1 thought on “QuiBids Review: Is It A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity To Purchase Items At A Discount?”

  1. Quibids is a scam by their own admission. Live Auctions$25 Shell Gift CardAuction #A832926253. The same bidder for many auctions at different times of the day. He wins all the time. Others drop out as soon as he bids because they know they can’t win. I contacted Quibids and they told me he is a long time account holder, Well so am I and many others to include they told me it’s because he wins bid busters. By there own admission they know he wins all the time. It is an account in which Quibids has put in so they don’t lose money but take yours. Don’t buy bids feel free to use the free bids they give you. I’m sure they won’t give me any more but they state they will take it seriously. You can even see his statistics. They don’t care. They just took your money. I have won and I have lost but they busted themselves in their statement


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