Is Legit or a Scam?


snagajobThese days the internet facilitates many aspects of our daily life.

One of the main use of the internet is online job seeking; as people tend to search and apply for available positions online using special platforms such as

So what is this service, and is it legitimate and secure enough to be recommended?

This is what we will try to answer in this detailed review.

But before we do …

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What is is an online platform for hourly workers to seek jobs, and hourly employers to post ads of hourly part-time or full-time jobs.

It was founded in 2000 by Shawn Boyer, and is located in California, United States.

Since its inception, the website registered over 20 million job seekers from all over the U.S. with over 400.000 new jobs posted monthly.

It is one of the prolific online recruiting services in the country.

Nevertheless, mixed reviews can be found on the internet concerning, and many complaints had been registered against the company.

How does work?

SnagAJob is an online job search website that aims to connect employers with job seekers in their area.

An employer publishes ads about the vacant position for a fee to be viewed by millions of potential employees.

A job seeker creates a profile on SnagAJob and starts browsing through the available jobs, and eventually applies for the desired position.

The profile also allows the job seeker to be exposed to employers and contacted by them if they feel the profile fits the requirements.

The available jobs cover a variety of fields and categories: Part time, full time, seasonal jobs, student jobs, summer jobs, veteran jobs, teen jobs – etc, and belonging to different industries, such as accounting and finance, education, health care, hotel and hospitality, construction, rental, restaurant, sales and marketing, etc.

The website allows its users to perform customized job searches depending on their location, field of expertise, desired position, and preferred company.

Employers will have to pay for advertisement they share on the website on a monthly basis: $89 for 1 job post, $249 for 3 job posts, and $375 for 5 job posts per month.

After the job ad is successfully published, the company notifies local job seekers.

Job seekers apply for the job, and SnagAJob emails the applications to the employer so that he chooses the profile that fits most the available position and sets up interviews.

In addition, the website also offers an affiliate program that allows its affiliates to gain extra cash for promoting their services.

Who can use this service?

This company is supposed to help both employers, such as companies, private sectors, personal employers…etc, and job seekers residing within the United States territory from all ages ranging from 14 years old to over 55 years old categorized in many age categories.

Like any other online platform, this website has advantages and disadvantages that can be counted on its behalf. Let’s have a quick review of the main pros and cons:

What I Liked

– Many of the jobs listed on Snag A Job are legitimate. The website has helped many people achieve a steady job through their platform as well as it has helped employers recruit employees from their local areas.

  • Free account creation for job seekers, and a low fee to pay for employers.
  • It offers different deals for employees to choose from, enabling them to keep the job post up to 90 days, and this allows a certain flexibility.
  • The website is user-friendly and provided with a customized search filter that allows job seekers to find the appropriate job ads easily.
  • Teens are offered separate search options dedicated to them.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The website sells personal information of job seekers to third party companies to be used to target the users with advertisements and special users which can be overwhelming and very annoying.
  • The website also lists many unavailable, outdated, or nonexistent job offers, scam offers, paid surveys and other ads because it lacks a rigorous filter system.
  • The support team lacks professionalism.
  • Job seekers can be bombarded with calls and unwanted random emails.
  • Due to the large number of applicants, many job seekers don’t get any chance to be recruited.

What do member of say about this service?

Online you can find various reviews about this service, many users complain about the lack of professionalism, and the fact that the service is generally very poor.

Many users had been deeply disturbed due to unwanted phone calls and emails that start just few minutes after submitting their information from telemarketers, salespeople, and college recruiters.

Others experience unjustified rejections of their applications, recurring error messages, and privacy invading threats. When trying to delete their accounts, job seekers will not be able to do so, they can only snooze their accounts but never actually delete them.

Even employers have problems with this service, some report being financially abused, even after closing the job posts they published, the company continued overcharging them fees.

Others complain about the absence of a real account management, the old interface of the website, and the worst of all, receiving applications from so many grim applicants who don’t even bother to capitalize their own names, and this way, employers will find themselves wasting precious time trying to find some good applicants.

On the other hand, other users claim to be fully satisfied with the service provided by Job seekers had found legitimate jobs and employers had been contacted by the right candidates, however, negative reviews are much more abundant than positive ones.

The main concern about this service is the fact that the website sells private information of its users to third party colleges, companies, websites and other partners in order to contact them, and this can be a serious disadvantage that can lead to eventually rejecting their service.

Is A Waste Of Time?

In conclusion, we can say that can help people find hourly jobs that suit their qualifications and needs.

However job seekers need to be cautious not to share their personal information, and should use the website to browse available jobs, then go directly to the website of the employer in order to check real availability and apply directly through them.

This is the only way they can avoid scam positions, and avoid wasting time over nonexistent jobs, or being bombarded by unwanted messages.

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4 thoughts on “Is Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I got to say, snagajob is no way to find a job, I went to craigslist, and got a job the same day I applied, tried with snagajob for 4 days, and nothing hope this helps

  2. Snagajob is an absolute scam. If you are a business looking to hire, look elsewhere! We tried this, we created ONE account, then they created an additional account. We canceled our account on-time, then our other account they made on their own, they charged! We are still fighting a refund… Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Snag job saved my family with helping me get a job that pays great more then i ever had!! If it was not for them idk if i would have known thia job was hiring thank you ao much!!??

  4. It would be great if I wasnt getting close to 70 scam calls a day and receiving alerts for jobs that are either irrelevant to what I searched or just clearly a scam to collect personal info. The only way I have been able to tell a real job from some dirtbag scammer is the fact that real employers might actually leave a voicemail. I will be deleting my account shortly and if I could give Snag a rating it would definately be -10 stars.


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