Rat Race Rebellion Review: Legit Jobs Or A Scam?

There are a lot of different opportunities on the internet when it comes to making money online. There are thousands of websites out there offering various ways you can earn money.

As there are a lot of them, the challenge now becomes identifying which among them are legitimate or a scam.

There are also a lot of so called opportunities out there that are just out to scam you for your money or information.

To avoid this problem, we conduct reviews of the different money-making opportunities out there and identify which among them are worth a try and which among them are just scams to avoid.

In this review, we’ll look at a website called Rat Race Rebellion. It’s basically a site that provides you with a list of different work-from-home opportunities that you can apply for.

The money you can earn will greatly depend on the work that you will be accepted for, so it’s hard to gauge exactly how much you can expect to make.

But is Rat Race Rebellion really a legit opportunity or is it just a scam?

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Rat Race Rebellion is a Legit Site To Find Work-From-Home opportunities

Rat Race Rebellion is a website that provides you with a database of the different work-from-home jobs that you can apply for.

The site has a list of different available jobs like proofreading, data entry, tutoring, customer service, editing, and more.

The amount of money you can earn will depend on the job that you get and on the company or individual that hires you.

From the looks of it, I can say that Rat Race Rebellion is a legit site to find work-from-home opportunities.

The site was created by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren, both of whom have been helping people find work-from-home opportunities since 1999.

There is also a lot of good feedback about this site as many people have been able to find legit work-from-home jobs. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the site is perfect and there aren’t any issues with it.

One of the main complaints that I found is that a lot of the opportunities available offer low payment but demanding work.

Another common complaint is that the opportunities are mostly available only to U.S. residents. I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of Rat Race Rebellion.

Who Uses Rat Race Rebellion?

Rat Race Rebellion is designed for two groups with one group being websites and companies who offer work-from-home opportunities and are looking for people to fill them up. The other group are people who are looking for opportunities to make money online.

For work-from-home sites and companies, they can list the different online job opportunities that they are offering.

Rat Race Rebellion is always looking for opportunities, as they make it a point to constantly update their listing to provide people with fresh and new jobs daily.

For people, the site provides them with a list of the different work-from-home jobs that they can apply for.

The site ensures that their listings are updated daily so you can always find new work every time you log in.

You don’t need to pay anything or even to sign up to use the site. In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail how the site works.

How Does Rat Race Rebellion Work?

Rat Race Rebellion is basically a site that offers listings of a lot of different work-from-home opportunities that you can apply for.

There’s no need to register or do anything to get access to the site, but it is recommended to subscribe to their email listing so you can get an update when a new job is posted.

It is also recommended that you like their Facebook Page as their listings and updates are also posted on their social media accounts. They also use social media as a way to answer questions and engage with people.

When you get to the site, there are 4 pages that you can go to. The first one is “NEW?! Start Here!” page. It is where you will find a bit of history about the site and how you should start exploring it.

The second page is the “Newest Jobs & Gigs”. This is the page where the Rat Race Rebellion updates daily. The jobs listed here are not the usual answering survey opportunities or Get-Paid-To sites.

Affiliate links won’t even be listed here. These are real jobs that you can do at the comfort of your own home.

The links posted will also provide some details on what kind of job it will be and clicking the link will take you straight to the application page for the job.

The third page is the “BIG LIST of Work from Home Jobs”. This is basically the main list that Rat Race Rebellion offers.

Not only does it contain freelance and GPT opportunities, but it also has a list that comes from organizations or companies that hire remote workers regularly.

Some of the jobs listed here are actually for permanent work-from-home positions. It is also updated regularly so try visiting it often to see new job listings.

The last page is the “Customer Service Jobs” where customer service and call center jobs are listed. This is the page that you should visit if this is the type of work that you are looking for.

Rat Race Rebellion also has a “Success Stories” page where you will see messages that come from people who were able to find work on the site.

What People are Saying about Rat Race Rebellion

People are generally happy with Rat Race Rebellion, many were able to find good work-from-home opportunities on the website.

However, there are also some complaints about the website and chief among them is that a lot of the opportunities are demanding but with low per hour payment.
It’s a good thing that the site has a lot of jobs listed so you don’t have to settle for the first opportunity you see.

Another common complaint is that the majority of the jobs listed are available only to U.S. residents. This means that people outside the U.S. will only find limited opportunities for them on the website.

Hopefully, Rat Race Rebellion can expand their listing so that people living outside the U.S. will have more opportunities available to them.

What I Like about Rat Race Rebellion

Now that we know what Rat Race Rebellion is and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • One of the first things that I like about Rat Race Rebellion is that they do their best to update their job listings daily. This is great because it means you can always find new jobs almost every day on the site.
  • Another thing that I like about Rat Race Rebellion is that they have a lot of jobs listed that come from a wide array of industries. It’s not like other sites which mostly features survey or get-paid-to sites. The jobs that this site lists are real jobs coming from different industries.
  • I also like that Rat Race Rebellion is free to use and there is no need for you to sign up or be a member to get access to the site. It is recommended that you subscribe so you’ll get email notifications of their latest updates.

What I Dislike about Rat Race Rebellion

Of course, not everything is perfect with Rat Race Rebellion, as there are also things about this opportunity that I don’t really like.

  • The first issue I found with Rat Race Rebellion is that a lot of the job opportunities they list are only available to U.S. citizens. This means that job opportunities will be limited if you live outside the U.S. it would be great if the site could expand their listing to provide more opportunities for people from other countries.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about Rat Race Rebellion is that not all of the jobs listed are good opportunities. There are a lot of jobs that pay low and have high work demand. Then there are also a few jobs that are even considered a scam. So it’s best you properly scrutinize the listed job that you are interested in before you apply for it.
  • I also don’t like that a lot of the jobs that are actually listed there are mostly low paying gigs. So don’t expect to get rich with this opportunity or for this site to be your primary source of income. The money you earn here will only be good as side income.

Is the Rat Race Rebellion to Be Recommended?

After learning more about Rat Race Rebellion, I would say that this opportunity is something that I would recommend that you check out, especially if you live in the U.S.

The website is actually a good place for you to find work-from-home opportunities. The site has a lot of different jobs listed that come from a wide variety of industries.

You can find the usual online money-making opportunities like answering surveys, GPT sites, affiliate marketing, and so on, but, the site also lists actual jobs that you can apply for like online tutoring, content creation, graphic designing, and more.

Plus, Rat Race Rebellion makes sure that they update their listings daily, so you’ll always find new jobs available every time you log in the next day.

Oh! And the best part of all this is that you can access the site for free and without needing to sign up. Of course, this opportunity is geared more for people living in the U.S.

A lot of the jobs posted require that you are a U.S. resident so you might have limited opportunities available if you live outside the country.

You also have to be careful in applying since there are a few jobs posted that may turn out to be a scam or are not worth your time due to the low pay.

Other than that, Rat Race Rebellion is a good site for you to start your online money-making journey.

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