1 thought on “Zrii Review – Legit Products, Side Effects Or Scam?”

  1. Thank you. These have been my feelings for years. I just retired from over 30 years in media advertising. As a single woman, I would like to supplement my income. As I spent the last 20 years in management of radio and TV stations, I have basic tech skills, but had much assistance and am way behind in skills. I am not interested in learning more about how to navigate computers.
    I have used Body Wise since 1992 with very good success due to my own discipline, I am sure. However, I had other positive health effects when using the product. I thought I could use Body Wise as a way to help others get healthier.
    I hate the thought of MLM and I guess you have given me my final decision. I wonder if you know anything about Body Wise. Farley is a principle in that company, also. Thank you.


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