Content Marketing – How I Get A 1000 Salesmen Working For Me, Without Paying Them A Red Cent!

Wouldn’t it be cool to have 1000 salesmen rock up to your business and sell for you day and night, without having to pay them a red cent?

I think it would be cool – you?

In the next couple of minutes I’m gonna show you how I do it, and how you can too.

I’m gonna talk about one thing that stops most new online marketers from EVER making money online, and although it might seem as if I’m going off on a tangent, hopefully it will all come together in the end.

Hopefully 🙂

What is Content Marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. [Source]

So, if you were to read any blog post, watch your favorite tv show, a movie or Youtube video, there’s always one thing that is consistent across the board no matter what, and that is CONTENT.

Whether that content is in written form, video or even audio, what it essentially comes down to is CONTENT creation.

Without content there would be no Housewives of NYC, The Voice, X Factor, American Idol or Survivor series 2000 (oh what a shame) – you get my point though – right?

Therefore making content creation a priority is paramount to attracting the right target market.

Make content creation a priority

So one of the biggest problems I see people having with creating their own online business is producing enough content for their target audience.

Some folks put off content creation almost in the same way a sales person avoids cold calling.

Whilst they understand the importance of creating content for their websites, they tend to avoid it like the plague, (and put it in the too-hard-to-do basket), and get distracted by focusing on other less important activities, like finding the right picture, or creating a logo, or changing a website theme.

I know this first hand, because this is exactly what I used to do.

And whilst I’m not really knocking those activities, because they’re important too, they’re just not as important as creating content.

So there’s really no getting away from it – it’s just part of having an online business.

The content you produce brings people to your website

So I thinks it’s fair to say that while people know it’s important, they don’t put in the effort sometimes to create content because it can be difficult figuring out what to write about. And also, they think that it might just be a waste of time.

So I’ll get to what you should write about soon I promise, but I see content creation falling into two categories.

  1. Content that brings in traffic and …
  2. Content that engages your target audience.

Content that brings in visitors

This comes down to choosing the right keywords to target for your content.

If you choose to create content around keyword phrases that your target audience is typing into the search engines, and there isn’t too many competing pages, then there’s a high chance you’ll get visitors to your website.

However, you can go a little over board if this is your only focus.

I see people doing this all the time.

A lot of SEO’s spend the majority of their time ONLY creating content around certain keyword phrases that bring in their target audience.

When they do this, their websites look a little abstract and sometimes a little disjointed.

Content that engages your visitors

On the other side of the coin, some folks spend too much time trying to write engaging content and not enough time writing content that drives the target audience to their site.

Your website can be as engaging as you want, but if you’er not getting your target audience back to your website then it will be for nothing.

So with that said, ideally you should look at producing both.

Here’s another way I like to think of my content

I always think of my content like little sales people going out on my behalf with a specific message tailored to the people that I want to attract to my website.

Thinking of my content this way helps me to feel as if each post creates a new opportunity to introduce new folks to my business or thought process, just like I’m doing right now.

So imagine each one of these posts you create is a sales person who is working on your behalf, talking to your visitors, engaging with them, influencing them, but here’s the kicker – you don’t have to pay them.

The effort you put into one post is all you pay and that person with work for you day and night – take no sick days, coffee breaks or holidays.

Does that put a different spin on content creation?

Okay so check these stats out … right now this little blog draws in close to 1000 visitors a day and growing.

I’d never be able to talk to a 1000 people a day?

And it was done all through content creation.

Okay so, I promised that I was going to tell you what you should blog about, so here it is.

What should I blog about to make money online?
Content Shall Lead To A Successful Business


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