Looking For Pocket Money Or To Run A Real Online Business

So this is something that crossed my mind when I first started to look for ways to make money online.

I always thought about making enough money to earn a full-time living online, but never actually thought that it was possible.

Yes, I heard stories all over the place of people making money, but until you actually start to make money, it is always a pipe dream, you know, something that “those” guys were able to achieve and not me.

It wasn’t until I started to earn my first few cents online that I understood that the potential was real – you just had to find the right opportunity and work it.

So this is really a big deal – finding the right opportunity – that is, because the right opportunity could mean the different between earning pocket money as opposed to a full-time income.

If you’re reading my stuff for the first-time and don’t know who the hell I am, then you can check out my story here.

But to cut a long story short, I went from hating my job in real estate to earning a full-time living online.

Difference Between A Real Business & Earning Pocket Money

So a lot of people who are looking for ways to earn a living online, usually find that they can earn money from completing online surveys.

The probability is so high that they will come across a survey company, because they are hundreds of survey sites online and more are added by the day.

And whilst it might seem like an attractive proposition, it can actually be more trouble than the time and effort you put into them. Plus, you don’t make a helluva lot of money with that kinda business model – at around $1 – 2 dollars per survey, which if you qualify earns your around $1 dollar per hour.

Now this could be okay if you’re just looking to earn little extra pocket money, but it will never become a business proposition.

For that, you have to start looking at a different business model.

How Do You Find A Model That Works?

There’s one thing that I found on the Internet when I started to search for a way to make a full-time living online and that was, there is no shortage of ways to make money online.

In fact having too many options is counter-productive, because it makes choosing that much more difficult. What’s more, every man and their dog seem to say that their business opportunity is the best, which can make choosing a darn sight harder.

I know this first hand, having tried a number of these opportunities out first hand, but once you find a really good opportunity then the next step is to become productive in that opportunity.

Consistent Productive Effort

Once you find out what works, (which is the hard part) the next part is to become productive in that opportunity. Consistent effort in the areas that will lead to growing your business is all you have to concentrate on.

Finding an effective blueprint to follow can definitely help to fast track your earning potential, because the parts of the business that would have posed a problem for you have already been resolved by the developer of the blueprint.

Make sure the blueprint is evergreen and you should be good to go. There’s no use following a blueprint that is changes from month to month, season to season, because you’ll have to start your business from scratch every time.

Can Your Hobby Become Your Business?

Yes, so long as you have the right business model supporting it. So as I mentioned before, you need to have an evergreen business model. Your business model should be able to support your passion and turn it into a business.

Thousands of businesses have been developed over the years based on the passion of an individual.

Steve Jobs, talks about doing something that you’re passionate about, saying that business is hard, and people tend to give up too earily on in the process, but if you do something that you’re passionate about then, you’d be less likely to give up when the going gets tough.

Look for evidence that your model works from people who have gone on before you and made a business out of it.

Does it matter if you’re not passionate about your business.

As I mentioned eariler, your business model doesn’t have to be something that your passionate about, but it sure will help in the long run.

Doing something that you really enjoy and being able to make money out of it is the ultimate goal for just about everyone I know.

So if you have the option of building a business around something you’re passionate about and making money as opposed to something you hate, then I know which choice I would gladly pick.

Where Do You Start

The internet has made it so easy to start an online business these days that you could virtually start a business with next to no investment relatively speaking.

In the past it would cost potential business owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get a business off the ground, which is a big investment, however these days you can set an online business up for as little as $10 for a domain name and $50 per month for hosting. So $60 bucks compared to thousands, which limits the risk substantially.

So getting a domain name and hosting is the first to start, but isn’t there a step missing?

Yes, that would be what to base your business on.

As I discussed earlier, look at what you’re passionate about.

Now some folks might say that they’re not passionate about anything, some would say that they have too many passions and the truth is, we all have multiple passions, so it’s really just a case of identifying your top – say … 5  passionate and narrowing it down to one.

Final Thoughts

Making money online is definitely doable. At this stage you still might not think that it is possible, this is what I thought when I had never made a single cent online, but as I finally broke through and started to make money (albeit a few cents initially) I finally started to believe it was possible.

Funnily thing happens when you realize that the impossible is actually possible, you start moving towards your goal with less resistance.

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