Partner With Paul Review – Is It A Scam Or legit?

PartnerWithPaul-WebsiteRecently I decided to review Partner with Paul to see whether it’s another scam or a legitimate online business.

It’s kinda weird really, because the program doesn’t appear to exist anymore, however when I examined the traffic the website is receiving it suggested that it was still getting a reasonable amount of visitors a day.

If is anything to go on (give or take a few hundred visitors) then it would suggest that the domain name is getting a good amount of visitors.

Which tells me that it is still being promoted in one way or another.

It appears as if they have just started sending traffic (I’m guessing paid traffic) to the domain from July 2014.


Having said that, the traffic that they’re getting is being redirected to a different business. This is the interesting part, and you’ll see why soon, but first …

What is Partner With Paul?

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Previously, Partner with Paul was a feeder program into Herbalife, which is a well known health and nutrition MLM company.

And whilst Herbalife is a well established and (from what of I have seen) a reputable company, folks felt as if they were tricked into becoming a distributor.

So initially, you think that you’re joining the Partner with Paul online business, but he ends up by telling you to sell Herbalife products, and in doing btw, you’ll become part of his downline.

I also understand that he had a few dodgy dealings with a DVD that he sent out to people which initially was free with postage and packaging, however after 20 days he would debit your credit card with $30 and would continue to charge you until you cancelled. I mean like – what the!

As you can imagine, you can’t get away with this sort of carry on for any length of time, and there has been countless complaints with this program.

So much so, that it appears that it no longer exists, or that it has morphed into something else.

What has it morphed into … Wait For it?

So when I put in my web brower it redirects me (currently – August 2014) to a website called, which is the website for a program called Project Payday, which is a program that I don’t recommend either. You can see my Project Payday Scam Review here.

And just on that, if you type into your web browser, you’ll see that it does the same thing and redirects to the website.

But let me assure you that is the Project Payday guys.

So just to be clear, the old Partner with Paul website was a Herbalife feeder program and the new Partner with Paul website is a feeder into Project Payday.

Partner With Paul Affiliate Program

The home page of Partner with Paul is the only page that redirects through to Project Payday, but what is strange is that the original affiliate program is still in place.

Yep, I was able to go in and signup as an affiliate of Partner with Paul, which might suggest that they are still getting people to promote Partner with paul, so as to drive traffic to Project Payday.

partner with paul affiliates program

I got an affiliate link for Partner with Paul and one for

Don’t worry you won’t see an affiliate link on this page for either one of those programs.


Need I say more – stay far far away from this program.

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