Perfectly Posh Review – Legit Products or Scam?

Perfectly Posh Review

Company: Perfectly Posh
Founders: Ann Dalton & Andrew McBride

Welcome to my 3rd party review of Perfectly Posh!

I am so glad that you decided to do research before joining a company like Perfectly Posh (PP).

This important for so many reasons because PP is a MLM and they have a poor reputation for various reasons.

One of those reasons is because many are scams or pyramid schemes.

MLMs like PP have not been upfront and honest about everything.

This isn’t to say that they are not honest about what they do tell you but they happen to leave out some pretty important information.

Before I get to the task of explaining how my reviews work, I would like to say that I have no affiliation with the companies I review.

This means you will never have to sit through a sales pitch from me.

All I want to do is provide you with information and hopefully it helps you on your journey in finding a worthwhile venture.

OK, so I will show you what the company claims to do and sell.

Then I will show you what other people have said about the company and products.

I do not have any experience with PP or their products, but there is more than enough evidence out there that paint a much bigger picture.

I will do this with documents I have collected and databases such as the Better Business Bureau.

There are also plenty of ways to see complaints and testimonies.

I will point out some of the positive ones but the vast majority of them are detrimental to the reputation of PP.

I am confident, in my research, that by the end of this review, you will be able to make an educated decision.

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Perfectly Posh Overview – What is the Company?


Take the time to read the short message on the image above.

This is a picture of the two founders and what they claim their business represents.

Let’s break it down and then throughout the review we will see if the company backs up their claims or is just another MLM hype-machine.

The company claims to have “great products.”

To be honest, this type of comment is subjective and many of the people that try out PP products say otherwise.

Before we get into some of the complaints, let’s check out their ingredients.


This person and many others complain about irritation and a burning sensation if they use the products.

OK, I get it, there is always going to be some people with sensitive skin and some that have allergic reactions.

However, some distributors are contradicting what the company claims.

Check out the reply to the comment above…


The comment states that the products are strong and most of them result in pink or red irritations.

That comment is strange to me considering PP claims that they don’t use any irritants or controversial ingredients.

Check out the image below, which I got directly off of the PP website.


This is the kind of thing that bothers me because there is obviously a major disconnect between PP and their consultants.

Before you start yelling at me, I want to say that there are most likely some amazing consultants that work very hard and stick to moral business practices.

However, there are some that will do whatever it takes to make a sale.

One other point I would like to make, is the fact that all of the positive comments seem to be sales pitches directly from consultants.

The negative reviews are all anecdotal evidence which indicates that distributors have to be in sales mode 24/7.

Regardless, pushing aside people with negative claims by saying things like, “you were just unlucky” is a copout.

By definition, distributors, consultants and affiliates of the program are all extensions of the organization itself.

Comments that marginalize these so called “unlucky” customers are what ruin the image of the company just as much as anything else.

So all of the unhappy representatives that want to leave a scathing comment take a deep breath and realize that these products:

• Are not backed by any credible science
• Waive any therapeutic claims

On a side note, there are several great things about the company that are worth bragging about.

• Made in the USA
• Natural Ingredients
• No Fillers
• Some Vegan Options
• No Animal Testing

Here is a link of from some frustrated customers mixed with a few happy customers.

I strongly suggest reading a few because the forum will help you make a decision.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)


There is so much information about companies that are in the BBB Database.

For example, you can get an address, contact information and even founder names.

In some cases, there is a list of other companies that are affiliated or parent companies.

The BBB database is the “go-to” for finding valuable information about a company.

Perfectly Posh
222 Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(801) 441-1744

I will start providing this kind of information in my reviews because there needs to be a way for people to contact the company if there are any issues that need to be brought up.

On that note, there appears to be plenty of people that are furious with this company for various reasons.

I know this because Perfectly Posh has received the worst grade possible from BBB.

The other indications of Perfectly Posh being a substandard company are as follows:

• 60/40 split of positive and negative reviews
• 31 complaints
• A 1.79 BBB composite score

Since there is a need to be as objective as possible, I will show you are positive remark and then a series of negative complaints so you know exactly what to expect if you join Perfectly Posh.

I mean, that is the entire point of a review, am I right?

As promised, here is a positive review of the company directly from the BBB database.


Now here comes the ones that PP wishes they could keep from you because they raise some serious concerns.


This comment is from a former consultant that worked really hard and tried to make the MLM work.

This spells out so many potential issues you could be facing if you join.

Look, I said in the beginning that I would not make the decision for you but in this case, I wish I could.

I encourage you to utilize the BBB link I provided you above so you can see all of the reviews and complaints.

It is well worth your time and could prevent you from making a major mistake.


I had a revelation after reading the comment above.

Let’s say you join and manage to lure someone into this trap.

You are most likely going to face some shipping issues. In this particular consultants situation, on a monthly basis.

That is crazy to me and this is clearly why the company has a failing grade.

I mean, look at the reply they sent the customer.

It almost seems like the company isn’t even trying.

There are so many better options for online businesses.

The Final Verdict

Some of you may be thinking that I was too hard on Perfectly Posh, but this is why you came here.

You wanted to know if PP can make you money and if it is worth your time and money.

You have to take all of the information I provided you and see if it is worth it to you.

• Some customers have bad reactions to products
• F Grade from BBB
• Typical Bath & Beauty MLM tactics

If these are things you want to deal with on a regular basis and the fact that the vast majority of MLMers fail then you should join.

There are other ways to make money online though.

For example, creating your own business online is a great way to make supplemental income and in some cases, become independently wealthy.

If you do not know how to get started, there are tons of FREE and well established training programs that walk you through the process.

Don’t get me wrong, there programs out there that are very expensive but you don’t need those.

All you need to do is search YouTube for a great training program.

If you want to check out an example, read this review.

There are so many affiliates that have created their business from the ground up and there is no recruiting involved.

There is also no risk involved because you can try it out for FREE.

I hope this review has helped you on your journey to financial success in some manner.

My goal is to simply provide you as much information as possible so that you can make an educated decision.

Now that I have done my part, it is time for you to make your decision.

Take your time and do it right.

If you have any experience with Perfectly Posh, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.


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1 thought on “Perfectly Posh Review – Legit Products or Scam?”

  1. Don’t do it! Just don’t waste your money. My whole savings is gone and all I have to show for it is a hand full of products and $200 worth of samples I cant get anyone to even try. They say “don’t use anything on your skin you can’t pronounce” yet 1/2 the ingredients I can’t pronounce. I was duped by Posh’s promise of success..that never came, and rarely does for most.


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