Project Payday Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

project payday scam reviewIf you’ve never heard of Project Payday then, in short, it’s another business opportunity for people who want to make money online. Whether you’ll make money is a different story, but anyway …

I stumbled across this biz op, because there were a lot of people still searching for Project Payday in Google, even though it launched a little while back.

So this intrigued me enough to do a little research on them to get the skinny on whether they were legit or another online waste-of-time.

Why listen to me?

Well, I earn a full-time living through affiliate marketing, you can see some proof of income and the program I recommend here.

But since this is a review on Project Payday, I’ll talk about that first.

Turns out … the business model is fairly simple, and understanding it helped me to know why there is still a lot of interest in the business, which I’ll get to soon.

But, what most people want to know first, is …

How do you make money with Project Payday?

Short answer is :

Option 1) Fill out Cost Per Action (CPA) offers.
Option 2) Refer other people to Project Payday and get them to do the same.

And just in case you don’t know what a CPA offer is, then in simple terms, it’s when a company pays you money (as in a few dollars – sometimes more) to find leads for their business.

So this is cool, no problem there,

A lead (which is you or someone you have referred) usually has to fill out an online form, which basically goes back to the company who has sponsored the CPA offer.

However, there are some CPA offers that require you to hand over credit card details and other personal information before they make payment.

So this can be a little dodgy if you intend on making money only by filling out CPA offers.

So imagine filling out multiple forms a day and handing out your financial details to multiple companies.

I mean … whaaaat the.

Okay, so that is not the best option – right?

But what if I just filled out the forms with fake details.

Look there’s always someone who thinks it.

Well, that my friend that is called fraud and really? For a couple bucks?

But there’s always option 2 right?

Refer other people to Project Payday and get them to fill out forms.

Did I mention that in order for you to qualify for the program you actually have to fill out at least one CPA form yourself, two if you want to go for the Pro membership.

That’s two too many for me.

Anyway, lets say you fill out two CPA offer’s, you’re now on your way to making money – right?

Wrong …

What you have to do next is find other people to join Project Payday and get them to do the same thing.

And this is WHY there is still a lot of interest in Project Payday.

It’s because a lot of people found out the way for them to make money in Project Payday is not by filling out forms, but by referring others and getting them to fill it out for them.

They would do the minimum requirement – (i.e) sign up for 2 offers, and then promote Project Payday in an attempt to get other people to do the heavy lifting for them.

That’s the smart way to do it, (based on this model), but sadly that’s where the process ends for most people, because this is a skill that most people do not have, and it’s not easily acquired.

It can be taught for sure, and I’ll show you how soon, but to teach the in’s and outs of affiliate marketing (which is basically what you need to know) is not as simple as showing you a couple of videos or explaining the whole business model in a few steps.

Nope, there’s more to it than that, which most people realize only after spending a stupid amount of money on opportunities (like Project Payday) that don’t work in the long run.

My Final Thoughts

So in summary you might be able to make money with Project Payday as I explained above, however there are some obvious flaws in the system. But more than that, the entire risk is on you.

You’re the one who hands over your credit card details and personal information. And you’re the one who has to deal with cancelling the offer (in time) before you get charged.

And although this might seem trivial, just ask the guys who have not been able to get out of an offer and who have ended up by having to cancel their credit cards.

But there is one element that is fundamental to making money in this business (and any online business for that matter) and that is being able to drive targeted traffic to an offer.

Case in point – how did I get you reading this post?

How did I get it, so that this page ranked on the first page of Google?

And more importantly, how did I know what you were going to type into the search engines before your typed it?

Well, let me tell you, I don’t have a crystal ball, and I am not psychic, but I do possess a number of online tools and have acquired the skills that allow me to do everything I just mentioned, and if you give me a few more mintues of your time, I can show you how you can do it too.

Do you want to learn how to do this yourself?

If so, then you can find out how I am doing it here

Other companies to avoid:

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Entrepreneur, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and webmaster of Stealth Secrets. I have been earning a full-time living as an affiliate marketer since 2004. Want to do the same? Check out what I recommend.

23 thoughts on “Project Payday Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?”

  1. Interesting post. I like your transparency on Project Payday. You’ve also touched upon the main aspect of PPD and all of internet marketing–Traffic.

    Like money, if you got traffic, you can do anything.

  2. oh yeah tried it getting to project payday after 3 hours of anwering endless questions, ordering things i don’t need or have use for. and after giving my info with my card infor to was told that they cant process my request,….. say what?? Am frantic about my infor floating out there in cyber wondering who will get access to it…. and some pages you cant subscribe.

  3. Ok….I’ve seen a lot of ppl say what your saying to get then to join they’re sites but how do I know yours won’t be the same….Yes I can do either but yet should I take a chance with yours. Please don’t get me wrong, everything you said had caught my attention, but yet there is something I’m not sure bout it cause it sounds the same as all the others I read. So I’m asking u make me a believer in your system.

    • Hi Tauno,

      I understand where you’re coming from.

      Truth is, you’ll never know unless you try it out for yourself. I can sell the benefits of the system to you, but you won’t understand it fully, until you experience it for yourself.

      Project payday requires an investment from you (albeit a small one) before they even show you their system. So you’re basically paying for a secret.

      I don’t know about you, but in the real world, no one buys goods or services this way.

      The system I give you is free to join. You get a real taste for how the system works so that you can make an informed decision.


    • Hi Angela,

      Knowing all the costs and risks is the best way to approach a money making opportunity online. For that, I recommend this program. You will be able to assess everything risk free. Unlike Project Payday, you get access for free so you can make an informed decision.

  5. You say your website is risk free?
    That is exactly what project payday says about their site!
    If they can lie and get away with it then how would I know you aren’t lying when you say yours is risk free as well?????

    • Project payday requires a payment up front from you, albeit small, but nevertheless a payment, without even telling you how you’re going to make money.

      What I recommend requires no up front payment, you get instant access and 10 free lessons and two free websites. So you risk no money!

  6. Thanks Frank – you saved me from signing up to Project Payday! It was recommended with 5 stars on another site that reviewed yet another site’s credibility! I’m a hopeless salesperson and if this is what I need to do to make money on these sites then I’m out! And I wouldn’t be able to con my friends into signing up – I have a conscience!! I thought it was just reviewing sites (such as Amazon) and leaving a review then getting paid for the review. Duh me!
    Cheers, Tash

  7. Omg I’m so glad you didn’t recommend project payday! I also have a website/blog and the ONLY way I’ve been able to come as far as I have (knowledge wise) is because of WA. Unfortunately I fell for project payday prior to finding WA and couldn’t agree more about not realizing I wouldn’t make money just by filling out the two offer requirements. To be blunt it really had me in a rage! Then I had to remember to cancel the things I’d signed up for before I was charged the “monthly fee”. I hope more people find this post and are able to make a more informed decision than I did.


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