages are supposed to be high-converting but they are really generic.

They don’t convert.

You won’t be able to make money with this system.

I guarantee to you that the only people making money with this product is their hosting company.

Cool Handle is a hosting company that has an affiliate program, it’s clear that the link you order from is an affiliate link.

That’s all it is, a trap to make you sign-up for hosting that you don’t need.

It also takes a long time to receive a refund.

I have heard of customers who never received a refund and others who got a refund after a few months.

If you want to request a refund, contact Cool Handle, and ask them directly; they should be able to refund your purchase.

Final Word:

Miley’s Money Method scam is another product to stay far away from.

Don’t let the hype get under your skin; it’s all lies.

You won’t be able to make thousands of dollars a day. It just won’t happen with this system.

If you want to check out a legitimate online business training course, I recommend following what I do, I can’t promise that you will make thousands of dollars a second, but if you put in the work, it can be a nice source of side income.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, leave a comment below!

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