Where Do Survey Sites Get Their Surveys?


Have you ever wondered where survey websites get their surveys from?

Well, they get them from large companies who are looking to improve their sales, develop new products or to improve their current product line.

These companies know that getting this kind of information can help them to provide a better experience for their customers, both current and new. The information can help them to develop new product based on the likes or dislikes of a customer.

So think about it for a moment.

Let’s take a BBQ lighter for example, and let’s say that I use company XYZ’s lighter, but one thing that I really hate about the lighter is that the ingition switch fails to light after the twentith time. The company can then use that information to rectify the problem.

Fixing a problem like this could be an easy fix, but more importantly, it could account for more sales and or a more loyal consumer base.

Develop new products

Taking that same example, Understanding this problem could allow the makers of the lighter to design a better more robust lighter, especially if the consumer is happy to pay extra for the features. So this could add more revenue for the company as it expands it’s product line.

Enhance current product line

A lot of companies don’t realize that they have a problem with their product line unless they ask their customers. The intelligence they get from conducting surveys can provide a more focused approach to enhancing their current product line.

So hopefully you can see the value this kind of information can provide a business.

It actually helps them to get direction, whether it be with product enhancements or product creation.

Survey Companies Are The Middlemen

So where do survey websites fit in.

Well, the survey companies are basically the middleman. They bring the big companies and the consumers – or would be consumers together.

They pay survey participants a small percentage of what they get paid from the survey companies, so you get a portion of what they’re paid.

They are also dictated to by the survey companies in terms of what surveys are available to participants and what they are willing to pay for each completed survey and the profile of each participant.

So something to keep in mind when you look at completing surveys for a paid online surveys company.

Final Thoughts

Whilst survey websites play an important and functional element in providing surveys for the everyday person to make money based on their opinions, I believe that the value that the participant gives is not compensated for enough.

All of the hard work is done by the participant and the survey company just provides the platform or interface to allow the transaction to occur between the comapny and the participant.

I believe that participants should get more for their time and effort otherwise it’ll not be worth their while.

Some of you will agree with me, but I also know that a handful of folks won’t.

In either case I would like to hear from you, so feel free to state your opinion in the comment box below.

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