So What’s The Big Deal With Completing Your Wealthy Affiliate Profile?

Setting up your profile in Wealthy Affiliate is a simple process as shown in the picture below.

You’ll get full instructions on how to do it inside Wealthy Affiliate, so don’t worry if you can’t understand my picture.



Setting up your Wealthy Affiliate account only includes two items:

So if you haven’t filled out your WA profile yet, then hopefully this post will give you a little insight into the importance of doing so.

I know Kyle gives you like about 5 very good reasons in the training module, but for me there’s really only two main reasons.

The 2 biggest reasons why you should fill out your profile information, especially if you’ve been referred by me are …

1) It shows me you can follow simple instructions.

A lot of folks tell me that they want to make money and are really motivated to do whatever it takes, but then they don’t even fill out their profile information.

And I’m like – dude wtf man.

I mean, “help me, to help you”.

If you can’t be bothered filling out your profile information then chances are you’re not going to get much help from me, or anyone else in WA, because – just like you, we like to know that we’re dealing with not only a real person, but someone who wants to put in the effort to change their current situation.

Fair enough?

As part of the process you’ll be required to put up a photo of yourself, and I realize some folks can be a little shy, so, if you’re too shy to put up a photo of yourself, then put one up of your dog or cat or something that represents you, just about anything is better than the standard no-image-available pic.

And as I say, this lets people know that they’re not wasting their time.

If people see that there’s a real person behind a profile, then they’re more likely to not only answer your questions, but also give you a more quality answer.

2) People will be more willing to help you achieve your goals.

It’s all about connections.

The members in WA are ordinary folks just like you and I.

Some members are stay at home moms, dads, students, business men and women, you name it, you’ll probably find it in WA.

Just a sentence or two will help people to connect with you and in turn they’ll be more willing to help.

Your profile doesn’t have to be a master piece, so don’t spend too much time thinking about it (it should only take you 5 minutes max to complete), you just have to say something that represents you, and that’s pretty much it.

So, if you haven’t had a chance to fill out your profile yet, then consider doing it today. 🙂

Oh and just before I go …

You can always change it later on if you think it’s not quite right.



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