BKA Content Writer Review: Worth Your Time?

BKA Content Review

If you are a freelance writer or want to be a freelance writer, live in the United States, and also have a good grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then this review could help you to make money with a website called BKA Content.

Like most content mill websites, you have to complete a series of online tests designed to gauge what level of writing you can be charged out at.  And as such you will be required to complete both an English test as well as a writing test.

From what I have researched, this process of “getting your foot in the door” with BKA Content, appears to be a tough process, and even might take you a number of weeks before you get through the final process. BUT, I understand that unlike many other content mill websites, you will get paid a decent amount of money if your skills are up to par, so it’s probably worth the effort.

Being able to write content that readers like to engage with is definitely a marketable skill, but writing content that also ranks well in the search engines is worth it’s weight in gold.

The demand for good content writers is always in demand and a good way for you to make money from home.

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What is BKA Content

In it’s simplest form and in conjunction with the focus of this article, BKA Content is a website where website owners submit writing assignments to a pool of freelance writers.

These freelance writers select the writing assignments, complete them, and send them back to the client for approval, upon which they get paid.

The Utah based company was started by brothers Matt and Greg Secrist back in 2010. They created a Content Mill website called Buykeywordarticles.com, out of a desire to make money for Matt, who was actually looking for a job in Finance, having completed a duel degree in Finance and Economics.

After a couple of months the business was starting to make money and they have grown ever since.

By 2014 they grew the business to over 150+ writers, and are still going strong, which illustrates just how much of a demand there is for high quality content.

I have to say … the content is a little on the expensive side, if you’re a website owner – compared, to other content mill websites that provide a similar service.

But, if you’re a writer, then you will get paid more for your writing compared with other content mill websites.

Who Uses BKA Content

There are two users of BKA Content.

The first are website owners who are looking for content to be produced for their websites. Content is still king, and is the life blood of all websites whose primary source of traffic is from search engines.

Therefore, the success of their business is driven by the creation of content. The more content they produce over time, the more ranking on the first page opportunities they get and therefore people visiting their website.

So it’s important that they have a steady stream of content created for their website.

And this is where the second group of BKA Content users come into it.

The second group are – freelance writers.

If you have the right writing skills, you are in demand. BKA Content could be more financially rewarding for you than some of the other content mills online.

This review is focused more on the second group (freelance writers), who want to make money with their writing skills.

What are BKA Content requirements to get started?

You have to be available to complete up to at least 2000 words per week. This is not difficult if you write often, but could be a hassle, if you have to do a lot of research in order to complete a work assignment.

You must live in the United States.

As part of the testing procedure, you have to complete the following:

Provide two 350 word samples of your writing.

Take a 22 question grammar test. You have to get at least 80% or higher in order to go to the next phase in the sign up process.

Apparently, the test can be challenging and even some professional content writers don’t pass it on their first go.

If you don’t pass the test, then you can’t go onto to the next step in the process, however they do give you another chance to redo the test, BUT, in 3 months time.

Equipment needed:

Obviously, you will need to have a desktop computer or laptop and a fast, reliable internet connection, given you will be producing content regularly and uploading it to the website.

You will also need to have a copy of Microsoft Word installed on your computer as one of the pre-qualifying tests requires sample content to be produced on Microsoft Word.

Payment account:

To get paid you will need to have a Paypal account as this is currently the only way they payout.

And lastly, but most importantly, a good grasp of spelling, grammar, and the English language.

How Do You Make Money With BKA Content

You complete writing assignments and then submit them for approval. Once approved you will get payment sent to your Paypal account.

You are paid every two weeks via Paypal, so long as all of your writing assignments are submitted on time and approved by the client.

What are people saying about BKA Content

Judging from the feedback I have read from BKA Content writers, both previous and current workers, there seems to be quite a mixed bag of comments ranging from the positives – of getting a steady stream of work assignments to the reverse – of not getting enough assignments.

I guess this will happen from time to time, because the number of assignments are based on the demand from the client.

If the client doesn’t need any content written for them, then, you will have writers waiting for assignments.

One stay at home mom said that she liked the pay she got from BKA Content, and that it worked well with her lifestyle as a stay at home mom.

Whilsts others say the pay is too low considering the amount of time some assignments can take. One even said, that he takes pride in his work, and the prep time needed to complete an assignment, including research, meant his hourly rate was around $1 per hour.

What I Liked about BKA Content

  • You can select which assignments you want to write about.
  • You do have the opportunity to get paid more money for your writing efforts compared to other content mills in the same marketplace.
  • You don’t need to have a history of paid freelance work to be a writer for BKA Content, you simply just need to be able to write.
  • There are interesting projects and a large variety of writing assignments.
  • Relatively steady work – although it may vary from time to time.
  • To register as a writer, you need to pass quite a comprehensive writing test, which potentially means you have less writers competing for the same writing assignments.

What I Didn’t Like about BKA Content

  • It excludes a lot of writers who can write well, but aren’t very good at passing tests.
  • After reading a number of comments from writers who work for BKA Content, the main con working for this company is the amount you are paid. You get pay per word which can make the overall hourly rate rather low, especially if there is a lot of prep time and research involved.

Do I Recommend BKA Content?

From what I have researched on BKA Content, I do think this company is a legit way for freelance writers to make money.

So if you’re a US citizen and have a good handle of the English language and you are, or see yourself as a freelance writer then this could be a good way to make money from the comfort of your own home.

I feel it might be a good fit and a somewhat reliable part-time job for stay at home Moms or Dads and college students who want to have the freedom to work in their spare time.

Yes, you will have to go through the test process, which sounds like a pain in the butt, but, I guess you can liken this to a job interview.

Most content mills require that you pass a writing competency test if nothing else than to gauge your writing experience and therefore charge out rate.

Yes, you can get paid a lot more as an independent freelance writer, BUT, I guess the real beauty of working as a freelance writer for a content mill like BKA Content, or content mills in general, is the fact that work comes to you, instead of you having to find work assignments yourself.

That in itself, might be a suffice trade off for the hourly rate.

Having said that, did you know you can write for yourself and get paid over and over again for the same piece of content by starting a blog?

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